Friday, 4 May 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 18th of 2018

Morning all - time to take stock and reflect on the week that was - time for 

First up is my lovely cousin got married last week and we were invited to the evening reception, as part of the evening, I managed to grab a photo of my niece, sister and Mum - three amazing women in my life!

and these two were lovely to spend some time with, it was a great family celebration

Next up is romantic meals at home with hubby when said 17 year old was out with girlfriend, we had a fabulous Saturday evening enjoying some good music and great food, it was an excellent evening! 

In the meantime, said 17 year old had a lovely evening, here he is with girlfriend and her dog, anyone who knows said 17 year old will know how he has always struggled to trust dogs after an incident when he was only about 18 months old - I think his fabulous girlfriend has cured him!

Next up Monday's epic trip to Ikea, I met sister and had breakfast with her

We then walked around the store coming up with some great ideas and after buying a few items enjoyed Fikka - coffee and cake and managed a selfie

I love spending time with her, she helps me level the world which makes me happy

Some fun post this week, included this free gift that said 17 year old managed to photobomb!

As part of my fun family day I sorted the family corner (according to Feng Shui) with a photo of the 3 of us.  

Hubby made a lovely tea, pineapple with mint sugar and blueberries and honey yogurt. 

Monday night we enjoyed this film that came out (me and hubby had already seen it at the cinema) it is such a fun watch

Then Tuesday night's haul at the supermarket means some decent quality reading.

Tuesday saw me having an assessment with an orthopaedic Doctor, which led to me having a steroid injection, I feel shattered with it, but I'm hoping it makes an improvement. 

The house has stayed clean and tidy all week, so that's another positive and I've got a batch of scones in the oven which smell lovely!  

I hope you've had a fab week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and I can come and visit. 


  1. ooh home made scones, I'm on my way.... hope the steroid injection helps your pain. but other than that, what a cracking week!!

  2. A lot of romance in your post today. That's always good. You've had a good time with your hubby and Said 17 yr old seems to enjoy his romance. Isn't it great that he now is getting used to dogs. Good for him!
    I love Ikea. It is good that there isn't one within a 400 mile radius or I would go every month and spend loadsa money. But the restaurant is good too I must admit. My hubby loves the meatballs.
    I recognise your present Oleg as the meercat with the Russian accent advertising an insurance company (Simples). What a fun gift.
    I hope your steroid injection is helping and that you can rest this week. The film and mags look great. And you have a hubby who prepares such delicious food!(I know he bakes too)
    Have a great weekend and don't overdo it now.

  3. I love a trip to IKEA. Unfortunately it is a bit too far away for me to visit on my own, and hubby is keen on browsing all the 'extras' downstairs which is the bit I like best. But sometimes I manage to banish him to the coffee shop so I can have a wander!
    I had a steroid injection in my shoulder when it first became so bad, and it did help a lot, and has lasted for well over the year that they predicted, so I hope your's is equally successful.
    I like the sound of the pineapple tea. Good food and time spent with family and friends - sounds like a good week to me. Kate xx

  4. Well I can't decide which of the the three has the cutest smile...Said 17 year old, Girlfriend, or the dog lol. Glad you had such a relaxing and loving week, and hope you feel better for your treatment XXX