Friday, 2 December 2016


Morning lovely people tis Friday 

So first up - for those guessing the Christmas tree theme this year - well done on those that guessed Harry Potter. 

Here is the said sorting hat decoration made by hubby complete and on top of the tree

We've also made floo powder baubles using ash from the wood burning stove. 

It has to be said that hubby has had such a fun time making the baubles and whilst I've done a few - he has most definitely done the majority! 

Sunday we snook out to Chatsworth's Christmas Fayre, we got there for opening time and it was already heaving, thankfully we weren't mad enough to go in the house this time as it really was exceptionally busy! 

Hubby took this photo - before the crowds arrived, by 11am - you simply couldn't get into most of the stalls! 

We did however manage a cuppa and a butty in the Carriage Restaurant, which was all decorated

This is the aforementioned butty - twas nom!

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to making the Christmas pudding - here is hubby and said 16 year old doing the stir it up - Christmas wish - I am technically a week later than I should have been but we will ignore that for now! 

Next happy is the addition of this stove fan on the woodburning fire, it turns once the stove is hot and moves the warm air around the room - genius invention! 

Together with the thermometer for the stove pipe!

Next up hubby brought me some flowers - isn't he a sweetie, I'm still not 100% and have a scan happening Thursday (yesterday) and then the waiting game to see if they can see what is going on.  So the flowers were a lovely surprise!

Then the trees - said 16 year old has been more than happy to put them up (he's the only one out of the 3 of us that can reach the top) 

And here it is lit

I must admit I'm rather pleased with the trees this year, last year we were a little 'it'll do' mode but this year, we've thought them through in advance! 

And then the week started to roll and before we knew it the 1 December had arrived and time to drag out the advent calendar, made as part of my very first journal your Christmas back in 2008 - 8 years later it is still going strong! 

The colder nights meant we've enjoyed the beast a bit more and I'm loving the Christmas lights reflecting off the glass

We had an evening of reading the other night which I thoroughly enjoyed this was my view

The cold clear nights have also meant some pretty epic night skies

The 1st also signalled my first ever advent calendar with gifts, I remember vaguely having a little cardboard one when I was little but since then I've never had an advent calendar, so when my favourite crafting forum UK Scrappers, had an advent calendar swap I just had to join in!

Here is my advent calendar!

And this is gift number 1 

And this was the contents of the gift (note past tense)!

I had a great catch up on the phone with my cousin again on Thursday, it is always so good to chat, I really need a proper face to face catch up with her if I'm honest. 

I've managed to send out the deluge of Christmas cards that I send, together with the Herald newsletter, unfortunately there was a printer malfunction which means this year there is a blend of black and white and colour pages for most people, although a full colour version was reserved for a few special people that I knew would appreciate it! 

Thursday also saw me undergoing further tests for these health issues I'm having and they have finally detected the issue, so fingers and toes crossed they will have a way to sort it out, thankfully it isn't something too serious as it were which I was most relieved.  I've been struggling for a while now so lets hope I get something to help soon - thanks for all your lovely comments over the last few weeks on this front, it really is very much appreciated! 

Right lovely people that is my lot, my silver linings and positive moments for this week.  I hope you've had a good week too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up (leave a comment to prompt me that you've joined - brain like a sieve at the moment). 


  1. Glad to hear there may be light at the end of the tunnel on the health front.
    I love hubbies "Sorting hat" - how fabulous.
    Great photos.
    Toni xx

  2. How silly of me not to guess the Christmas theme of Harry Potter. Those baubles (with ash) are brilliant. What a good idea.
    Christmas market and a bacon buttie! What could be more fun.
    I love you new fan on the stove. How interesting, I must show my hubby. Perhaps we can have one made too. Is it electric, or does it work on the hot air rising? I have never seen a stove thermometre. The outer ring temperature is the temperature of pipe (I assume). What is the inner ring of temperatures? People around here don't worry about these things, but we do have to have our chimneys cleaned every year. You probably won't have to. It would make amess in an English lounge with carpet etc.
    Your trees are amazing! And so big!
    An advent calender swap with pressies! Sounds good tome. A chocolate orange is a nice thing to get. Are there pressies for each day? Even the bag it comes in is nice.
    I enjoyed your blog post,as always. I hope the scan and its results are OK. I'll think of you on Thursday.
    In the meantime: Happy Friday,

  3. If I decorated my tree with hats I would never be able to put it away lol. Glad your getting your health sorted...and bacon butties nom lol :D XXX