Friday, 10 May 2013


Good Morning, good evening hello one and all, tis Friday already and on my calculations it's the 19th Friday of 2013, nineteen Fridays that we've been reflecting, thinking about what good things have happened!  Remembering the silver linings and the positives of the last 7 days.
so what have I done since the last Rocking Your World, well we had a fantastic bank holiday weekend, unusually for this country we managed 3 dry days, 3 days to enjoy family, have some down time and just be together - utterly bliss.  We managed a barbecue, an outdoor fire, visit to Harewood, enjoyed a play event at Harewood, got to see Red Kites up close, breathed, had time and fun and ooooh it was lovely - again again

So here's a flavour of our weekend.  Dearest husband getting oh so giddy about Paul Hollywood's Bread book, he watched the series and has the book so time to put it into action.  Now hubby has never ever made bread before we it's always been an irritation for him because he loves cooking!  But he is no longer a bread making virgin.  I got up to this on Saturday morning
which in turn became this
Then he decided he needed to make biscotti, not just one variety oooh no he had to do two!  Blueberry and Pistachio in one lot and Raisin and Almond in the other, which went from this
to this
to this
and finally this - biscotti are so named apparently because you bake them twice, therefore they are very dry and very hard but delicious with a hot cup of coffee!
Then wanting to prove he was on a roll and also wanting to take a picnic to Harewood he made this olive foccaccia
I tell you he was baking all day and thoroughly enjoying himself and before you ask yes they were all gorgeous and yes my waistline can tell!

Next up Harewood it's about an hours journey from our house if traffic is good and about 50 miles away, we had a straight run up and arrived a little after ten, as well as paying to go around the grounds there was also a fantastic play event on.  Initially we thought most of the things would be too young for said 12 year old but we found plenty to do.

From maze wobble boards
 To space hoppers
 Watching graffiti artists start with this
 into this having got some children to help with the artwork
and the Harewood flamingoes
 But the favourite had to be the sand sculpting here they are with their very own Dolphin!
 Then a visit to the bird garden to see this little guy
 and these guys
Before having a wander around the formal garden and getting a glimpse of these little guys chasing each other around the archaeological dig at the bottom of the field below the gardens
And also seeing these beautiful red kites up close they really are spectacular, we could see two pairs during the day when we had our picnic but as we got back to the car at the end of the day we counted 28 yes I repeat 28 Red Kites - 14 pairs - amazing to see
And finally we loved the lego version of Harewood in the Lego tent
 what do you think?
Monday was spent tidying up the garden, having a barbecue and an outdoor fire.

We bought said 12 year old a new swingball and I got some solar lights for the garden, eco friendly and they look awesome am hoping to pick up some more this summer.

The rest of the week has been a blur of work, sleep and a bit of down time but other gratefuls include

  • Game of Thrones on DVD 
  • Da Vinci's Demons 
  • Tivo box because we can fast forward the adverts
  • Starting to tattoo the house again, it has been a long time since we did this with the house in Stafford so we thought we'd put our thumb print on this place too! 
  • On line shopping for food (I hate supermarkets)
  • The Watch another DVD watch this week, I shouldn't have giggled really I shouldn't but I couldn't help it! 
  • Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meal book - really is our current life saver on the tea front
  • My Fitness Pal app on my phone, I've had it an age, only just starting to use it but making for an interesting use of my phone - loving the bar code scanner bit! 
So that's it my lovely people, I hope your week has been blessed and fruitful and full of positives, if it has and you fancy sharing pop yourself a blog post together and head over here to link up so we can come and visit. 

In the meantime a quick layout for you another sculpture layout from Beyond Limits at Chatsworth last year. 


  1. Hello :) sounds like a fantastic week and that backing looks amazing...I am particularly taken by the biscotti (I love it). Glad you are all keeping well Kat

  2. What a fabulous week - I will start with food, (because I am hungry!) - the bread looks gorgeous. I watched the series too, but for Paul Hollywood rather than wanting to make bread... But the rest of your week sounds pretty perfect too.

  3. Looks like you had a great bank holiday weekend :) I'm very excited because it looks like you might have actually seen my friend Joy in action as she painted those flamingos!! :D She's a very boyish looking slim lady with short dark hair, she's from Leeds. She did that timelapse video of the Edwardian lady's face that I shared in the WW group a while back....

    Can't wait to see your new "house tattoos"

  4. PS all that bread looks DELISH!!

  5. I literally just put Mr Hollywoods other book on my wishlist because someone said it was a good mixture of other food and bread recipes. Mmmmm, might have to add this one. I luuurve biscotti. Nom. Am literally slathering into my tea here.

    The day out looks so much fun as well as so much gorgeous wildlife to see.

    It's so lovely to read such a happy post from you Virginia.

    19 Fridays? Where is the year going - saying that, I have started my Christmas shopping with ONE present bought.

    Big hugs for the coming week, remember to share piccies of the tattooed house. It IS aware it will look silly when it gets old isn't it? (haha!)

    Carmen x

  6. Please...can I borrow Craig???? Or can you send emergency rations...of biscotti?
    All his bread looks fantastic....and considering it was his first attempt....respect!!
    Your day out at Harewood sounds and looks wonderful....Red Kites are spectacular birds...especially en masse. We live near where they were reintroduced in the Chilterns and I can spend hours just watching them over our garden.
    Loving the list of gratefuls at the end too.
    Hope this weekend is just as good.
    Hugs xx

  7. Oh the bread! Oh the biscotti!! Oh the foccaccia!!! Oh my hips!!!! There'd be no chance keeping slim in your house, I just couldn't resist all that lovely food!!

    House tattoos sound interesting, make sure you show us what you do.

    Love that sand dolphin!

    Super post, Virginia. I hope you have a great week :)


  8. So many good moments to comment on. Sounds fabulous all of it, but the bread. Oh my gosh. All the bread, I am a sucker for freshly baked bread, I can not be let loose anywhere near it...AND biscotti. That is on my "to make" list. I am going to get cracking on it I have decided!!

    Then there is the street art, outside fires, the pink flamingoes!!, Harewood looks fantastic from your photos. FABULOUS. :)