Friday, 30 December 2016


Good morning and this is the final Rocking your World post of 2016 - the 53rd - no less! 

So how has your week been, have you had your fill of turkey?  Couldn't face another mince pie, in need of a clean start to 2017 - yes I hear you! But for now let us look back! 

We were all set for Christmas with the Harry Potter tree, here it is in all it's finery together with the Death Eaters mask, various wands and a homemade full size sorting hat! 

This was two days before Christmas - I believe the signs of madness are starting to show, hubby making floating candles! 

And said 16 year old turning a certain chocolate into golden snitches! 

And the table all set in a Yule Ball theme for Christmas (as the normal Harry Potter banqueting hall, mean all long tables and pewter platters and tankards which didn't appeal!) 

Time with family has been especially precious this week, chatting with said 16 year old who was waiting patiently on Christmas morning to open gifts whilst I was talking to my Mum on the phone! 

Now there aren't many occasions that we can manage a decent surprise for said 16 year old these days - but this gift certainly raised a smile! 

I also got some beautiful gifts, including a few secret santa gifts that raised a smile, I took part in two craft related ones linked with UK Scrappers!  This was the contents of my Secret Santa Stocking swap

And this was the contents of my Secret Swappers Secret Santa Swap! 

Managing to have all the family around the Christmas table was especially precious this year. 

I got a lovely photo of my fabulous sister!

And my beautiful niece

As well as all the family enjoying their gingerbread challenge! 

I remembered to flame the homemade Christmas pudding (albeit it after I'd chopped it up - whoops). 

We enjoyed a winters walk - just in the local area to where we lived! 

We went to my Mum's for tea the day after boxing day - look at the size of this cheesecake - her own recipe - no reference to any book or google, hence the very thin base and the crazy thick top!

I shared a few piccies on instagram, the floating candles

And the angel wings we finished just before Christmas - the photo doesn't show you the scale! 

And an arty one of the table!

And Mum's cheesecake! 

I even managed some scrapping (finally after months and months of nothingness - I don't count my journal as it is only 8 x 8)

As you can see they are all Christmas related - but last Christmas not this one! 

Thursday we managed another jaunt to Chatsworth as said 16 year old hadn't been when we went the other week, we have now thoroughly put our members' cards through their paces!

I managed to get a photo of these two in the corridor! 

And the snowflakes in the chapel

The library was gorgeous as always, would love to see what books are in there!

And the sleeping lion by the exit! 

Enjoying a wander around the garden! 

We had to giggle about the Santa hats that had appeared on the bronze heads in the garden.  I think Prince Charles looks rather fetching with this on his head!

The grotto garden was beautiful - freezing cold but beautiful! 

We sat for a short while, but the stone was sooooooooo cold

Said 16 year old set to sketching 

And then we split up as he wanted to do another sketch in the garden, we spotted him later on - can you see him - he is in the picture - sketching! 

and again! 

The winter sunshine was just what we needed, we've all been full of the lurgy this last few weeks so a chance to blow of the cobwebs was very much needed if I'm honest.  Not that we came home feeling better just felt better for having some fresh air as it were! 

I hope you've had a truly beautiful and blessed Christmas, that you've managed to have time with family and friends and time to sit back and reflect on the season and the year.  I know it isn't always easy for people so I hope the season has been kind to you! 

Now I turn my head towards the next year, the clean slate, fresh sheet that awaits us with the letters 2017 emblazoned across the top.  I've some plans for 2017, I need to create a formula to put them into action.  

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit! 

Until next year my dear friends. 


  1. Your Harry Potter themed Christmas has looked wonderful - the Yule table and the floating candles are amazing.
    A fabulous collection of photos and some super LOs Virginia.
    I wish you and the family a very Happy New Year and I hope 2017 is a good one for you.
    Toni xx

  2. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year with much good health and creativity! Love the floating candles, and your Mum's cheesecake looks stunning!

  3. Another great post! I always sit down with a cuppa to look at and read your post.
    Your Harry Potter Xmas tree looks fab. I don't know much about Harry Potter so I probably don't appreciate it enough, but it's a great idea. I love your table layout. It is beautiful. It is great to have your family there with you at the table, everyone dressed up. What a marvel idea to have everyone decorate a gingerbread house. I assume they got to take it home too.
    I'd never seen floating candles. But they are very effective. Well done your hubby.
    I am very impressed with said 16 yr old waiting patiently for his presents while you were talking. And I just love his expression when he opens his surprise present. Priceless! (what did you get him?)
    You got loads of little goodies in your secret santa exchange. Wow!
    The photos from Chatsworth are fab as usual. Wonderful displays and lovely gardens. Prince Charles with his hat made me smile.
    Your scrapbook LOs are brilliant. I love the colours. I must admit that I haven't done any scrapbooking for a year. I didn't have my craft room. Now that I have, it's too cold and I often don't bother to get wood and light the fire. Then it takes a few hours to warm up the room, so it's not that I can just spontaneously pop down and do some crafting.... (Will have to wait for milder weather) So one of my New Year's resolutions is to start scrapping again. I also want to do some genealogy (family tree)and have downloaded the software but down know how to use it yet.
    I'm sure the new year will bring us lots of good times and blessings if we care to look for them. I wish you and your family all good things for 2017, health and love.

  4. The Harry Potter Christmas was such fun. I love all the details you incorporated. The walk around Chatsworth looks a lovely way to round off the celebrations. I had to look hard but I did find your sketcher in the end.
    Mum's cheescake looks good. And what a lot of Scrapbooking. I really do want to do more of this next year.
    I hope those lurgys have finally left you all, and you are ready for a happy, healthy start to the new year. I shall do my best to travel though it with you again. Kate x

  5. What a fun filled post :D So glad you had such a lovely holiday period. Look forward to seeing what adventures you have in store for 2017 XXX

  6. Happy New Year Virginia!
    Looks like you had a fab holiday season. Love the Harry Potter theme :-)
    All the best for a happy, healthy 2017.