Friday, 11 May 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 19th of 2018

Morning all tis Friday time to take stock of the last 7 days 

First up the beautiful weather we've been enjoying, it is a delight to have a spell of dry weather for more than a few days to be perfectly honest, although it does make office working rather hot and sticky.  However, this was the view I saw on my way into the office this week, how beautiful is that shot! 

Next up quick baking, I love the fluffy scones recipe that I use to make these, we fancied a sweet treat after tea last week and I had the ingredients in so rustled up a batch, it uses hot yogurt to make them light and fluffy if you fancy making a bath the link is here 

Then the pots are coming on a treat, although I'm struggling with a hebe in the back pot - no idea why, I lost it's counterpart not long after we bought them. 

We have a local ancient woods, that I used to travel past at my old job on a daily basis, it is full of bluebells and sometimes we head over to take a few pictures.  As last Friday was the Tour De Yorkshire in the area and hubby had no way of getting to work as the starting point was virtually outside his building, he decided to be sensible and take the day off.  So we headed over to the wood to have a look.

We even managed a bluebell selfie

The carpet of flowers is truly a sight to enjoy

As the weather was fine and said 17 year old had decided on noisy art (string art which involves hammering nails into a board), I sent him outside, he seemed quite happy just hammering and listening to music in the sunshine - although as you can see it was mighty bright out there

I also managed to finish a little bit of arting that I've been making, these were all from gelli plate backgrounds, a bit of stamping, painting, glitter, statements, backing card and I now have 90 of these little beasts - no idea (whatsoever) what I will do with them, perhaps I will just abandon them as I am on my travels. 

after the Tour De Yorkshire (roads were busy), had been and gone, me and hubby headed down to Elsecar to take some photos of the fantastic displays that had been created.  A monumental task undertaken by a local textile artist and the people that live in the village, they've been working on the items for weeks, so it was lovely to go and sneak a few photos. 

The pompoms in the trees and the yarn bombed tree trunks were the first thing we spotted on the way into the village.

I loved the fabric covered bicycles

And the knitted bunting

The giant flowers

And the fabric notice as the cyclists left the village, high up in the tree with a bit of Yorkshire thrown in for good measure.

Hubby decided to make cinnamon buns at the weekend for the first time (my Hygge, Lagom and Lykke books must be rubbing off).

And said 17 year old was on with more arting

after the second proof they were larger than we had expected 

but were very tasty when they came out, unfortunately they are better when eaten fresh, so I turned them into a very decadent bread and butter style pudding over the weekend to ensure they didn't get wasted - although they may very well have got waisted as I believe I am definitely still carrying them around! 

On Sunday we had some family around for a barbecue, as usual little in the way of photos, although I think said 17 year old took some so I need to get him to send them me. 

On Monday me and hubby decided to head out to Nostell Priory as we had never wandered the gardens properly.  Hubby was delighted to find wild garlic, apparently it looks very similar to lily of the valley so people have to be careful they don't pick the wrong plant to cook with, although the smell of the wild garlic is something of a give away!

There were more bluebells at Nostell

And we did stop to enjoy the views over the lakes

I found a few dicentra plants growing, also known as bleeding heart plant, the flower is so very pretty

The stone bridge across the lake is no longer operational

And the upper lake was busy with people walking

We found a Victorian Gothic arch on our travels

And the old gardener's house which used to double as a summer house in its heyday

We found some environmental art by a bench, where the magnolia flowers that had fallen had been repurposed

And the heavenly scent of lonicera, also known as honeysuckle, I don't think I've ever seen one with such a profuse amount of flowers

Hubby insisted on smelling the flowers, despite his hayfever

We may try and pop back so we can enjoy the wisteria in full bloom, the trunk was huge and on a cast iron frame on the front, so we can only assume that it has been longstanding!

The more formal gardens were a little bare as the daffodils had died off but I loved the colour of these tulips and the cornflowers to their right always remind me of childhood as we had them in our family garden!

This always reminds me of foreign countries, although the bright green grass is a bit of a giveaway when it comes to guessing where this might be!

The front of the house was busy with people enjoying picnics for the day

and Lisca always ends with a funny so I'll put this one here for you this week Lisca, this was a whatsapp message from hubby at the beginning of the week! 

and this was the 'after' shot

I hope you've had a fab week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. I just love the bluebell woods. We used to walk through them when I was a child, out with my older sister. In those days we could pick a bunch for mum or my teacher.I used to be a bit disappointed that she put them on a windowsill at the back of the classroom, and it was a long time before I knew she had hay-fever and couldn't cope with them on her desk.
    That is a beautiful honeysuckle. It looks as though it benefits from being regularly pruned. The whole gardens are lovely. I did smile at the magnolia flowers.
    Did you know that your hebe needs an open space, not tucked into a corner. Don't over water it, and don't ever feed it. They are usually quite hardy shrubs, and there are so many varieties and all are good for the butterflies and the bees.
    I am going to look at your scone recipe later, Scones are a favourite for Sunday tea-time with us.
    All that yarn bombing is fun, but to me it is a huge amount of work, and rather a waste of yarn. Folk must start doing it ages before the event.
    I'd like to see your son's nail art when it is done. I had a big one on my wall for many years. Now I must fly or I'll be late for choir. Hugs Kate xx

  2. That is a fab post. I had to sit down with a drink and have a good read and look at all those wonderful photos. (no I didn't have a scone with my tea, but now you've linked the recipe, I might try that)
    The bluebells are glorious! (at both sites). Just looking at all those beautiful flowers makes me feel better. That honeysuckle bush is staggering! I haven't seen one as big as that either. They usually are at their most fragrant in the evening if I remember well. And the 'black' tulips are fab too. Nostrell Priory is really beautiful.
    Yes, C's Whatsapp message did make me smile. Thank you for adding that.
    Thanks for a wonderful post.
    Wishing you a very good week (and nice weather to boot),

  3. what a very very beautiful week you've had! I can't pick a favourite photo, although the bluebells may well win!

  4. What a wonderful week of happy smiles :D I think I may need to get that book you keep mentioning, you sound so chilled out lol. I too have been trying cinnamon buns and yes they do seem to grow lol XXX