Friday, 29 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 48th of 2019

Evening all, tis late - apologies it has been one of those weeks. 

So it's been a bit of a mixed bag this week if I'm honest, but let us see what silver linings and positive moments I can find from the week that was. 

First up, our first trip to Chatsworth over the festive season.  We got there early and were able to park easily and make the most of the market that was there.  Due to the dreadful weather we've had over recent weeks they've had to limit the volume of cars attending, which is such a shame for the stall holders as they rely on good footfall to sell their items. 

We had a lovely couple of hours wandering, so many beautiful hand made items to enjoy.  In particular the stall selling items by O Little Shine Designs was an absolute delight, I didn't know if I'd get chance to see one of the designs in person and there were several, I really wasn't disappointed (check out their Etsy page if you want to see their wares). 

I was also pleased to see the scone man again last year, we bought a Christmas cake scone and a Scollen (a mix between a scone and a stollen).  Both were shared when we got home over a cup of tea and were delicious. 

Chatsworth was beautiful as always. 

I love how the plastic matting to prevent muddy shoes is white and looks like snow, you can see the Belvedere in the background.

The walkway down where people queue for timed entry is full of all things Amelia Earhart, I loved the fluffy clouds and the beautiful hot air balloons! 

The garlands downs the Venetian corridor were gorgeous 

As was the tree at the bottom of the corridor

As always they have done a fantastic job of decorating the house up

This was the Canadian corridor, the mix of 'snow' and autumn colours was a tad confusing. 

Hubby got this view through the bannister showing off the gorgeous flowers in the painted hall. 

The Japanese room was also stunning, with fantastic paper displays

Hubby captured this photo of me on our wander around

I really did fall for the gorgeous hot air balloons though - stunning

And the amazing oriental dragon

The dining room had the tulip vases displaying silk versions of the flowers, I've never seen them as they should be used and am not sure if I prefer them empty

The sculpture gallery was cool as always but so very pretty

No doubt we will go again over the Christmas period, but it was lovely to make a start on places we love to visit. 

The week has been busy, we decided to start on the Christmas decorations, which always take an age to sort (not helped by the fact I add to them every year). 

This year we have managed (wait for it) 

Drum roll please

9 Christmas trees

You'd think we were giving Chatsworth a run for it's money. 

We have two in the TV room, three in the dining room (a 4 foot and two three foot trees), one in said 19 year's old bedroom and one in his art room (because in his words it was spare) and he thought he might as well use it. 

And finally two new real pot grown trees that I've always wanted which I've put one on the front of the house and one on the back, decorated with battery lights and baubles.  We are officially mad! 

And that my lovely people is our week, I hope you've had a good one, link up if you've done a blog post to show us your silver linings and positive moments so we can come and visit. 


  1. Chatsworth is always so beautiful at Christmas. I love all the decorations and lights. I would have enjoyed wandering around the market too.
    I had to laugh at your nine trees. I used to have two back in the UK but my big one is all I can manage these days, but I still love it. I shall enjoy going through all the decorations next week. I don't know any of my friends out here who decorate even as much as I do. With so many folk going to UK for Christmas, or out to one of the big hotels on the Playa, they just don't think it is worth it, but I am not ready to give up yet!
    Hope you have a lovely week. Kate x

  2. Chatsworth is looking fabulous as ever, they really to pull out the stops. I don't have 1 tree (space issue) and now have tree envy! Hope we'll see some of yours over the season so we can compare your display to Chatsworth!!

  3. I'm glad you found time to write your blog. I wouldn't have wanted to miss those beautiful Chatsworth photos. I can understand you will definitely go again. The decorations are stunning. I love them all. The Canadian corridor is lovely too. In Canada the snow comes so early that the trees are still in their autumn colours. It is quite north and it snows very early in the season.
    Yes, I like the white plastic matting too. It gives a Christmassy atmosphere. Did I spy churrus in that photo? I didn't know you had churros in England. It is typical of this area and we have it as a special treat (they are not good for the figure)sometimes on a Sunday. They are eaten with thick chocolate sauce. The churros is dipped in the chocolate. Yum!
    I see what you mean about the tulip cases. They don't look that good. Perhaps they needed the really long tulips so they stick out more. I don't know.
    I held my breath at the drum roll! Nine trees? Yes, you must be mad... But where are the photos? I hope to see some next week. Please, pretty please.
    Have a lovely weekend,