Friday, 11 May 2012


Well here we are again - Friday already, time to think about our week what's gone well, what's been the silver linings, what person has made your week, what contact have you had, what time have you spent in your own time for which you are grateful!  Each and every one of these are 'rocking your world' moments and these are the ones that we document on a Friday to retain a balance in life.
So without further ado this is the positives for my week!

Friday morning brought an inset day for said 11 year old so we had a slow start to the day, so slow he was still in PJ's when hubby arrived home at 11am - having taken half a days leave!  We headed to Meadowhall for a trip to Lush for some new shower gel amongst other things, discovered a 2 for £10 deal at a well known store so that was tea sorted, I had to take it slow because I was still mighty dizzy but I was happy to be upright and sharing time with my family.

Saturday brought about some dry whether so we decided to go and do a geo-cache (or three) for a change.  We headed to the woods that are a couple of mile from us, they are actually ancient woods which was news to me as they are only a stones throw from a mighty busy road and you can actually see the M1 from part of the woods so we were amazed and this is what we found

The entrance to the woods
then in the woods - we found this carpet of loveliness
Up close - how pretty are these
In the wood we found this
And some geo-caches along the way!
 Trying the new camera for taking photos that I can cope with LOL!
 After finding two in the wood we headed to Wentworth to try for a third - and visited for the first time this -
 The needles eye - part of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate this folly is up on the hillside, it's not wonky honestly - it's just the angle it's been taken at LOL, there are more near us but we managed this one and then said 11 year old decided three geo-caches were enough - which meant hubby found a pub for us to visit, a decent play area meant said 11 year old was happy.  It was so surreal, a decent beer garden on a bank holiday in dry weather that was empty - most strange!

A great day overall, Sunday brought another trip out to Brodsworth Hall this time up close - look how pretty these flowers are

 Photo as said 11 year old started exploring
 The quarry garden from on high
Overall a great day, enjoying some fresh air and blue skies - much needed!

Monday brought grey skies but we'd free tickets to Bang Goes the Theory in Sheffield, so off we trundled to an awesome science show with a great after show attraction.  Watching people blow things up on stage is always fun and that's what we got!

So the weekend was positive and fun and only a little bit wobbly!

Tuesday brought work which felt a bit - boo hiss!  But the evenings have brought crafting and discussions with blogging friends, chats on facebook and other niceties so it has been positive evenings and hard work day times.

I had a few crafting positives this week, receiving a blog win from Susie in the form of a scrapbook mystery book was awesome as were the gorgeous crafty gifts included, a gorgeous piece of mail art arrived from Lorraine as part of the Collaborart blog and Donna's journal arrived on Thursday my first pairs journal - and the book is gorgeous!

I've another journal due with me from the rock in peace resurrected blog tomorrow which will finish my crafty week off just grand.  I managed a double page layout this week that I'm really pleased with because I altered the paper so overall on a craft basis things have been good.

To really top my week off like a cherry on top, I've had some positives from bits of mail art sent out recently, most of which was unannounced, it's been lovely getting some positive feedback from people saying how much they enjoyed receiving the art and that it's amused posties up and down the land as they go through the hands of Royal Mail.  So much so that I've now got 20 mail art pieces in hand ready to fly from my hands to another recipient, such a shame Royal Mail has seen fit to charge 50p for a second class stamp, I really do wonder with such a massive hike in fees if this will detrimentally affect their business.

So here I sit on Thursday evening, absolutely shattered, slightly wobbly but overall good with my hubby and my son by my side - what could be finer!

Finally a bit of crafting for you -  entitled Blue Sky Day - I hope your day is full of blue skies
Up close torn strips of paper for journaling, embellishment spots and simple hand stamping create this accents as well as the embroidery thread running around the page!
So there we have it - what's been Rocking Your World this week?  If you think your week had been mediocre or not that great, dig deep and think about all those silver linings, glimmers of positives, little bits of happiness that have sprinkled your life like icing on the top of a cake and join in, throw yourself a post together pop along here and link up and we can all come and visit.  Don't stress if it's not today just when you get chance, it's a gift to give thanks for what we have whilst we have it!  And may you all have a truly beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  1. Beautiful photos, Virginia - particularly of the flowers and plants. Some lovely positives this week, geo-caching as a family looks fun :o)

    Great LO - I love the punchy orange colour, perfect for those great photos.


  2. Love the LO and your photos are fab.

    I used to live near a beautiful Bluebell wood - it is now a housing estate.

    Toni xx

  3. Well done for getting out when you still feel a bit wobbly - gorgeous bluebells. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Camera and you taking great photos, you all look like you,ve had a great week. Blue sky spread mixed with citrus a great combo.
    The background paper of your blog is a peice of your own art - wow! you clever girl. Hope you are feeling less dizzy and are on the mend somewhat, but bless you , you are still crafting. Creating helps to mend!

  5. So sorry for the wobbles. That would make me insane! Good for you for getting out despite that. I really am tempted to try geo caching with the kids this summer. We've done letterboxing in the past, but some people's clues are better (or should I say worse) than others and it can be very frustrating when you can't find the box. I take it you just purchase a handheld GPS and there are websites with the destinations? A little adventure is so perfect for summer!

    Hope your dizziness is all gone by the time you get this comment. Thanks for hosting this great avenue for us bloggers to connect!


  6. Don't get me started on the post office. We very rarely use them for heavy stuff now. We use and drop them off at our local newsagent - ridiculously cheaper (if they can do it why can't Royal Mail?) It's affected the business so much. Our local p.o tries to stand up for them but it's like I said to Craig, alright maybe people who aren't commercially aware will still use the small post offices but people like us with a small business are being forced to look elsewhere. We put thousands of £'s through there a year and they are going to lose a large chunk of that because we can't afford to put prices up and still remain competitive and we make such a small margin on what Craig sells that we simply can't absorb the hikes. I wont be surprised if many more small post officers are forced to shut in this coming year.

    But on a positive note. Love this post, that blue skies page is gorgeous. I really fancy doing geocaching, I keep saying I'll try it. I really must!

    Have a great week Virginia x

  7. Beautiful photos and so pleased you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.
    Hope the wobbles have all gone by now and that this weekend is as good as last.
    Hugs xx

  8. Back again, just to let you know I've linked up ;)

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic long weekend, Virginia - I'm glad you are feeling less wibbly wobbly and were able to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy some nice weather for once :)

    And I always endorse geocaching as you know :) (not that we have done any for over a month!! must remedy that!)

    Love the look of the folly - I love things like that, built for the sheer fun of it.

    Have a great week, me dear