Friday, 11 July 2014


Morning all, tis time to take a step back and look back on the last 7 days and the positive moment that have occurred.  The therapy of taking stock, living in the here and now and appreciating what we have (rather than what we have not) is something that I've done for years, it maintains a positive focus and allows me to enjoy my life to the full.  I highly recommend it, fancy joining in pop a blog post together, come back link up and we will come and visit.  We love to find a new Rockette, if you can't make it on a Friday don't stress any day of the week will do.  If your list is short and sweet again don't stress it, if it's a longer post with lots of photos and detail - fab stuff.  Whatever it is we love to read about it.

This week has been a fun one with lots of things going on.  First up said 13 year old in front of Bumblebee and Barricade at the local cinema last Friday, I'll blame my lil sis for letting him know about this, but if I'm honest, it was fab to see them and will make for a great layout no doubt some time soon.  Plus we bumped into relatives who had also come to have a nosey and so it was a lovely impromptu catch up!  

Then poppies, the local council decided a couple of years ago to sow wild flowers into certain areas. On our way to bag packing at a local supermarket for said 13 year old; raising money for his trip to Lesotho, we passed whole swathes of beautiful poppies. I grabbed this shot on the way back whilst hubby was driving!

Then came across some more in the centre of town, how pretty do they look!

Now said 13 year old is on a school trip this week to a PGL camp - apparently stands for 'parents get lost' - but I'm not sure if that is true or not.  We decided to take a few days away as well to make the most of time on our own.   It happens so rarely, the time before this was when he went to Whitby whilst he was still in junior school so that's 2 year plus and the time before that was before he was born. So we booked a break away and are stopping at a gorgeous converted Granary just outside Aldborough, our journey was pretty trouble free which is always nice and we got blue skies.  This is us travelling passed the Humber Bridge!

On the first day we went in search of a supermarket to pick up a few things and ended up in Withernsea we had a walk along the front and found the pier entrance, the pier is long gone, but the entrance is still there in all it's glory.  Apparently created to replicate the entrance into Conway - not quite as monumental obviously but I get where they were coming from.  Apparently the pier was never really destined to survive, with boat after boat crashing into it during high storms.  They did eventually decide that a lighthouse might have been a good idea - go figure.  Blue sky days and walking hand in hand with hubby seeing sights - nothing finer!

Being spied on by the locals, I was sat in the car and he was this close - literally - not sure what he thought we had that he might like but glad he posed for the picture!

Aha - I thought I had a shot inside, this is the Granary, recently converted with two bedrooms, an open living space, it really is beautiful!

Our first full day we decided to venture to Flambrough Head, neither me nor hubby had ever been which is strange as I definitely holidayed on the east coast when I was younger.  We parked up and headed down to the beach, the views from the top of the cliff are fabulous there were also some fantastic view points and stopping points on the 190 steps down to the beach.  The beach we found was full of a geography field trip but they didn't seem to mind us wandering around.  With it's chalky cliffs there was an opportunity to do our own piece of seaside art whilst we were there.  Maybe I'm missing my crafting whilst I'm away!

And this is a photo of hubby on said beach, yes I did say we were in Yorkshire!  It has to be the prettiest beach I've seen in quite some time and definitely the prettiest I've seen in England!

We trudged back up the steps which wasn't actually as hard as it sounds given the viewing platforms and benches on the way back up, we then wandered off along the other part of the cliff top to take a look around.  By this time we were most definitely hungry so we headed for the cafe at the top, I ordered a crab sandwich, I love seafood but thought that I might be envious of hubbies butty of sausages with a side order of chips - how wrong can you be - this is quite honestly the nicest butty I've had in quite some time!

Wednesday had us setting off to Burton Agnes a big country home, on route we came across this memorial of 158 Squadron by the side of the road, this was the Squadron that flew the Friday the 13th plane during WWII that we came across at the Yorkshire Air Museum, there was an information board and a visitors book to sign.  I was saddened to note the 44% of the men that served the air force during WWII never returned home - a frightening statistic! Names of all the men lost from the Squadron are etched on both sides of the memorial, hubby was in the shot so you can see the perspective of the pieces.

Burton Agnes also has the original hall next to it, now a shell but still open to the public, at the back of this old hall is a human water wheel where the water would have been brought up from the well - never seen one of these before!

Now anyone who follows my blog regularly will know that I have a thing about sculptures, I just love them, so to come across this amazing piece of glass art in Burton Agnes was truly amazing, it 'changed' as you walked around it, the impression that you can see on the right hand side in the dark turquoise is actually a casting from part of a statue on the gatehouse.  This was a highlight of the day for me. I love how it refracted the image of hubby so he appears twice.

Burton Agnes was worth the visit for the beautiful house, but add into it the amazing gardens and it really was a treat, add in the fresh air and it was almost perfect.  However, I know a 13 year old who would have loved to have played with the giant board games that were in the garden, in particular this chess board.

Next up just to prove he doesn't need Mischief 2 to misbehave hubby sticking his tongue out when I asked him to pose for the picture.  This place with this beautiful gardens reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

And finally the new water sculpture at Burton Agnes, I spotted it from the house and it rotates around, because of the way its designed it appeared to be balancing on the top of the water - fab stuff.

So there we have it absolutely the most fun week I've had in a while, family time, fun photos, seaside, beaches, country houses.  Time to read, take stock, sit back and relax and time to miss each other (well hopefully said 13 year old will at some point have missed us).  We have certainly missed him.  I'm hoping that he's had a fabulous time and hoping fingers and toes crossed that there might be the odd photo of him from PGL - well I can hope can't I. 

Now as you'll have gathered I'm actually putting this post together whilst I'm away so fingers and toes crossed that Mr Linky behaves!  


  1. What a lovely read, glad you had such a brilliant week!

  2. Oh Virginia - what a fun post and am grinning at the font you used on the picture when you talk about it reminding you of Alice in Wonderland! You find the best places to visit! It looks amazing!

    And yes - Pheebs told us too that PGL meant that, so did the teachers on the pre-trip parent talk ;)

    The glass sculpture is amazing and I got goosebumps with the squadron memorial one.

    Fab post - putting mine together now x

  3. oh wonderful week!! so lovely that you've had some quality time with hubby, even if you did miss said 13 year old... bet he's had a great time too. The photos are amazing, and the whole trip sounds wonderful. xx

  4. Glad you've had such a fun week, those poppies are beautiful.
    Good luck with the fund raising!!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely week :-)

  6. fabulous photos! it is truly beautiful on that coast line... my favourite walk in the whole wide world is a bit further up from Flamborough (spelled incorrectly no doubt wot inglish dgree?) from Reighton Sands/Humanby Gap up to Filey... all eras of history are on view! I need to start joining in again.... jx

  7. Looks like a great big fun week. TFS. Will try and join in again this Friday x