Friday, 18 May 2012


Oh here again, still waiting for Summer to commence, still waiting for life to slow down and get calmer but it's time to put our moans and whinges to one side and consider the positives that have occurred this week?  It's
(or Saturday or Sunday or Monday you get the drift...)

Anyway what have I got up my sleeve this week let's see.

  1. Geo-caching last weekend that led us to a triangular building - we live a matter of a couple of miles from the follies of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate and see these follies from a distance constantly but I have never been up close to the building, I was confused with the building when I walked around the building to find a second door that looked just like the first one - it was amazing - right up to the point where DH pointed out that it only had three sides and I was back to the beginning LOL!  And we found the geo-cache to add to our day.
  2. Finding new supermarket's in town selling weird and wonderful things - awesome stuff! 
  3. Buying cheap food stuffs on the market rather than supermarket prices.
  4. Magazine buys on the cheap magazine stall and a couple of Jamie Oliver mags for £1.50 each - fabulous stuff.
  5. Working on my rock in peace resurrected circle journal has been such fun.
  6. Working on pairs journals - also much fun!
  7. Blood tests coming through from Doctors all good and fine (just need to sort the blood pressure now). 
  8. Working myself into the ground today (Thursday) in order that I can have Friday off - woo-hoo.
  9. Lavender oil in the oil burning - mmmmm - relaxing.
  10. Listening to the chillout albums - the Gregorian Chants on Sunday morning were most apt! 
  11. DH for providing a full reflexology treatment - sheer bliss - even if I did end up fast on afterwards LOL
  12. Asda delivering Thursday evening and it all being put away by the time I got home! 
  13. Flying fox shower gel from Lush - yum! 
  14. Tea pigs - tea - freebie in a Jamie mag - tried chai tea - most yum particularly with a bit of honey in - just need to buy some for real now!
  15. Said 11 year old making the Christmas cookie jar mix up and making delicious cookies - yum - not good for your waistline but yum all the same!
  16. Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows on DVD - not as good as the first - but still a good watch! 
  17. Milky coffee made in a coffee pot, served in cups and sauces - felt like I was playing house LOL!
  18. Getting the ironing out of the way first thing Sunday to leave the remainder of the day free.
  19. Playing with paint and ink and canvas this week and it being a work in progress so something to dip into whenever I fancy.
  20. Reading Dead Reckoning the one before the latest Charlaine Harris book my sister bought it for me last year and I've only just got round to reading, I'm hoping I'm just getting to the plot - as the one before this was disappointing and a little plotless, this seems to have a little more substance.
  21. Making muffins with hubby on Sunday morning for my Mum's coffee morning on Monday morning at the Charity Shop she manages - apparently they were down a treat, although there were enough left to freeze pending the next coffee morning! 
  22. Said 11 year old for working so hard on his Sats - bless him! He has tried so hard to keep going this week, roll on Friday afternoon! 
  23. Said 11 year old for creating the most imaginative lego structures ever!  Even if he does get a little frustrated when he discovers slight alterations to the same that either me or his Dad have done!  This morning he discovered a little lego man - attached by chain to the back of the truck he's built - being dragged on the floor - he was sooooooooooo not impressed. 
  24. The English Heritage app for the phone - genius and should be great when we are away in future as it shows the 'nearest' English Heritage places to visit. 
Well my lovely rockettes (and rockers if there's any out there that fancy doing a grateful post) that's your lot for this week. 

Before I link up with Mr Linky - a bit of crafting for you .

this one with said 11 year old enjoying the bell outside when we visited the mill at Fountains Abbey last year.  Using up old papers, old embellishments in the form of felt flowers, ribbons and stickers! 
 Up close - just to prove there is a bit of stitching on their - the buttons on the flowers were sewn into place!

I hope your week has proved positive and enjoyable. 


