Friday, 4 May 2012


It's May - yes that's right the fifth month of the year, summer is yet to arrive and we are here yet again on Friday and before you ask - nope I've no idea how that happened either!
So what has this week brought, a time to reflect and sum up the positive of the week, I know it's easy to dwell on the rough side of things, the not so great, the negative but this post is about finding those silver linings.  Fancy joining in just pop yourself a post together, come back here and Linky up and we can come and visit, we are a tiny group of people who enjoy celebrating the positives!
  1. Now most of you know I've been struck with vertigo again, so the first positive has to be my hubby, not a moan or complaint about having to leave later to get said 11 year old to school or pick him up - his only concern has been me - he's been an absolute star! 
  2. Second up on the vertigo front is the tablets helping keep me upright too, fingers crossed this feeling just leaves soon and doesn't dwell! 
  3. New groups on facebook, I've got two that have started this week, one for extended family (most of which I don't know but am getting to know) to share photos and history, the second have been a close bunch of friends that have simply had me rolling with laughter - you know who you are!
  4. Hubby finding the track Too Close by Alex Clare that is on the Microsoft advert, it was driving him and in turn us nuts that he didn't know what it was!
  5. Tom Cruise - for Ghost Protocol - awesome stuff - wish we'd seen it in Imax - then again with my vertigo maybe not!
  6. Collabor-art, it's been fabulous getting to know crafty/arty friends, I'm in the process of making my pairs journal at the moment, despite the vertigo which is causing me grief, new mail art the laid back tone of the group is awesome, no stress, no hassle just keep communicating - now this I like!
  7. My hair dresser providing a recommendation for a slightly cheaper make up - I love Bare Minerals but hell fire it's expensive!  
  8. My local craft shop for actually having things in that I wanted to buy!
  9. The lengthy loan of the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy books from Susie, which are now on their way (well they will be once I've got to the Post Office) to Jo!
  10. Hubby for helping sort the bathroom, new bath mat, new shower curtain - grotbusted the world and it looks spic and span now! 
  11. Gym on Saturday afternoon - I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it - even though my MP3 player didn't work grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  12. Amazon Marketplace seller for sorting out the error on the caperberries order - not only did they sort the problem within 24 hours but allowed us to keep the original item that was incorrect free of charge! 
  13. Hubby for cutting me some book covers out on Wednesday, I've finally managed to finish my journal your Christmas 2011 (it only needed covers). 
  14. Jamie Oliver's pan fried Sea Bass recipe converting into pan fried Salmon with relative ease! 
  15. Cups of tea in bed in a morning
  16. Early bedtimes whilst I've been poorly! 
  17. Wednesday for being not only dry, but bright with a slight breeze which meant two loads of washing got dried - yay!!!
So there you go - my Rocking Your World post for this week, before I leave you we need some crafting

Now these pictures were taken in the Stables Restaurant at Chatsworth House last year at Christmas, (Susie they don't look like Christmas piccies so I thought you'd let me off LOL).  The picture is of one of the canvases around the restaurant which are really simple paintings of the house, plus I loved the hanging stars and the shadows they created.  
 Up close, layered embellishments.
And finally Mr Linky 


  1. Yes, I'll let you off the "Christmas" LO!!!lol
    Loving your list of gratefuls....despite not being well you seem to have had a reasonable week...your hubby is def. "a keeper" in a million!
    Wondering what Jo will make of the books...??
    Hope you're feeling much, much better.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I mentioned our FB group too!!

  2. You should have asked me about the Alex Clare song - my other half tracked it down last week, also obsessed :) the album's pretty good, some nice quiet acoustick-y numbers and some with a bit of a dubstep thang going on

    Hope your vertigo gets sorted out or sorts itself out soon, must be horrid :(

  3. Wow, another great list from our Rocking Queen - especially as you've been feeling so 'ugh'! I'll have to look up the Alex Clare song, don't think I know it (maybe I'll recognise it when I hear it). Our FB group has been so funny, I'm lovin' it! I'll be looking our for Ghost Protocol, I like me a bit of Tom Cruise. Craft shop purchases, YAY!


  4. Hi Virginia, it's khayselden {kaern-craftbox} Love your blog hun! Mr Linky-what's that all about? Is it a post to link to Mr Linky Linkers within your friends/follower? Sorry for being dim on what will, when clarified be something simple, but you did see what I was like the other day- a technophobe. Should I link? OMG this new world is frying my brain - but exciting. I too love Bare Minerals and yes expensive!!! Tom Cruise- I like me a lot of! kx

  5. Super list when you are suffering so. I ADORE the Twinings tea song... "Wherever you will go" so just had to look it up !
    Glad you are having a giggle on FB. Facebook can have it's downsides - I was looking at some photos earlier on someone's profile of something I'd blatantly been left out of when I do so much to include others & it really upset me :(

    I'm OK now as my Blogger friends have made me giggle this morning.
    Hope you are feeling a lot better soon xx

  6. Oh bum! I thought I had commented on this already - was just coming back to let you know I finally posted!

    Right, what I should have said was - glad the tablets are helping, hope you are fully better soon. Loving our little group :D Woohoo to craft purchases and Amazon :D

    big hugs x x

  7. Great week for you even though you are feeling poorly-your partner always seems so supportive of you, what a blessing he must be! I have not heard of that song, will try and look it up. I have borrowed Ghost protocol from a friend but have not had time to watch it yet. I have joined the FB group but have not had time to really play along yet..:(
    Beautiful scrapbook page, love the torn edges.
    Have a great week x

  8. Better late than never, I've finally done my post and added to Mr Linky.... if I get any later each week I'll come back to Friday and be on time again :)