Friday, 20 January 2017


Good Morning Lovely People 

Tis Friday - the 3rd Friday of January and time for my 

Well the time has come to actually start doing something about my New Year Resolutions, which means commencing on some healthier meals than we've been having previously!  Apologies in advance I apparently enjoy photographing food! 

So we really enjoyed the stuff peppers! 

We tried the protein pancakes and whilst they were OK, I really don't like artificial flavours so can't see us repeating this one if I'm honest 

My Mum, sister and niece popped over for a natter on Saturday afternoon, which was fabulous and the boys went to the shooting range, said 16 year old happy to get rid of some of this weeks stress - they came back quite happy and chipper!  Whilst us ladies put the world to rights which was brill. 

We had fun at the weekend making granola - the quantities were crazy and I was struggling to stir it, we even had to find a bigger pan out!  So grateful hubby gave me a hand, otherwise I might still be stood there trying to stir it! 

The salmon tea was fabulous though - so I have to thank Mr Wicks AKA The Body Coach for some pretty awesome meals this week, lets hope it actually makes a difference - you can take it from that note that I'm more than a little skeptical 

Sunday night me and hubby had a date night, unfortunately I'd started with weird dizzy spells.  The gig was a band called In Flames, then Disturbed and then Avenged Sevenfold, it has to be said that we are not a fan of Avenged and I bought the tickets purely on the back of hubby needing to see Disturbed (bucket list band).  So we toddled off for the gig. 

In Flames were interesting, I enjoyed the odd track so it was nice to hear new music. 

And Disturbed were amazing - I mean AMAZING - live, pyrotechnics, awesome singing, fabulous guitar work - what more could you want!

And they sang the Sound of Silence - which was breathtaking - I loved all the lit phones in the Stadium 

Said 16 year old cracking on with the art homework - which is extensive at the moment because he is on countdown to his exam.

He is also in the middle of mock exams which are mighty stressful, but he has a heads up of what is to come now.  I suppose I'm a little concerned that there are subjects that are still being taught the syllabus if I'm honest, whilst others are in full revision mode.  However, its telling when there has been a quality teaching gap which hopefully is raising the alarm bells for teachers so they can do something about it! 

I always love to see all the new year new me posts that filter down my news feed at the beginning of the year, in particular I love reading the 'word' of the year posts which always get me thinking. 

Not that I'm ever decisive enough to work out what my one word would be if I'm honest.  I think the odd time I've found a word - I've always presumed it could be misinterpreted so I've never voiced my one word as it were!

I think I like to live in the comfort zone that I'm in, I've often crept into that zone quite happy to plod along, but then occasionally I end up doing something outside the zone and realise that my happiness is sometimes an illusion that I've created so I don't have to make changes. 

I've been like this for a while, in particular I'm concerned about the long term health implications of not being fit and healthy.  But then I thought what would it mean in real terms if I was actually fit and healthy. 

I always loved making my own clothes when I was younger and being a little bit different (who wants to follow the crowd), in essence I'm no different now I just carry the marks and scars we all suffer as we wander through life, but I'm stronger and happier for the things I've learnt.  

I'm always grateful for the friends I've made, in particular a lot of my friends live inside the computer, I've never met them in person but feel I absolutely know them as a person and I think that is a fabulous way to be. 

So this year I don't have a word - I have a statement, it just so happened that a bold statement was required by the week 1 - Wanderlust course - so now I've even written the statement down. 

I don't for one moment think the external change will happen quickly, but I'm hoping I can make a real difference over a year and then rather than knowing who I am on the inside I can also reflect that on the outside 

So it's time for me to 

The rest of the week has wobbled along - dizzy spells have given me some grief, I've gone from it just being when I turn in bed, to it being occasionally when I put my boots on, or tip my head back too far.  So a call to the Doctor's yesterday meant I was sat in front of him within the hour and back home with a pack of tablets to alleviate the problem a little after that.

I actually enjoyed the walk around to the surgery - not too wobbly and I spotted favourite tree because it creates an awesome reference point for great photos, remembering it covered in snow a few years ago.

It was lovely to hear the birds singing and seeing them dart in and out of the hedges on the way back. 

I also saw a few of them eating the red berries from a shrub on the way back. 

Grateful that Docs are checking hubby out, the lung xray was clear - yay - but they want to just do a health MOT - cue weight loss and exercise regime! 

A phone call with my cousin was lovely, it is always great to touch base with people.

And a thank you card from another cousin was lovely to receive, we really must touch base more often! 

A letter from the hospital saying my mammogram was normal - always a positive - as we have a lot of history in the family I go for annual check ups in my 40's so they can keep an eye on me.

My final grateful this week, is the second part of the Wanderlust course, despite my reservations of letting go and painting and painting and painting - thus covering all the previous work up - I actually did find it pretty hard to stop with this one and I'm really happy with the result. 

