Friday, 14 February 2020

Rocking Your world Friday - 7th of 2020

Crikey the weeks are fair tripping along and with storm Ciara I have to be brutally honest and tell you that my photo taking this last week has been none existant as we battened the hatches at what feels like a curious time of year for storms, added to which we have the delight of Storm Dennis this weekend, why do these storms always pick the weekends to be problematic anyway without further ado it's time for

On a positive, we haven't suffered any damage and neither have our neighbours and we haven't had any snow unlike others slightly further south and slightly further north of us. 

So what have we been doing this last week, well Friday and Saturday were monumental days spent clearing my mother in laws house, hubby had managed to get a skip ordered and so we headed over there first thing Friday and set too.  We were methodical, he had already cleared the loft, so we started in the first bedroom and worked our way through the house  To say it was so tiny there was so much stuff to sort through and it wasn't just a matter of getting rid of everything, we needed to check to make sure there wasn't anything sentimental that hubby or said 19 year old wanted to keep and I can tell you we were at it all day Friday and by tea time, the skip (which was huge) was full and the upstairs was completely cleared - no mean feat.  We could not have done it without my sister, my Mum and said 19 year old's help, so I am immensely grateful for such an awesome family. 

Saturday we returned, a brand new empty skip on the drive and set too on the downstairs, working our way through the porch and then the living room before finally sorting the kitchen.  Along the way said 19 year old mowed the front and back lawns, sorted out some borders and cleared the path and driveway, so not only was the house completely empty (and clean) but so was the external part of the property.  The next task is to put it on the market, but it marked a turning point for us as a family and hubby heaved a sigh of relief when it was done.  Thankfully the return journey on Saturday meant that we weren't there all day and managed to get home, showered and changed in time for the six nations rugby. 

Six nations always means scrapbooking time and for those that have been following my blog you will know I'm on a mission to try and get up to date with my scrapbooking, no mean feat when you realise that my last filed scrapbook layouts were 2015.  Thankfully I'm now up to the summer of 2017 so I'm making great progress.  Thankfully I've had a few inspirations when it has come to putting kits together recently which makes a big difference.  I put huge kits together and then work through them until I'm left with only enough to create either embellishments to use in the future or birthday cards.  So I had a lovely afternoon working through the papers and making some serious headway.  I'm hoping to complete what I've done within the next couple of weeks and then believe it or not I'll be looking at my next photo order and I'm going to be ruthless because I always have printed far too many prints to use and then because I hate disposing of photos I keep the spares which obviously take up room.

A few of the layouts I've done recently 

Sunday was definitely a day of rest on the whole, we bought some food but once home we settled into TV/film watching, rugby and scrapbooking and it was thoroughly lovely, particularly given how awful it was outside. 

I've caught up with said 19 year old's girlfriend this week as well so that's another positive, as you know she is away at university but her sister has just had a baby and she had a family birthday so came back for a few days, her and said 19 year old have spent as much time as possible together which has been lovely for them and I've enjoyed catching up, she is just so very lovely.

Work has been hard work but I'm making some good solid progress, I had a bit of a wobble on Tuesday which I think was mainly down to being unwell with a cold from hell that I can't shake off, if I'm honest by the time I got home I was very teary and maxed out and ended up having a good bawl and curling up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, however, I dusted myself off on Wednesday and had a focus and a much better day.  I caught up with said 19 year old as his girlfriend had headed back to uni and hubby went to silversmithing class and hubby bought me a bar of chocolate to cheer me up so that was naughty but also very nice, sometimes I think you need a down in the dumps day to then come back up if that makes sense, don't get me wrong the cold is still here but my focus shifted slightly which improved things. 

And then we find ourselves at thursday, a thursday where I will be attempting (and possibly failing) to sort some birthday gifts out for said hubby, I've sorted main present but there isn't anything to open per se, so I'm off for a venture around the local shopping centre - wish me luck because I'm not one for shopping centre's at the best of times!

If you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit.


  1. Well done on getting your MIL's house sorted so quickly and thoroughly - a hard job but has to be done. the layouts look fabulous and you're catching up well!
    Sometimes a good cry is just what the Dr ordered.
    I hope you survive storm Dennis this weekend (hoping it doesn't cause Kew to be shut on Saturday as Ciara did last Sunday (good job I go on Saturdays) Have a rocking week!

  2. That storm must have been pretty bad. I'm glad you are all OK and there was no damage to speak of in your lovely garden space. Soon it will be time to enjoy that space.Spring is coming!
    A good job was done by all in your MIL's house. It was really good of Said 19 yr old to do some work on the outside. It all helps to sell the house.
    And so lovely for him that he has been able to spend time with his GF. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say.
    Have you been able to get a pressie for your lovely man? Men are notoriously difficult to buy for.
    Your scrapbook pages are wonderful. I love the colour combinations with the teal. Well done you for steaming ahead with those lay-outs.
    I'm sorry you had a 'down' day. But you 'dusted yourself off' and got on with it. Good girl! (with the help of a delicious piece of chocolate!)
    I had one too this week. All I want to do is curl up in bed and hibernate. I reluctantly went to the gym because I know exercise is good, and with great difficulty managed to move myself. Then later with encouragement from my hubby, I manage to get out of bed again in the afternoon and go for a walk. The next day I was right as rain again. Thank God. It's awful sometimes.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Happy Valentine's Day,