Friday, 26 June 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 26th of 2020

Good Afternoon lovely people, I hope I find you well, time to take stock and spot the silver linings in the last 7 days. 

As you may remember last week we had taken our week off despite not being able to go on the Cornwall holiday we originally had planned, we did however manage a few days out and about including Friday when we headed to Chatsworth, unfortunately we had a day of inclement weather, so whilst it was lovely to actually go to Chatsworth we didn't have the day we had been hoping for.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to be out and doing something almost normal (if that makes sense), we felt safe when we were there and able to abide by the necessary rules to enjoy our visit. 

Here are a selection of the photos we took whilst we were there. 

They have been developing a central strand of Chatsworth and we came across this amazing wall type sculpture on our walk, isn't it stunning. 

They are still developing the area above the maze which has included taking out the tree that sat in the centre of the 100 steps

I don't remember seeing this sculpture before, it is in the kitchen garden

We found these new scultptures, this one we realised afterwards is a pumpkin

It looked so normal as if the world hadn't changed (which obviously it had).

Said 19 year old still able to photobomb my photos

The cascade was dry when we arrived but when we walked along the bottom it had been turned on.

My favourite view was a little sodden

And I had no idea how long my hair had got until said 19 year old took this photo of me and hubby! 

The view over the moors on the way back was beautiful. 

The rest of the weekend was laid back, but Sunday was a hard day as we had news of a family bereavement which was both sudden and unexpected so I've had a rather melancholy week which is really to be expected, so why does it appear here?  Because life is so precious and fragile and never ever to be taken for granted and it led to some lovely moments reminiscing about happier times. 

I was back to work Monday and I had a successful funding bid which I was really pleased at.  

I had a good day in the office and Wednesday (despite the ridiculous temperatures). 

Other positives

11am coffee time - signs of home working

Enjoying Great British Sewing Bee and watching the final, me and said 19 year old's girlfriend have really enjoyed watching the series together. 

Watching NTLive this week with Midsummer Night's Dream, it is on for 1 week and is absolutely brilliant, its the one we went to see at the cinema twice last year. 

Beautiful summer berries to enjoy for breakfast, raspberries and strawberries have been an absolute delight recently. 

And that is your lot this week, I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joinining in pop back and link up (and comment if you can) so we can come and visit. 


  1. Glad you got to enjoy Chatsworth even though you had some rain. looks like the same for me today.... the sculpture you said is a pumpkin looks more like an apple to me but I do like it! Sorry to hear about your relative.

  2. I've been having issues with blogger in that Kate and Lisca are struggling to comment - which definitely makes me sad, however, on a positive note Kate has sent me her comment

    Hi Virginia.
    I am glad you managed a nice day out during your week off, and got to Chatsworth again. Like you, I do like the 'wall-style' sculpture. But I am not sure the other one is a pumpkin. It looks like an apple and a pear to me.
    A week soon goes doesn't it? But I think we are all settling into the routine of a 'new normal'. I hope work is not too difficult for you.
    I am sorry you had a bereavement this week, but as you said, there are still some happy memories you can look back on and smile.
    Take care. Kate x