Friday, 23 September 2016


Good morning lovely people and we find ourselves once more at Friday - in the blink of an eye - time to reflect and find the positives and silver linings from the last seven days! 

Well first grateful is to Gina who shared a post about the Whispering Woods open air theatre at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and after a very hectic week overall and no creative outlet, this was just what I needed. 

So me and hubby headed up to YSP last Friday evening to enjoy the same (said 16 year old didn't fancy it) 

We found a new sculpture and grabbed a cuppa before the entertainment began

We were treated to a story and acrobatics in the trees using various equipment from silks to ropes! 

A torchlit meander around the sculpture park which looks so very different at night! 

We had such a lovely evening and it really was the icing on the cake meeting the lovely Gina who I knew through her blog 
that I happened across quite some time ago (we also got to meet her hubby and son). Gina is a fantastic story teller and crafter in her own right, to finally meet her in person - was quite simply awesome!  

Saturday was a busy day around the house, but the balance was to have a day out on Sunday - this time with my sister and my niece at Chatsworth exploring the Beyond Limit sculptures.

We managed to see all 19 of them, although there were a group of 3 that were very similar and loved all of them, we also enjoyed the company and the blue skies! 

So I thought I'd share the sculptures, I liked this one as the artist likes to work with the stone and bring out its natural characteristics 

I liked this - although the kids (said 16 year old and niece) weren't so keen

The sensory garden has this fantastic statue, showing the final embrace of two lovers before the male sets off to war - never to return - incredibly sad I'm sure you will agree.  I love how her windswept hair wraps itself around the soldier!

Said 16 year old was giddy to finally see this working, its a permanent water feature that every time he has gone has not been working, it closes up after filling with water, then the water pours out of the base and the flower opens before refilling! 

Here we are enjoying the water feature!

At the bottom of the cascade was this lovely sculpture - rather voluptuous I'm sure you'll agree!

Near the rock garden we found this creature - not sure I'm too keen

And then the fruit cake sculpture - although how that works when the bottom of it looks like pretzels I'm not sure

By this point said niece had demanded an ice cream - we gave her two warnings 
1 - Don't scream when approached by wasps
2 - Don't get it on the white (yes I repeat white) pinafore dress that she was wearing 

Well she managed the first one!  

Thankfully my sister had come fully prepared with anti bac gel and tissues so it was fairly easy to resolve but really - 17 year olds what can I say! 

I loved the contrast between the cupcake and the background, despite it being photo-bombed by strangers!

We were treated to the fantastic song of this beautiful little fellow!

Before going into the formal pond area and looking at the three similar sculptures, which are also seats (not that we could sit on them this time). 

Whilst we were around the pond we spotted dragonflies flying quickly around the same - thankfully hubby's photography skills were better than our feeble attempts on our phones! 

This was another sculpture - we think we've seen the artist's work before - it wasn't my favourite but I appreciated the vibrant colour! 

And then this - well the artist certainly had a sense of humour and before you ask it was about 10 feet tall and yes it is a gherkin

Catching up with my sister was fantastic

And exploring areas of the garden we don't normally get to was fun too

We walked past a pile of these beautiful redwood logs - isn't nature awesome

Before find this sculpture at the top of the hundred steps

And then discovering this tree and yes it was still alive!

We also saw this tree - can you see the lady - me and my sister spotted her straight away

and then hubby got inside the hollow tree and got this awesome shot!

We ventured up to the grotto garden and found this sculpture (which is not part of the Beyond Limits sculptures)

and neither is this awesome fellow!

We wandered over to the maze - which always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! 

Before heading over to this sculpture which reflects whatever is around it - which obviously included us, as well as showing what looked like a woodland display inside the doorway!

My favourite sculpture - named Tear - which I shared a few weeks ago

This was tai-chi arch 

And this one reminded us of something out of sci-fi film

The lady at the end of the lake

And the lake with the infinity symbol sculptures floating on the surface, some of them had been tipped up and there was the addition of a fishing rod and bird kite since we were last at Chatsworth - so we are assuming heavy birds have been landing on these floating sculptures and tipping them up

I loved how tear inverted the image more than once

And then the huge sculpture near the house, which apparently lights up at night - so we didn't really see it at its best during the day!

We got closer to the house than normal so took this shot

And that brought us back to the beginning

We were grateful for an easy trip down to Chatsworth and back and the great company in the day.

The rest of the week has been a blur of three jobs at the moment and multiple work sites but I had a good day on Monday training in York and then today training in Sheffield.  I'm grateful that hubby helped me get to relevant public transport to help sort these days out, I'm grateful for a working computer and I'm grateful I've got some ideas to fall back on when it comes to managing stress levels.

Gina asked me last week how I managed to fit everything in, I didn't realise that we did so much as it were - I thought everyone's lives were as crazy mad as ours - apparently not.  I think I'm scared of missing out on something before I get to the end of this ride called life - so for now I'll carry on full tilt ahead!

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up (leave me a comment - brain like a sieve) and we can come and visit!


  1. I am always amazed at how much you pack into your weeks - think your theory of packing it all in is a great idea! The sculptures (most of them) are fabulous, I love tear, too. the cake against the backdrop of the house, looks fantastic.

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia. You do see to fit so much into your week. I struggle to fit in normal day to day stuff LOL
    Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. Aaaaaaaw....thank you so much for the compliments..i wouldn't get half as much done if it wasn't for your continued inspiration(love the lady in the dead tree). And for anyone interested Virginia gives the best hugs :D
    Was lovely to finally meet you too. Who says online friendships aren't real? Hope ours continues for a long time to come XXX

  4. Wow! I love all those sculptures. I do like that high heeled shoe even though it was not part of the exhibition. You are so lucky to have that park within driving distance. Looks like you had a great day with your sister and said 16 yr old with his cousin.
    You do seem to cram a lot of things in the week. But you are quite right. Carpe Diem and stuff. Enjoy it while you can. Life is short.
    Have a good week. Try not to get to stressed.

  5. You do pack a lot into your week. I know I do too, but I am not holding down three jobs as well. I would have thoroughly enjoyed the night time entertainment, and your sculptures are really interesting. There is so much variety. I love all the ones with smooth surfaces, especially the tear. I can definitely see the lady in the tree, and the redwood logs are as beautiful as any of the sculptures.
    How nice to net up with an online friend. of course I was able to meet Lisca a while back. But I don't think I'll be up your way any time soon. So virtual hugs. have a good week. Kate x