Friday, 24 November 2017


Good Morning lovely people

Tis Friday 

So it's been a funny old week if I'm honest.  

Friday was an epic phone catch up with not only my cousin but also my Mum, I thoroughly enjoyed the natter!

Last weekend said 17 year old worked all weekend both Saturday and Sunday which meant that our initial plans went to pot slightly, we decided to finish off the mass clean, which meant dragging out every morsel from under the stairs and also whilst we were at it, the utility room for good measure.  Exhausting - yes absolutely, but happy now it is finished - absolutely!  So I'm at the end of my Autumnal spring clean and I'm sooooooooooooo glad because before you know it I'll be bringing decorations down from the loft. 

Monday was a bit of a disaster (now you might be thinking why is this in my rocking post but hear me out).  Hubby on his way back into the bedroom about to leave for work managed to pull his back, we think it was a full blown sciatica attack and it rendered one leg useless and the pain made him black out (he's not great with excessive pain, his body just shuts down).  However, on the plus side, work were great with him and the Doctors were happy to prescribe something having spoken to him and work were good enough to let me work remotely, so I'm incredibly grateful for all of that.  He hasn't improved by much if I'm honest so grateful said 17 year old was around on Tuesday morning to keep an eye on him and glad work didn't mind me taking TOIL Tuesday afternoon.  Also grateful that he managed to get into the Doctors on Thursday as he's ended up with a numb leg, the verdict a physio appointment on the 27 December 2017 to release a trapped nerve! 

Anyhow, the rest of the week has been pretty much work, cook tea, sleep and repeat.  You don't realise how much work the other person does until they are incapacitated! 

Over this last week I've been sharing further black and white images on Facebook (it's one of those things that is doing the rounds at the moment, so I thought I would share the doctored image and the original which capture glimpses of my life. 

So first up this shot of our local Post Office, it really is a treat to go and shop there because the aroma of all the sweeties is fabulous!

And here is the original, together with the post office sign! 

Next up one of the things I tend to do at Christmas are cookie jars and we save our lovely Douwe Egbert jars all year around.  Then I put them through a hot dishwasher wash to sterilise them and pop the plastic lids in some milton fluid to do the same.  This photo was after I'd got them out of the dishwasher on the trays ready to use. 

And here is the original image

At one point, hubby mentioned using a photo of his Orangecello that he's made this year, but it didn't make for an exciting photo!

It has been a cold week in places this week, so we had a fire earlier in the week

The colour photo is sooooooooo much better

Then Christmas cards, I tend to make them at the beginning of the year in all honesty because I find this time of year too hectic for making them. 

And here is the original photo, I also did a batch after the Kate Crane weekend I did in autumn and that is what you can predominantly see here. 

Later on in the week I shared this photo which is the filled jars (not completed as they need decorating). 

And here is the colour photo, I've attempted a vegan one this Christmas for a friend, but I've no idea if the chocolate will be appropriate (it's a dark chocolate but mentions that it should be eaten by people with lactose problems as that is made in the same factory, however the ingredients are all vegan and I know she isn't lactose intolerant). The rest with the Smarties in are obviously not the vegan ones! 

And then another sign that the festive season is almost upon us, historically I've done a Christmas newsletter, I know they fell out of favour in recent years (hand written notes being so much more personal than a round robin letter apparently), but I've done it for so long I honestly think I'd get complaints if there wasn't one included in the Christmas cards I'm sending!  

And the colour picture!

And then I find myself at Friday, a whole day stretched out in front of me, said 17 year old working (again) and tomorrow and Sunday, so he is going to be shattered bless him, apparently he thinks he will be unpacking Christmas trees today! 

I've no specific plans for the weekend and hubby is still hobbling around (although I'm guessing he is also four walling it now so I might try and drag him out to get some fresh aid and see something different). 

I hope you've had a fabulous week if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit! 


  1. Oh dear, poor hubby. What a nasty thing! I hope you made a mistake and his physio appointment is on the 27th of November not December. Having to wait more than amonth is torture. Can you go private?
    I like the B&W photos. But as you point out, some look better in colour.
    I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to Christmas, so you will have to explain about the jars. What is in it and what do you do with them. Are they supposed to be cooked? Or made into a breakfast? No, not with chocolate and smarties. If they are decorative then you wouldn't worry about the vegan... Anyway, all will be revealed in due course I'm sure.
    It's great that said 17 yr old is working so hard. He'll have a nice bit of pocket money for the Christmas holidays.
    Yes, I have always done a round robin, although I write them on a word processor so i can personalise them. Most people I send them to are pensioners like me and they don't follow trends. I think they would worry I was ill if I didn't send one. (Mostly by email as I can't afford the postage for 'en masse' posting)
    Your post office looks very attractive. Is it the village shop? I looked up Wensworth but Google didn't come up with anything. Hensworth or Wentworth but no Wensworth. But it is a great historical sign anyway.
    What a wonderful feeling that you have finished your spring clean. As spring is only a few months away, the next spring clean will be a doddle! I will confess to you that I have skipped spring this year. No cleaning! This coming spring the construction of the bottom flat should be completed and then we (yes, my hubby is very good at cleaning and sorting) will have a very thourough double whammy spring clean. (Watch this space!)
    I hope the weather is kind to you this weekend so you can take hubby away from the 4 walls.

  2. Oh dear. Poor hubby. I had back trouble for many years (until surgery cured it) so I know how he feels. I hope the physio really helps him. Both your employers seem to have been very understanding which is good.
    I have seen a lot of folk on facebook doing the B&W photo challenge. I have to say I am a bit of a peacock, (that's in my choice of clothes and my crafting style), and I have never really appreciated black and white photos. When I was a member of a photographic club, many of the people there would be ecstatic about B&W photos, but I think colour makes all the difference. But you found some interesting shots to show.
    The cookie jars look good. You drink a lot of coffee. I wouldn't get through even one jar in a year. Neither of us are coffee-drinkers so I have the tiniest jar I can find in case of visitors who want some, and that usually goes off and gets thrown away!
    Wishing you a week with less trauma, and more peace. Kate x

  3. I so love your positivity XXX Your hubby must really love that you are so organised and reliable while he is feeling so useless. Same thing happened to my hubby back in 1990...and our baby was only a few days old. The guilt he felt was even worse than the pain bless. But we soldier on and give them time to heal..."Good Wives" R Us :D XXX

  4. Sorry to hear about hubby. I do hope he is feeling much better now.
    I love your B/W photos - it certainly gives the subjects an older look.
    Hope you were able to 'escape the 4 walls' with hubby for at least a short while.
    Toni xx

  5. Thanks for visiting :)

    You've been so busy.... impressed with your Christmas preparations.

    Hope your OH is better soon.

    Karen x