Friday, 3 March 2017


Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday - means only one thing around this blog these days!

Wow what a week - so have I wall to wall photos to share - absolutely not utterly shattered after the week I've had - but I've arrived at Friday which makes me smile! 

So positives for the week! 

Tete a tete daffodils in the front garden - a sign of spring and seriously cute - I mean - seriously cute! They always make me giggle because they track the sun, so from the house they always have their 'backs' to me when the sun is out! 

I've got plenty of spring colour arriving in the garden, could really with a blue skies day to appreciate them a bit more! 

Next up new glasses for the entire family - I've had to relent and get varifocals - these eyes are seriously struggling with VDU and reading these days - sign of getting old - insert various swear words here because the word not happy comes to mind.  Suffering with vertigo means a change in lense and the distortion you get from varifocals has left me more than a little giddy this week!  Said 16 year old has had to have some too to help with concentration! 

Other positives this week has been some decent music whilst working out, I've found it makes the time go faster and is far more enjoyable, I'm loving Ed Sheeran's Brit performance - of Shape of You, I'm also loving the Kaskobi remix of the same track, the speed helps with working out if I'm honest.  Rag N Boneman - Human and Perfectly Human - My Name is Human is fabulous (although apologies for the swear words in that one if you go and seek it out). 

I go through phases with music I love a good beat, I love knew music - loving Linkin Park's new track completely different to their last album, although I've only heard the one track - hope there are a few heavier tracks on their new album as well. 

So if you haven't discovered anything knew music wise for a while go seek some - it is good for the soul, I'm listening to the Brits Ed Sheeran track now and am typing to the beat - most bizarre.

Anyway midweek, I was pretty low and wasn't sure how to lift myself up a bit, I was grumpy and snappy - thankfully a chat with my Mum on the phone put the world back on an even keel and I felt a lot more positive once I'd had a chat, my Mum is truly amazing and I felt so very grateful and positive to be able to have a natter with her - feeling blessed - very very! 

So I thought I'd share a layout I've done recently of my Mum and her two grandchildren.  This is actually New Year's Eve 2015 - said 16 year old has grown a little more since this photo was taken - if that is at all possible!   I love the expression on my niece's face - all amazing people!!!

Other positives this week, hubby putting up with me being grumpy - he is a star! 

Said 16 year old really applying himself on the revision front, he really is working his socks off at the moment!  

Great British Pot Off - aka Great Pottery Throw Down - I love this program I did pottery at school and loved it loads, never thought to continue after my schooling career. 

We also had a weekend full of 6 Nations Rugby - although I'm not sure what game Italy turned up and played but it didn't resemble Rugby if I'm honest, thankfully after half time England decided to turn the tables and sorted the game out - it was a passionate afternoon of screaming at the TV - but fun nonetheless. 

The rest of the week has been work, work and a bit more work, but I've enjoyed chilling on the sofa in my PJ's at the end of a busy day and looking forward to catching up with some family and friends over the weekend. 

I hope your week has been a positive one, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Sorry I'm so late linking up and late commen ting. We areon holiday and went out for the day. You hadn't put your blog up when we left the van in the morning. Now we are back and I've read your post for today.
    The photo of your mum with her grandchildren had me smiling, as did the daffodils. I love bright daffodils.
    Yes, I've discovered Ed Sheeran too. Love his music.
    Have a good week, Don't work too hard!

  2. Sorry I am a day late posting this week. You could say I lost track of the time - or days! I love your little daffs. They are really cute, and a sure sign of Spring on the way.
    Be patient with yourself and the new glasses. I wear varifocals all the time and they took me a while to get used to, but now I feel undressed without them.
    Sorry you had a down time, but glad that Mum was there to help you get sorted. My Ben was down this week - mainly boredom because he can't do much until his wrists heal more, so he phoned his Mum too, and we chatted for two hours, nfortunately that was after midnight, but that's what mums do when their children need them, and was a lot happier when we finally said goodnight.
    I hope all the revision pays off for the young man. he deserves to do well after all the work he has put in.
    I love the colours in your layout of Mum with the grandchildren.
    Now I must get on with that baking. Have a good weekend. Kate xx

  3. Now I have a vision in my head of you in a Linkin Park t-shirt, can of beer in hand jump up and down screaming at the rugby lol :D Love the daffys..none of mine have flowered yet...totally out done by the snowdrops this year :D XXX

  4. Wow! What a week. All looking very smart with your new glasses :)

    Ahh your mum looks so sweet in that layout.

    Your daffodils looks gorgeous - all your hard work in the garden has paid dividends.

    Loving the Great Pottery Throw Down too.... so much so Barry has booked us both into a workshop (wheel!) to celebrate his birthday in April!!!

    I think it is my favourite, definitely most 'happy making' programme on tv at the moment

    Karen x

  5. Seems like everyone is late catching up this week.
    I've just come back from a weekend of crafting with a group of friends - great fun. Now it's back to work (BIG sigh).
    Toni xx