Friday, 4 July 2014


Good morning, Friday again, time to take stock, step back and notice the positives in life as it's Rocking Your World Friday .

Blue skies and sunshine (earlier in the week)

A cool breeze on a warm day

Vikings series on TV a good watch and a good find by hubby

Sister coming over at the weekend and staying over, we had a lovely evening.

Making cards with hubby, we are in fundraising mode for said 13 year old's trip to Lesotho in 2015 and as part of that, I promised to make some cards for people to sell on.  So we spent a couple of evenings putting them together, he volunteered to hand paint some images on Monday and the week went from there.  We were cutting and inking and sticking and stamping most of Tuesday and Wednesday night and this morning, I sent said 13 year old with two bags full of cards made by me and hubby - 35 in total.  Hoping they raise a bit of money.   Here is a photo of the same.

Nag Champa incense sticks - of an evening - lovely! 

Happify - I love this on line daily positive website, I had a couple of weeks when I didn't go on and it definitely altered my outlook, need to remember that and keep using it! 

The Grand Depart in Yorkshire, we went up part of the tour last night in Sheffield, we went up a particularly steep hill and I loved that some of the houses have decorated the front of their homes with bunting in the shape of little yellow jersey tops, I also loved the house that had put the yellow bicycle outside - such fun! 

Summer of colour challenge - loving this challenge, I'm still on with this weeks colour. 

NCIS on DVD - fab to be able to pop an episode on whenever I fancy as background noise, the news can be so miserable sometimes, so it's nice to escape into something else.  

Edge of Tomorrow at the cinema - what a watch, I love me a Mr Cruise film and this one was pretty awesome.

I also loved being able to pre-book our tickets so we knew where we were sitting - makes a lot more sense, why they haven't done that before I'll never understand. 

My sister getting herself a job - woohooooooooooooooooooooooo!  WTG Melanie! 

Then there's the wood I drive through each morning, lush and green and the lovely people at work, messages from old work colleagues and a general feeling of positive contentment with the world.  There are still blips, but if you focus on them rather than the good elements then the world becomes a harder place and life becomes more negative, focusing on those positives really is fantastic. 

Lack of photos again - sorry 

I'll leave you with a layout from an art installation at YSP last year. 

I hope your week has been fabulous, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, link up here and we shall come and visit! 


  1. Your cards you're selling for your 13-year old's trip look fabulous and I am sure they will fly! I saw some photos of the Tour route, it looks great. Have another lovely week. x

  2. Your cards are fun. I am sure they will sell well. Lots of things to be happy about. You do sound much more settled now and that is good. I like that layout with the bright strip down it, and the fun brick wall. keep smiling. Kate x

  3. Hey . . .where did my comment go? Have seen your blog on Mamapez's site. Decided to join in this week after she encouraged me to do so.

    Thanks for sharing highlights of your week. MMM Gibbs! Sure to brighten up anyone's day!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Oh I missed the news about Mel getting a job! Tell her Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from me :D

    Raised eyebrow at your love of Mr Cruise. I really want to see that Guardians of the Universe I think it's called. Looks funny.

    Actually blogged! *shocked face*

  5. Oh wow lots of stuff.i adore those cards.they are gorgeous.hugs. xxxxx

  6. Oops! Sorry for wrong link . . . please feel free to just delete the first one . .. I was clearly still sleepy when I linked up with my Snippets post rather than Rocking My World one! Soz!

    Hugs, Sarn xx