Friday, 18 July 2014

Rocking Your World Friday

Good morning well Friday again and isn't it warm shouldn't grumble but we will.

Time to sit back and count those blessings, it will be short and sweet this week just to make a change because it's

  1. Being confirmed in post after my probationary period and being told the post is being extended to March next year - yay!
  2. Said 13 year old getting 94 achievement awards this year in total - all I can say is wow, beating his first year total of 88 achievement awards! (And not a single behaviour mark!)
  3. Car eventually going through her MOT - I mean really did she really need all that work LOL!  But she's an old car and keeps me getting from A to B so I shouldn't grumble! 
  4. Hubby for taking me to work on Monday when aforementioned car decided to have a weekend break at the garage! 
  5. Said 14 year old being all happy when we picked him up last Friday from his PGL trip, he had three tasks when he was away, one to text that he got there safe, two to text that they had set off back and the third and apparently the most difficult was to take some photos - 3 - 3 is what he took of the tent - really?  How on earth am I supposed to include that in my scrapbooking!!!!
  6. The lego ghostbuster car - I know I shouldn't but said 13 year old treated himself with some of his saved pocket money to pick this up and it really is fabulous! 

7.       Coming home to a clean house, it was worth all the trouble of running around to clean it before we went! 
8.      Catching up with my little sis and Mum at the weekend - fab stuff! 

And that my lovely people will have to do for this week, I thought however, I'd also share a couple of photos from last week which I didn't touch on in the form of wildlife such as the seal at Flamborough Head - never seen these in the wild! 

Then there was the ring tailed Mongoose - how cute is he!  And before you ask no he wasn't in the wild but at a zoo element at Sewerby Hall

However, the hares were wild, hubby had great fun chasing them down the drive only to find that when we sat down they were quite happy to come quite close

And finally my favourite little guy even though he was a swine to photograph - the barn owl!

So if you fancy joining in pop a post together, head back, link up and we will come and visit. 

Until next week


  1. Love the pic of the mongoose, how sweet! glad you had a great week - well done on the job front!

  2. Beautiful nature photos. Love that one of the hare (can I save it to my PC to draw?) That ghostbusters car looks a lot of work - make sure and show us it when it's finished?

    Have a beautiful week Virginia and HUGE congratulations on the job :) AND the car!

  3. Congrats on the job and fab that the car went though the MOT. I've been to Sewerby Hall but didn't get to see much of the grounds as it was pouring down. I really must get back up to Yorkshire, it seems so long since I was last there.

    Have a great weekend Virginia.

    Toni xx

  4. Brilliant pics and I'm pleased to learn you had a generally good week.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Sorry I didn't make it again this week. My visitors go home on Thursday, so I'll be doing a long catch-up next week. I love all your wild-life photos. there are lots of things there to be happy about. The work news is great too. Kate xx