  1. wow what a great list! so much to be thankful for. Smiling at you having the day off today - great start to the weekend :0) Have a wonderful one x

  2. A lovely list of thankfuls! LOL at changing the lego makes..I should try that with my son..he has enough lego to rebuild legoland at our house! He makes little lego movies with his camera, the latest one being a poor little lego man getting his head chopped off by a guilatine!
    Didn't know there was a Jamie Oliver mag, will have to look out for that as I have his books.
    Well done to said 11 yr old for working hard all week, I think they put so much pressure on them for their DD was in such a state with hers last year that she got really poor marks for two of them :(
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  3. Gregorian chants - have you heard of ERA? They kind of mix Gregorian chants with lovely ethereal pop. Beautiful - have been blasting my CD in the car last week. Kids aren't impressed - I swear it verges on Rock.

    Both you and Sam are making me quite excited and looking forward tohaving a boy now (if indeed that is what we have!)

    Another fabulous list - am just writing mine now!

    Hugs x x x Enjoy your day off. You deserve it lady!

  4. What a lovely week V. I really hope you're enjoying your day off today!!
    Glad for said 11 year old that his SATs will all be over now - far too much pressure on kids these days.
    And I had to laugh at your Lego antics..we used to do the same!!!lol The boy wasn't impressed either!
    Hope you have another good weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. A direct cut and paste from your blog, young lady:

    7. ....(just need to sort the blood pressure now).
    8. Working myself into the ground today ....

    They look pretty much mutually exclusive to me :( Hope work calms down for you soon....

    As ever I like your lovely long list of do you remember them all? do you note them down throughout the week?

    Enjoy your day off!

    and I hope you have a fab week.

    (oh, and guess what, I've nearly finished writing my own post, I might actually get it posted on FRIDAY for once!! :))

  6. Your man is a star, isn't he? Full reflexology treatment? Send him over here, missus, don't hog him!!

    By the time I write this said 11 year old's SATS tests will be all over and done with, phew! It's so upsetting to see how worried the kids get taking these tests and they NEVER perform to their best when they're in such a state, surely there must be another way?

    I hope you find a way of de-stressing so your blood pressure can come down.


  7. ooh reflexology is divine ! What a full positive list this week. SATS is like a bad word isn't it ?! We are in the midst of GCSE's but Joe seems quite laid back about it all !
    Have a lovely weekendx

  8. Hi Virginia, your list is long and busy hon. But Friday off, great for you. Mmmm, milky coffee in cups and saucers takes me back some years - Grandma Gert bless her soul made this for supper with toasted currant t-cakes. I would let the skin form on top of the drink time and again, and dip my finger into claim said prized skin yum yum!!!
    Lego oh dear my younger brother fell victim to this antic by my Dad and I tee hee, feel no guilt because when I tapped the top 40 from radio to tape machine [via the hand mic on a stand pointed to radio!] I would vacate my bedroom but guard the door, so there would be no background noise. Invariably when listening happily back through my top 40, always somehow my brother had sabotaged with great delight, my top 40 tapping!
    My 12 year old daughter starts a week long examathon next week bless her.
    Great news on your bloods hon, just the pressure to deal with now, you go for it, beat that pressure into submission. [If only]
    Well I,m out a here, doing the dance show thingy with my daughter and after 2 nights I am already on my knees. [Not forgetting all the prep too!] And it starts all over again next week too. [That's why I'm blogging in hit and miss fashion, lurking too, just to keep up with you all and then do mother of all responses when I've time - sorry hun]

  9. i love this idea of rocking my world, pulling out the good things in our lives and sharing them. i plan to join you next week so i'll be collecting my own rocking highlights in the next few days. :-) thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. I think Sarah did explain 'geocache' but I think I didn't pay enough attention, so I kind a followed your gep caching thing, but I think I might be blagging it really rather than totally understanding... anyhow, I am sending you a calming tea and an arm of a staurolite from the farm we stay at in Brittany... if it is completely the wrong type of geo thing I hope you still find it interesting, as well as the journal - when we are ready to swap...


  11. ah - geo caching has nothing to do with rocks... you're getting the rock anyhow...