Friday, 6 January 2017


Good morning lovely Rockettes/Rockers tis Friday the very first of 2017 and therefore time for

Well I managed a few more layouts during the Christmas break, which I really enjoyed, although I seem to have done an awful lot of green and red layouts so I think I might join in the counterfeit kit this month as its decidedly different in colour! 

The photos are from Christmas 2015, my sister's hair, well actually my niece's hair as well, has changed significantly between the Christmas 2015 and 2016, my niece's hair is now shorter with no fringe, my sisters is short and blonde - so a complete contrast to before! 

These were my favourite decorations at the Christmas Tree festival in 2015! 

Photos from Chatsworth 2015, when the theme was Wind in the Willows

Had a brilliant  walk with hubby and my Mum at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, even spotted a David Nash sculpture on our way around the park, which we hadn't seen previously! 

The blue skies meant the main lake looked awesome (even if a little choppy)

Back at the main centre (my Mum started the walk calling it a stroll, by the time we got back it was most definitely a hike!), there was an exhibition by Angela Harding!  

I adored her Little Owl picture - how cute is he!

But was even more amazed when I realised these were from wood cut blocks - which we got to see in the exhibition

And here is the Little Owl wood cutting - how cute is he and how much work is there in that wooden block - amazing - absolutely amazing! 

I even managed a quick selfie with Mum before we left the park - note she's rocking the pink hair at the moment! 

We had a strange New Year, strange as we were at home which is unusual, but we had a fab night, playing board games, drinking wine, watching films, drinking wine, watching Grand Tour, drinking champagne, seeing in the New Year, chatting to Mum, drinking champagne, falling into bed 

I also enjoyed making a start on my new journal book at New Year - I've been saving it! 

Before all heading back to work/school/college/uni etc, we managed a final Christmas activity attending the local pantomime, it was very good, although we were disappointed that there wasn't as much ad-libbing as normal - other than the fairy whose microphone had been left on, commenting that she nearly walked into the set when she came off stage! 

It was good fun nonetheless! 

As we went into operation 'Put the decs away' - a few of the 'unused' Christmas gifts got tried out, this is hubby trying to create a square bubble and no before you ask it wasn't his gift! 

The rest of the week has been a mix of work and tiredness (and putting the trees away- all 4 of them and the stair garland). 

The house has a strange echo like quality now and the lack of lights is strange, but having the house clean and tidy makes me happy! 

I hope your New Year was a good one!! 

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up and comment so we can come and visit! 


  1. Those woodcuts are amazing!

    I am often sad to take the Christmas decs down but love the house being clean and clutter free again!

    Happy New Year, Virginia!

  2. Lovely LOs & photos Virginia.
    I'm not back at work until Monday (9 Jan) but the time seems to have flown by. I seem to have done a lot more knitting & crochet lately as they are easy crafts to do whilst sitting in front of the TV catching up on Christmas movies. I had a great time watching all the Harry Potter films over the holiday and it prompted me to hunt for my box set that had been 'put away safe' LOL
    Toni xx

  3. Happy New Year Virginia. How clever is that little owl wood block and print. I love owls as you can see from my post. I have to make a start on the decs now. I hate the empty feel the house has when they first go away, but at least we will get more natural light through the window, and the chairs can return to their proper places. It is nice to see you had some good weather over the holiday, even if it was bit chilly!
    My son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are all in the panto. Their's starts at the end of January. It was great fun the year I got to watch.
    Hope it is not too much of a shock going back to work. Hugs, Kate x

  4. Happy New Year Virginia! (and hubby and Said 16 yr old)
    Your New Year's eve sounds a bit like ours. Only we didn't play board games. Unfortunately 'cause I love board games.(My hubby doesn't)
    Great to see a picture with you and your mum.
    I smiled at the picture of hubby trying to blow square bubbles.
    The owl block print is awesome. We used to do a similar thing at school using lino. I remember doing my version of Edvard Munch's Scream.
    Have a good week,
    Don't work too hard,

  5. Happy New Year, Virginia - hope it is a good one! I know I am late, I nearly missed this in my blog reader (sorry!) the sofa was too cosy last night for surfing.. Helen xx

  6. Happy New Year Virgina!
    I don't know what happened before, I guess I didn't hit link or publish, silly me...
    It looks like you had a fab holiday with the fam and plenty of fun as well. Those woodcuts are beautiful--I remember my Moms getting some in Quebec when I was young, and she still has them hanging up in her house now.
    All the best for 2017 to you and your family.

  7. wine drinking while putting away decs??? lol. Glad you have had such a fun Holiday season :D XXX