Friday, 30 January 2015


Good morning well it's Friday already, blink and it is here again - so what positives do we have this week for our Rocking Your World post?

Well in an effort to put best foot forward and not hibernate last weekend (mighty difficult when there is a teenager in the house I might add) we ventured up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a walk, two things hindered us, the first is that they were 'between exhibitions' so a lot of sculptures and areas weren't available to walk in (a shame), it's a bit like the Land at the top of the magic faraway tree, if you go up there before the next land appears it's just a land which is pretty much nothing - do you remember that book - one of my childhood favourites.  The second thing was a lack of walking boots for said 14 year old and his giant feet, so we were tip-toeing through puddles along muddy paths before we had to turn on our heels and return.  However, I'm grateful for the fresh air, the beautiful scenery the lovely coffee shop (where we sat outside to make the most of the blue skies and fresh air)

We also got to see some favourites and take some arty style photos when we were there, this made me giggle as it makes said 14 year old even taller than he looks usually LOL

And one of my favourite sculptures at the park, at this time of year with the trees bare you get to see how amazing this sculpture is up close.

We also got to see the first full scale exhibition of Emily Sutton, an artist and illustrator, I loved her work and her style and was amazed and pleased to see how many of her amazing pieces of artwork had sold!

I also liked the prints on the stairs

Sunday saw us venture to the cinema to see Taken 3, we were undecided as to which one to watch but settled on this.  It was OK and was good to be doing something fun, as a lot of the remainder of the weekend included visits to care home for my Mother-in-law and visits to the hospital for my Mum, so breaking the weekend up with a couple of fun items made us all happy.

Love spending time with the two men in my life, always so funny, in this particular picture they are laughing at the trailer for the new Shaun the Sheep movie I kid you not!

Thursday proved a mighty strange day, we woke to snow, my workplace erred on the side of caution and decided to remain closed.  Said 14 year old's school sent a message saying certain school buses would be late but they were still open and for children to get there as early as possible.  So off he set in the snow, hubby set off and reappeared 10 minutes later having tried and failed to get off our road, not off the estate but off our road.  So he took my car and this is when things started to go a little pear shaped.  As the snow got worse 

and worse

I grew more worried about said 14 year old getting home.  Apparently I could collect but if school was open then he would be marked absent, plus I didn't have my car - grrrr.  Anyway I digress at 10am we had a text from school saying they were closing, no school buses so either collect or the kids had to make their way home on service buses.  Said 14 year old had no option, but there were little to no service buses servicing the bus stops so he set off with a few friends from school and walked into town - no small feat in the dreadful weather, taking just under an hour.  Then hopped on a bus that was only servicing the main roads, before another half hour walk at the end of the journey and here he is arriving home.  New school shoes bought only a couple of weeks ago saturated and rain jacket in his school bag (I give up), so why the grateful; well he has never had to do that journey in those circumstances before and thankfully he was sensible, came straight home and kept me informed of his travels which meant I wasn't stressing.  

and his grateful when he got in

Hubby returning home safely too at the end of a tiresome snow day. 

And my very last happy today is by far my happiest happy for quite some time.  In this magazine not one, nor two but three of my scrapbook layouts have been published in the budget challenge, never had any of my scrapping published before and it's all down to the amazing Jen at Wear Crafts and the lovely Lindsey at Scrapbook Magazine - thank you ladies you made my year!    

Other fab things this week 

My slimming world leader appreciating that life is just a little crazy at the moment and being really supportive. 

Work listening to all our family trials and tribulations - they really are lovely

Getting an unexpected letter from a very dear friend and old work colleague, it was lovely to receive and I'm hoping to catch up soon with them! 

Options hot chocolate after 9pm 

Central heating

Scrapbooking - it makes me happy 

Having a lovely compliment from the lovely Gina that I'd inspired her to get scrapping again! 

Hot porridge with rhubarb for breakfast - nom! 

Mum finally getting home, even though she's still got issues that need resolving and might need further investigation - just the fact she is finally home is brill!

And finally the lovely Kate for letting me know my Rocking post hadn't posted last Friday - no idea what happened there - but soon got it sorted (albeit a day late) thank you Kate!

Now my lovely people if you fancy joining, it's easy pop a post together with your happies (it doesn't have to be a long list, just a few happies if that's what you've got, or if you've got loads let us know them all it's lovely to read), pop back here link up - nudge me that you've joined in and we'll come and visit.  The therapy from doing a happy post each week - really is a blessing - don't believe me give it a whirl - it gives you a whole different perspective!


  1. The rabbit (hare?) is fabulous - shame you couldn't enjoy the full experience. Your list of gratefuls is huge this week, given the somewhat trying circumstances of weather and hospitals.. I always enjoy reading them.

  2. Congratulations on being published YAY! totally feeling your thursday lol. Junior managed to get into school by 9.15(lack of buses left home at 8.00am) only to be sent home at 11.45!!! :D XXX

  3. The school was downright irresponsible there. They should have kept an eye on the forecast - if your work could see it was no use getting in, surely they could. Grrr. Glad everyone got home safely though. And Devvie is the same, no matter how much we nag, you'd think it was the middle of Summer when she walks out this house! I give up!

    Other than that - LOVELY list of positives, thank you for the arty prints shot - loved seeing those and I want a piccie of your LO's in that magazine!

    I take it you'll be going to see Shaun the Sheep at the cinema then :P

    Have a great week Virginia x x

  4. Hope your Mum is doing better and your M-I-L is adjusting well to her new home.
    That pic of your son reminds me of myself at that age. "I don't need a jacket Mum, it's not cold out!"
    It looks like overall you've had a pretty great week.
    Hope you enjoyed your snow day and got to play yourself.
    Big hugs for getting published! It must be such a thrill to see your name and work in a magazine. Now you'll have to show us the layouts that have made you a star!
    Have a super week.

  5. I bet you thought I wasn´t going to show up this week, but it is just down to weather issues and the internet, but it seems to be up and running this evening, so let´s hope it stays that way. I´d rather have my high winds than your snow. I´m glad the lad got home safely, and hubby too of course.
    I love the big hare sculpture, and the art display. You have some great places near you.
    Best wishes to Mum and MIL. Stay safe and keep smiling. Hugs Kate x.

  6. What a wonderful post.... I love how you share your 'gratefuls'

    Congratulations on being published.... 'star!!!'

    Karen x