Friday, 13 January 2017


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday (already I hear you cry) and I find myself yet again sat in front of the computer working out where the week has gone and what has been making the silver linings sparkle this week. 

It is time for 

So first up is the completion of my journal for Christmas 2016, its a bit of a strange one, as the thoughts looking back were that at times it was actually hard work (Christmas not the journal), but I think I've managed to hit it with a 'rocking' head on, which means it is actually very positive and upbeat and in the fullness of time it will become the Christmas that happened rather than just the one  I wrote about, if you know what I mean. 

The album, is once again pushing the bolts a little - it isn't splayed out for decorative purposes - it's that full! 

It contains the days out and the trips - the Harry Potter decorations, the new trees, the day, the lull between Christmas and New Year, it includes the cards that I got that had extra messages from loved ones, so that's probably why it is creaking a little. 

I've decided next year I'm going to try a different format, for no other reason than I've done two years with the same sized album and so the pages almost felt repetitive in the process.  

Next up has to be the enthusiasm of said 16 year old, mocks started this week and he was given the topics for his final art piece on Friday last week.  He'd already decided on the theme before he got home on Friday night, I love the variety of all the options, I think its a shame that they've homed in on very famous artists and that there appears to be an over emphasis on the fashion designers and creating fashion pieces, bearing in mind that they've never actually been taught how to put clothing together.  

Needless to say it won't be an item of clothing that he is making and it is still very early in his thought process.  Although he has clear ideas on what he doesn't want to do, as he has reflected on a couple of pieces from previous years. 

This photo was him maxing the internet connection to find some artists that fall within his remit. Hubby was confused where the "mind mapping the art" statement came from - I obviously added it to the photo!  

Then I have replenished my birthday card stocks.  I did lots and lots and lots of art last year around the Sheffield Herd and didn't do anything with them, I also did a batch of quirky paintings based on weird looking art dolls, you'll be pleased to know that they have been converted into birthday cards.  I started out using a wet glue which wasn't fun, so I charged up my new cordless glue gun (bought courtesy of hubby for Christmas) and blitzed my way through (using up a large quantity of glue sticks in the process - whoops)

Although I'm not sure who'll want a Zombie Nurse Art doll card or a Zombie elephant come to that!  I might have to do a label for the back, so people understand their origin! 

I also finally managed to put a counterfeit kit together, I think it was rebelling against all the red and green layouts I'd been doing over Christmas, plus the colour scheme is so me! 

The week has fair tripped along, bumping into my niece with her friend in the local shopping centre last Friday night was lovely.  Buying a few new magazines was a good start to the weekend, enjoyed spending time reading them this week. 

The weekend disappeared all too quickly, but I enjoyed watching Romeo and Juliet over the weekend in preparation for said 16 year old's English exam.  It's ages since I've seen that version - I'd forgotten how quirky it was and how young Leonardo DiCaprio was in it! 

Work has been busy busy - mind you juggling jobs will do that to you.  I've got some significant pieces of work coming up and intend on spending a little time on each of my jobs today, getting my head around what I need to make progress (or better still making progress). 

I also had a catch up with my cousin on the phone, initially last Friday - we put the world to rights for about 2 hours! 

And then again in the week when she had a concern/issue, thankfully it was quickly resolved, but I was glad to be around for her when she needed me.  

I'm going to make a concerted effort to have more communication this year, whether it be written (yes letter writing is coming back), mail art - my favourite, re-establishing links I've lost (I've already managed one of those in January when a friend from years ago managed to track me down - I can't begin to tell you how fantastic it has been to touch base again)!  Or just calling people (the two hour phone call last Friday)

I'm also giddy as I know the lovely Donna is sending me some mail art (squeal), we collaborated on a journal a couple of years ago and had such fun! 

And I've made a start on my Wanderlust 2017 class - made a start - by watching the videos not by creating I'm hoping to sort week 1's today if I'm honest - I'm struggling to find images to use and have to track down a journal! 

I'm looking forward to the second class but hoping it isn't as long as I am somewhat impatient.

I hope you have had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit - ooh I had an extra Rockette last week - Michelle joined me, Kate and Lisca - which made me very happy - hope all you ladies are well! 


  1. Sounds like a very busy week Virginia.
    Great that you got your Christmas journal finished.
    Hope the weather isn't causing you too many problems.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. I like your counterfeit kits. The colourscheme is lovely and subtle. I love teal and beige etc. Why do you call it a counterfeit kit? I've not heard that expression.
    You've reminded me that I have to sort out my scrapbook albums. One of them has fallen apart literally and I have to rearrange pages in a new album that I bought last year. I really should be starting to scrap again, but I'm not organized. When the weather is a bit warmer I will 'play' in my craft room.
    It's great that your said 16yr old has a good idea of what he wants to do for his project. I think he's not the kind of kid that will leave it to the last minute. I bet he can't wait to start.
    I was hoping on some photos of said birthday cards you made, especially with the sheffield herd.
    Have a good week and keep smiling,

  3. When on earth do you have time to read magazines????? Or do you just buy them for the freebies like I do lol...AND I am just the sort of person to appreciate a Zombie nurse doll lol :D XXX

  4. It's sounds like you've had a great week! Catching up with friends and family is always a treat.
    Your album is lovely and thick, and I have to admit, I'm one of the people who "gets" the zombie thing (can you say huge The Walking Dead fan lol).
    Have a super week!

  5. That was a busy week. I can't believe you have finished journalling Christmas already!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the choice your 16 year old has chosen for his exam piece.
    I love the colours in the conterfeit kit. it's a beautiful combination.
    Long phone calls are good. I spoke to my sister this evening for a couple of hours.
    I have one friend who is not computer literate so I do write to her using snail mail, but I struggle to hold a pen for long, and especially to control where it is going to form legible writing, so I often end up typing it out and just signing it by hand.
    I hope you manage to juggle work and classes, and still fit in some time for crafting.
    To answer your question on my post; The Spanish do have marmalade but it is mostly very sweet. They consider bitter oranges are worthless so they leave them to rot on the trees or throw them away, which at least means I can usually get some from free. They also use them as ornamental trees along the roads - probably because they don't think anyone will pick the fruit, though I have been known to 'scrump' a few in lean years!
    Have a good week.
    Kate x