Friday, 27 January 2017


Morning all - and welcome to the 4th Rocking post of 2017, the weeks are already flying by - but then we are seriously busy so that's probably why.  I can't quite believe that we are approaching the end of January already - in fact this is the last January Rocking post because this time next week we will be into February - how did that happen! 

So last Friday I had a day off, now rather than racing around cleaning or cooking or sorting or well you get the drift I arranged to meet my sister and my Mum for a cuppa at the local garden centre.  It was fabulous to sit and chat and catch up if I'm honest and we were there a good few hours, putting the world to rights, catching up on news etc.  

Afterwards we went for a walk down the path towards the church.  The church is really disproportionate to the size of the village and neither my Mum or sister knew that there was another church in the village in an almost ruinous state.  So we walked and were pleased to find it (well what's left of it) open.  Apparently when the new church was built the roof was removed from the old church to force people to go to the new one.  Sad really but quite a significant piece of local history! 

Here are the three of us enjoying the bright sunshine! 

The weekend was busy as always, we ventured to the local shopping centre and then on to Hobbycraft and the Range for a meander.  Said 16 year old gearing up for his final art exam wanted to see how big the canvases go - don't ask! 

Anyway once home it was time for him to continue the artwork that he's been working on, inspired the street artist known as Phlegm. 

Here is said 16 year old rather busy! 

The rest of the weekend tottered on by, we caught up with "Taboo" on TV with the ever so lovely Tom Hardy - written by him and his Dad, so are up to date on that, it is proving a really brilliant weekend watch if I'm honest. 

Monday and off to work with what can only be described as a salad that I really wasn't looking forward to. 

Kale, fennel and apple salad in a vinaigrette dressing with chicken. 

Raw kale still makes me think it will taste pretty awful, but if truth be known it was mighty tasty and both me and hubby really enjoyed it.  

My Wanderlust class is proving just as much fun as I was hoping and last week's class had not one but three different art journal pages - although I'm not one for journalling at the moment, I'm enjoying the arting factor, so I just did some free writing with a calligraphy pen on this one. I still have the other two pages to finish, one was almost complete and then I ruined it with the words so it needs to be redone - just a bit of tweaking and I haven't started the final one!

Next up is the Tuesday disaster breakfast - apparently low carb - but like I said a disaster nonetheless and not particularly tasty - which left both me and hubby a little grumpy until lunchtime!  thankfully lunch was tasty which made up for this mess and yes I did have to leave it soaking otherwise it would have set like concrete!

Midweek the freezing temperatures outside meant that we thoroughly enjoyed the woodburning fire and hubby 'discovered' some hidden books in a drawer so we sat reading for the evening which was brilliant. 

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur, busy with work, busy evenings cooking and working out  - aka as screaming at the TV when he says work a bit harder! 

I hope your week has been fun and eventful, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Loving the photo of toastie tootsies :D XXX

  2. How nice to start the weekend with a family morning. I like the story about the church. What a strange idea! Your lad is very dedicated to his art work. I hope he is satisfied with the end product.
    I am not into art journaling but I am glad you are enjoying your classes so much.
    I can't say the idea of raw kale is very appealing, but good for you. You gave it a go and found it was tasty! The breakfast raises a question mark. What on earth was it? But again, at least you gave it a go. Hopefully you will find some better alternatives. Try not to work too hard this week. Kate x

  3. Great that you had some quality time with your mum and sister. Well done you.
    id you buy anythingat Hobbycraft and the Range? Yes, I've heard of Phlem. I like the black & white art. I also like his (long) dreadlocks. Very impressive.
    Sorry I've not linked up today. I've hardly been at my computer. (I'm writing this in the middle of the night and I realy should be going to bed now)
    Have a good W/E,

  4. Sounds like your time with your Mum & Sister was lovely.
    The breakfast photo reminds me of every time I have tried to make porridge in the messy.
    Such a lovely cosy photo in front of the log burner.
    Toni xx