Friday, 16 September 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday - time for 

Well another week has disappeared in the blink (literally) of an eye!

So what has this week got to say for itself.

Well I was busy at my third job last Friday, so by the time I got home the idea of venturing far (we were going to head to Chatsworth) - really didn't appeal!

So we headed to the local shopping centre for a wander for an hour or two, just chilling and relaxing.  Saturday was jobs around the house and Sunday we invited peeps over as it was mine and said 15 year old's birthday midweek - so we had a pre-birthday get together!

Said 15 year old decided to find 44 candles for my cake - we almost needed the fire brigade

and before you ask I blew them all out in one go and made a wish! 

Said 15 year old's cake was a lot easier to sort - although to be perfectly honest I really can't recommend the crunchie cake - just a bit sickly! 

And just to prove here he is in shot with my sister, niece and Mum in the background singing! 

Monday I was at my new office so my first grateful is that someone moved all the boxes on Friday - the fact I couldn't see my desk for boxes or the fact that the computers didn't work, I couldn't get access to the finance drive, sage or payroll but I could read emails - just not print any of them!  The journey in wasn't much fun either - nor was the one home - I'm hoping things improve (rapidly) but I am grateful that someone moved all the boxes on Friday! 

Tuesday was my actual birthday and I'd taken the day off with hubby! 

We went to Sheffield to find elephants.  The Sheffield Herd have been around all summer and are set to leave early October so this was going to be my one main chance to see them.  I'd downloaded the app and was scanning the QRL codes as we went so we could see how many we had found.  They are raising money for the children's hospital with them.  

I love how very different they all were, however I was sad to note some numpties had been sitting on some of them and some of them had been damaged as a result - sigh!  Maybe a higher plinth next time!  

On one of the elephants there was this graphic design - I think he's super cute! 

This one was fun because it was two different patterns and colours on each side

Side 1 

Side 2 

We found some fabulous graffiti as well when we were trundling around.  This is near the Art House

Some were just patterned - I loved the vibrant colours

More awesome graffiti!

I adored this piece on the side of the building - it was really high! 

We also admired the hoardings around the new build its a shame that they don't keep them afterwards!

This was probably our favourite elephant by far

And here is her name up close

And me and hubby taking a selfie with her

We even ventured to the railway station where we found this one 

and this one

(other side) outside the train station

I'd never seen all the water features outside of the railway station - it reminded me of Alnwick!

We even found one inside the train station!

I loved this poem on the outside of Sheffield Hallam University!

And this elephant had an engine inside of her

This one was supposed to be reminiscent of the camouflage used on 2nd World War boats

And this one was based on the work of the artist Matisse

Ah here is the elephant that I shared the close earlier (I couldn't find her)

I loved the snooker one - now inside the Crucible theatre

But I think this was my favourite from the day - outside the Cathedral

As we neared the City Hall we spotted the new statue commemorating the women who worked in the factories, particularly the munitions ones during the first and second world war - duly called Women of Steel

Then we headed off for a meet up with my brother and his girlfriend and my Mum, unfortunately we had such a lovely time - but completely forgot to take photos! 

Wednesday and said 15 year old - officially became said 16 year old - I can't believe its 16 years since he was born, where does the time fly! 

He was not amused at having to go to school but had gifts before he went and saved some for when he got home.  We didn't quite hit the mark with the gifts this year - too many additions to wishlists that even we didn't understand, but we've managed to resolve now - so all is good! 

We went out for a bar meal (which was lovely) and then chilled out for what was left of the evening.  So a busy week overall and tiring - ready for the weekend! 

If you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, mention the rocking post, come back and link up and leave a comment (because I sometimes forget to check if its not a Friday) and we shall come and visit! 


  1. wow, so much to look at today - firstly congratulations to said 16 year old, that year (never mind 16 of them) went fast! and happy birthday to you too.. The elephants are fantastic (why do people have to CLIMB on things they are not meant to. grrrr) thanks for hunting them out and sharing them.

  2. Looks like you both have wonderful birthday celebrations. Many happy returns to you both.
    We had the 'elephant walk' in London a couple of years ago and the one that was like a London taxi got smashed a couple of times - why can't people leave things alone? I love all the photos that you got - what a fabulous scrapbook that is going to make.
    Toni xx

  3. What an exhausting it doesn't stop you doing it all again this week lol :D XXX

  4. I love all the elephants, especially the ones in the railway station. We saw something similar to them when we were on holiday two years ago, in Clonakilty, bt we did not find so many. I also like 'good'graffiti and think it is a shame when hoardings are decorated and then taken away.
    I laughed at your birthday candles. We did that for Chris on his sixtieth. I am glad you and your son enjoyed your birthdays. I believe said sixteen year old was said twelve year old when I started following your blog.
    I hope the new job works out for you soon. Kate xx