Friday, 20 March 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 12th of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So for a change as I think life is going to be a little on the tough side over the next couple of months I'm going to be collecting my rocking moments as I go (fingers crossed I keep this up)

So first up for those that follow my blog, I'd started self isolating on Thursday as I had a cough, I was still feeling rough, but I used my time well by creating lots of layouts on Friday with Harry Potter films running in the background. 

Saturday arrived and hubby went and got some plants for me to plant out (at the moment, only the individual that is unwell is self isolating so he was good to pop out and wasn't out long). 

We then set to on the garden, I started sorting the garden store out, it's amazing what we keep in there to be honest, so it was good to thin it out.  Hubby in the meantime was powerwashing the decks. 

Here are three collages showing you before and after, there might not seem a big difference but it is and we've had a move around as hubby needs a workshop for his silversmithing and so as we rarely use the lower deck we've decided that will be the best place to pop one, it doesn't have to be big, just somewhere that he can work, we will need electric running out to it (obviously) as well, but I just wanted to see how things would look if we made space for it.

As you can see it was sunnier earlier in the day, we've moved the barbecue under the kitchen window out of the way and will move it as and when it is needed. I swapped the big round table for the small coffee table with the four chairs as it takes up less room

I've only just bought replacement hanging solar lights, but we had another set of high winds the other day and the middle one is damaged already, I'm trying to come up with a way of reusing the old ones, so I might have to do with the centre one as well. 

We had not been in long when we discovered it had started raining, so we did well to get it all done and sorted in the time we had and inside before it started. 

I made a pasta bake on Saturday night and some homemade garlic bread which was lovely. 

Said 19 year old has been in his art room for a couple of days model building for his current design brief, so we've seen him when he's headed downstairs for drinks or food. 

We sat and watched "A bunch of Amateurs" film on Saturday night, it was what I call a Sunday afternoon film and was slightly different to the play we had seen recently, but very good nonetheless. 

Sunday morning and we were awake at the crack of dawn (literally) I blame the alarm clock in the week if I'm honest, but even for us it was a bit early.  However, the positive silver lining was listening to the dawn chorus for the first time this year, just listening to all the birds chirping and singing away really did make me smile - like I said it's the little things that make such a big difference. 

Monday dawned and working from home, the world has apparently gone mad around us and people are stockpiling food, so where are the silver linings, well I managed to get plenty of work done and I managed some more scrapbook layouts, so win win for me. 

The rest of the week has faired the same, hubby and said 19 year old still going about their business, although uni has now transferred to online, he went and helped his girlfriend move all of her items from uni, she was due to finished around early April anyway, he even did an additional journey home whilst she was at work to help. 

Talking about lovely help, my Mum was stressing as she was running low on eggs, not only did said 19 year old's girlfriend drop some off (leaving them at the doorstep), but she also dropped off some other food items, my Mum was fair choked up by the beautiful gesture - we definitely need a little more of that at the moment.  

On the close where I live we have a little whatsapp group, so all the ladies checked in on each other yesterday which was lovely.  

Today being Thursday I've got an annual leave day, I don't intend on venturing far, despite me having isolated for the required days as per government advice with this cough I've had.  So I'm not sure what I will get up to at the moment.  I hope you are managing OK and able to stay safe. 



  1. I am working from home too now (what a challenge getting sorted yesterday but hopefully today will be easier) as I have developed a bit of a snotty nose and a cough you get with a cold, but best not to take chances, though most of the office is still open currently. the stockpiling is a horrendous situation, I went in on my way home from the office (picking up the remote computer I needed) at 7.30am yesterday and it was heaving! Hope you have a good week xx

  2. Oh you have been a busy bee! The garden looks tidy now. I still not sure where the silversmithy is going to be. Where the table and chairs were before in that corner? That would be a good place, me thinks.
    Yes, it's going to be a strange old spring this. But you will have all your loved ones at home, and you can do a lot of work from home, which has its advantages.
    The house will be super tidy and clean and you can do a lot of cooking and baking together, as well as watch films etc.
    There might be some sculpture parks that do virtual tours like many museums are doing... who knows.
    Well, stay safe you guys,
    Have a good weekend,