Friday, 8 January 2021


Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well it has been a mixed week and a rather quiet affair if I'm honest.  The weekend was quite nice although we seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time taking decorations down, the house feels rather bare without them, but it was nice to have a proper clean, so we will take that as a win.  

The photo below is from New Year's eve, we saw the New Year in together just the two of us, hubby with a slice of bread, a pound coin and a lump of coal, going out the 'back door' and bringing the new year in via the front door. 

Monday came around rather quickly and I was back into work before I knew it working from home on Monday before heading into work on Tuesday following lockdown 3 news on Monday night.  That said we had a staff meeting came up with a cunning plan and are on with changing our method of delivery again, whilst retaining what we can with the vulnerable group that we work with as well as seeing a big increase in the demand for our foodbank.  But the day went quickly and it was lovely to see people after the festive break. 

The rest of the week has been a bit of blur if I'm honest, lots of work and very little in the way of anything positive or productive at the end of it, but we did manage a walk last weekend so I'll share a  photos from then (the evening walks are currently somewhat dark and definitely on the icy side). 

I hope you've had a good week, I hope you have managed to stay safe, take care, if you fancy joining in Mr Linky below. 


  1. Morning and a rocking Friday to you...Lockdown 3 was not unexpected and I really hope this one works with the rollout of the vaccine maybe, just maybe will be the last... love the pillar box surrounded by greenery! Helen

  2. Happy New Year to you too. It can't be worse than last year.
    We've had bad weather here too. Snow and rain, and when that happens the internet goes down. I thought by having cable that it would improve. (But it hasn't)
    It's back now (11:30) after 12 hours of being offline. Urgghh!
    I smiled at the bread/coin/coal scenario. I had never heard of that. Old customs.
    How's your son? Is he living at home now or away? I've lost track.
    I'm glad you were able to go for a walk last Saturday, and I hope you can get out and about this weekend too.
    Have a good one,

  3. You did well to post last week. I don't think I even took on board that it was Friday!
    We have never done the 'bringing in the New Year' tradition, but we did manage to stay awake for it, and the extra hour until midnight in UK.
    I hope you manage to cope with the increase in work the situation is causing you. Stay safe and be careful, which I am sure you are. Kate x

  4. We have been without Internet again this weekend, so I commented on my iPhone. I have seen that it has not arrived so here we go again:
    Happy New Year to you too. I had not heard of the custom with the bread, the coin and the coal. That is interesting. Here in Spain it is the custom to have 12 grapes ready at the stroke of twelve and you have to eat a grape at each boing of the clock. (Causing people to nearly choke with the hilarity of it all).
    I'm sorry to hear your lockdown has gone up a notch.We are the same here, the only changes are the curfew times (we have to be in earlier). That doesn't affect us as we don't go out at night. Luckily we can still leave the village.So tomorrow we will be going into town to do some shopping before they change their minds. We have been away for more that two weeks so the pantry is bare (ish).
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    stay safe,