Friday, 15 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 46th of 2019

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well we've continued with the ridiculous cough and cold, however we still have a few silver linings to appreciate. 

On Saturday night me and hubby ventured to Wentworth Woodhouse to see WE Wonder Noir (despite the pouring rain), thankfully there was some cover under a stretched tent for part of the evening, so with warm drinks and being wrapped up we managed quite well.   

These were literally drowning in plastic - reminding us that we only get one planet! 

These two kept the kids entertained, most amusing - and lovely! 

I loved these venturing around a couple of times during the evening despite the pouring rain!

The main event was aerial theatre called 'As The World Tipped', highlighting the farce there was around countries agreeing to do something about climate change, whilst the world around them filled with water, we went from a flat platform to one literally suspended in the air by a crane. 

It was incredibly thought provoking! 

It reminded us of the fragility of life and the need to look after our planet for future generations! 

I actually found it really sad, but it was so worth seeing. 

Wentworth Woodhouse is currently clad in a huge amount of scaffold, but it still looked impressive all lit up!

I loved the sea of plastic cups covered in glow in the dark paint, inspired by plankton by a couple of local artists. 

The other side wasn't as well lit - but still fabulous!

The rest of the week has been work and sofa at night as we still aren't 100% by Thursday we were back at the Docs which resulted in tests for both me and hubby including a chest x-ray and an appointment for me at the end of December to have a mole checked out, nothing major to worry about just get a decision as to what it is and whether it needs removing - thank goodness for our NHS! 

Next up Thursday night we headed to Wentworth Woodhouse again, we went to see Gaia, an art installation by Luke Jerram.

You can see it suspended in the room from the staircase

And this is it in all its glory - absolutely stunning and free to see, plus you get to see a little bit of this amazing house!  

There was space underneath with cushions, to lay back and enjoy the spinning world above, created using Nasa imagery and lit from inside, apparently if you stand 211 metres away from it, you get what the earth looks like from the moon!  

And that my lovely people brings us back to today. 

I hope you've had a grand week and that it has head loads of positive moments and silver linings, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we come and visit. 


  1. Wow! What a great post! Yes, we are drowning in plastic and we have ruined our planet. I reckon we are too late to do much about it. I think the platform has already tipped right up to the top and we are already getting more natural disasters. Climate change has started although it is not the sort of warming we thought be rather nice. When the pole ice continues to melt there will come a point soon when there is more sweet than salt water in the ocean. That is when we will be plunged into another ice age. This will happen within a decade. I worry for my grandchildren.
    Gaia earth looks so beautiful....
    Take care and have a lovely weekend,

  2. What lovely photos today Virginia. That WE Wonder Noir event looks amazing and we need anything that provokes folk to think about our planet's future or it just won't have one for much longer.
    I'd like to see the spinning globe too. That's quite something.
    I am glad you have allowed yourselves time to recover at home in the evenings. I hope it has helped. Let's hope the NHS survives the traumatic events ahead, for everyone's sake. Have a good week. Kate x

  3. So pleased you were able to get out and enjoy the lights and events. Hope you both feel top of the world soon!

  4. Hi there :D sorry to hear you have been ill, this changeable weather is breeding some really annoying germs. Hope you are all feeling healthier soon. LOVE that Gaia installation it looks amazing!, and those performers deserve medals for turning out so cheerfully in that grotty weather XXX