Friday, 25 May 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 21st of 2018

Good morning lovely people tis Friday which means 

First up Fika time - naughty but fun nonetheless, I went to look for some scrapbook supplies in the retail park next door and then me and hubby escaped to Ikea

We walked through the market hall and I spied a pineapple plant, but I refrained and got a different plant instead, I'm not sure our cold house in Yorkshire is the right place for a pineapple plant, but I'm sure someone will have fun growing it!

Next up a beautiful sunset on our way to collect said 17 year old - a beautiful Yorkshire sky

The weekend was glorious (so I was hiding from the sun as usual), although me and hubby had a day trip out to Brodsworth, we didn't go around the house, I'm not even sure it was open, but we did thoroughly enjoy the gardens

The flowers were an absolute joy to look at

You can see the glorious blue skies

We even managed a selfie

The formal gardens are amazing to see in full colour

These were really pretty, they reminded me of the forget-me-nots that were in a corresponding flower bed but obviously in pink, I'm not sure what they are but they were certainly very pretty

Our main reason for visiting was the labernum arch, which was in full bloom, standing underneath the beautiful hum of the bumble bees gathering pollen was quite a sound

Absolutely awash with flowers

the sunken garden is always beautiful and full of ferns and the ivy growing along the upper edge of the garden makes a pretty display regardless of the time of year.

There are a couple of folly type buildings with lovely vantage points of Brodsworth in the gardens

Apparently it is quite a collection of rare ferns in the sunken garden. 

There was a beautiful iris bed just coming into flower, I hadn't appreciated how lovely the flower is and how shapely it is

There is an old archery run in the garden with this quaint little garden room at the end

The wild garlic was a sight to behold

And the mix of wild garlic and bluebells was mighty pretty

We found a masked statue that we hadn't seen before, no idea of the story behind it.

And the little church on the edge of the grounds is always so beautiful

I love the old tree in front of the house

And the display in the shop was a nod to the royal wedding over the weekend, I'm not a royal fan per se, but did enjoy seeing the wedding and the dress, good old fashioned pomp and ceremony

The rest of the week has been a blink and miss it one, lots of work, warm days, blue skies.  Chatting with hubby and son, getting said 17 year old and his final art piece to college. 

Catching up with my Mum and my sister, it has been grand.

I hope you have had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. wow, what a beautiful garden that is! I must remember to look at the laburnum at Kew tomorrow, I forgot last time two weeks ago. Have a good week.

  2. Beautiful post. Love Brodsworth, must go again soon. And how coo was it of Shef City council to build Ikea next to the craft shops lol. You are sounding so much happier lately...whatever your doing, keep doing it XXX

  3. hank you for taking me to the park. It is a stunningly beautiful park. I love all the flowers and most of all the flowering laburnum. I completely understand that was the reason to go there. Definitely worth the trip. I also love that huge tree in front of the house. That must be pretty old. If trees could talk.....
    The wild garlic looks lovely too. I love the smell of wild garlic.
    The ferns are beautiful too. All that green! Everything is at its best now that you have had some sunshine.
    We are leaving on Sunday morning for our road trip through Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark. We will be away for about a month and I will be blogging and commenting minimally as we will only have wifi in the evenings at a hotel (if we're lucky) and I will be using my iPad which, to me, is not as user friendly as a PC. I just have to remember to take some pictures with the ipad so I can put something on my blog.
    Have a good week,
    Keep smiling,

  4. Glad you have had a nice week, albeit a busy one. The weather was lovely for my visit too. Those gardens are so lovely. The natural beauty does more for me than any art or sculptures, but we all like different things. The laburnum arch was just glorious. You timed your visit perfectly. I saw some beautiful blue bell woods as I was driving around in Dorset. It brought back some happy childhood memories. Have a good weekend. Kate x