The statement reads





And actually came from the beautiful gift I received from Chris on UK Scrappers who sent me a belated birthday gift in December, having spotted my pinterest boards on bullet journals.  There are little cards and statements throughout the book to stick in where I need them and this statement simply appeared, when I wasn't sure what I was going to put in the centre!

It seems strange to consider a time when art didn't feature in my life, I have never been a natural - put off at school at my utter inability to drawer a lifelike version of the bowl of fruit in front of me, I spent most art lessons, cleaning the stock room.  If only I had known then that the joy of art is simply the process itself, not the outcome and who the hell wants a drawing of a bowl of fruit anyway!  I wonder where art might have taken me without the constraints all those years ago.  

So for those of you that took art in school I envy you - but my question is - when was the last time you let go with your art and painted or drew something?  And if your excuse is you don't have the supplies - well that is what it is - just an excuse - so this week, why not find your creative side - you never know where it might lead! 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, if you can mention the Rocking post along the way that would be fab, you never know we might attract a few more to join in, pop back, link up and we can come and visit!


  1. Wonderful post Virginia. Lots to think about and the food photos look fab. Sounds like you had a great 'date night'. Hope health for 2017 improves as dizzy spells at not fun.
    Toni xx

  2. Hi Virginia,
    Well, that was deep and meaningful.... thank you for sharing your feelings. You've given me lots to think about.
    I guess I have finally found my comfort zone after leading quite an adventurous life. Now I just want to be retired, live quietly with the man I love in a beautiful place.
    It's a good thing that you are taking care of your body. Health is precious. Eating healthily is not all about losing weight (although you will), but more about keeping healthy. The salmon looks delicious. I am spiralising a lot these days and cooking recipes from Ali Mafucci's book. My hubby likes it too. I make a menu for the week (including snacks) and today I will make spiralized courgette pasta with a shrimp sauce.( I try to stick to natural food and don't buy artificial things.
    How lovely of your hubby to take you to a concert. I have heard Disturbed's Sound of Silence and I think it's awesome. I have not heard of the other bands.
    I had a similar experience in school at art classes. I now realise that technique is not the most important thing. Important is to express yourself. (Which I am ashamed to say, I am doing very little of these days! Note to self: Must do something about that)
    It's great that your said 16 yr old is working so hard. He seems tobe happily focused. Good for him. As soon as he falls in love all that will go out of the window. Lets hope that doesn't happen just yet.
    I love your statement for this year. It's something to work towards and to be reminded of every now and then through the year.
    I had dizzy spells a few months ago. Same as you. Mainly when I threw my head back. At the chemist they measured my blood pressure and told me it was too high (140/90). But naughty me didn't go to the doctor and the dizzy spells went of their own accord the following week. I hope yours sort themselves out one way or another.
    I've been waffling long enough. Must go now and cook those shrimps.

  3. That was an interesting post this week Virginia. I know exactly where you are coming from with the Word of the year thing. I tried it too and for one year. My word was integrate and I really did make huge strides with integrating into my new community, and also integrating different media in my craft, but since then I have never been able to think of a suitable word! And I gave up on resolutions lang ago.
    Good luck with the healthy eating plan. I only eat very small meals, so I think i should be able to have what I enjoy in small quantities, but I do have to make more effort to find alternatives to sweet things.
    Your concert sounds great. I saw the you tube video of Disturbed singing Sound of Silence and loved it.
    The health checks all sound quite positive, except for the dizzy spells. I hope they get sorted for you quickly.
    I am glad your lad is enjoying his art. It is so interesting now. My experience of art in school was much the same as yours, and I just came away with the conviction that i was 'no good' at art. Of course, since then I have discovered crafting, a very different field of creativity, but it made me see that the 'art' thing was irrelevant. Maybe, one dy i'll dig out my paints again. who knows. I hope you feel steadier on your feet this week. Kate x

  4. wow, what a marathon post! Sorry about the dizzy spells (a friend of mine gets them, it's vertigo.... they come and go) Hope yours clear up soon and the tablets help. I have just watched lesson 3 of Wanderlust (hence being so late!) and loved it. I haven't actually done anything apart from watch the classes yet - well done you for getting on so well! Have a great week, and enjoy the food, with or without photos xx

  5. Sorry to hear you've been having dizzy spells. My Mum has them and was told it was vertigo, but the pills she was given don't seem to do much. Watch out for yourself as the spells can be dangerous. A big high five for trying to be healthier in 2017.
    That concert looks like it was fab. I'm a fan of Disturbed as well.
    Your statement is a good choice. We should all dare to be our real selves.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love you and your post so much right now. Starting the New Year with clarity and enthusiasm may not seem that clear to you, but keep coming back to this post when you are struggling and rekindle the fire of "Be The Real Me", it will serve you well :D XXX *ps....I bought a treadmill....100mtr stints between arting and puter time is already making a difference*