Friday, 21 March 2014


Good morning - tis Friday and we are once again here to reflect on the last seven days!

So what have we got to comment on today, crikey it's a dig deep week if I'm honest.  It's been one of those - you know the ones. 

What has made me happy?


Well I got a job offer for a six month job position last thursday - fingers crossed it works out, I'm quite giddy to be starting something fresh so that's a positive.

Catching up with my old work colleague last Friday, I have missed her, she is one of those amazing people that you can chat to and put the world to rights, she says it how it is and is just a beautiful soul!  Loved my catch up with her! 

Rugby - I love rugby particularly the six nations at this time of year.  We had a marathon session on Saturday and my sister came over, we had a fab evening and given the fact I have both English and Irish backgrounds I was quite happy with the result!

Catching up with family - definitely a positive chatting, chatting and chatting!  Bliss

The Wednesday Whine girls - honestly the best group of girlfriends a person could wish for - utterly amazing and made me smile all week, wish we weren't cast to the four winds but despite the geography and the fact we are so very different we compliment each other amazingly! 

Counterfeit Challenge, I haven't posted any photos and despite the fact my kit has turned out a bit pink heavy (which is not my favourite colour) I've still enjoyed the challenge of working with it! 

Jen at Wear Crafts and Lesley my design teamie for keeping me on the straight and narrow when my head is all over the place - you girls are amazing! 

Hubby and said 13 year old just for being them, I've not been the easiest of people this week if I'm honest so the fact that they've put up with me and my weird mood just shows how awesome they are!

My sister for helping at my Mum's this week between the three of us, we did trips to charity shop, put things in loft and redecorated a room not bad for about half a days work - go us!  

Crikey - you think it will be a dig deep week and then you start to write it up and realise it isn't! 

Hope you've had a rocking week, we are still getting used to the new PC hence the lack of piccies, will make an effort this week to remedy that as I know it makes a different to have pretty pictures! 

Mr Linky - if you fancy joining in write the post pop back and link up we'll come and visit!   Hope you've had a fabulous week!


  1. Pictures or not, you've had a good week, despite you thinking not - well done on the job offer, 6 months may turn out to be longer you never know! Hope you continue to rock into next week with a great weekend!

  2. It sounds like a pretty good week to me. I do hope the job goes well for you. You had some good family time again and that is always a positive. I'll be back later with my list. Enjoy the week ahead whatever it brings. Kate x

  3. WELL DONE! Like I said... all for a reason... you just have to go with it and everything works out... there is always a plan... we just can't see the blueprint sometimes. Take care, jenxxx

  4. Some pretty good moments there - that's why this is such a good exercise isn't it - you are one smart cookie thinking this up in the first place missus. Saviour of sanity up and down the country you are. big hugs x x x

  5. Brilliant news on the job front!
    Sounds like a pretty good after all, great to think of all the positives.
    Haven’t done a post this week but don’t forget that you’re amazing too 

  6. It is always those weeks where we think we have to dig deep that we realise we have more to celebrate than we thought. Just that the negative can feel a bit bolshier.