Friday, 28 June 2013


Here we are again, another week has flown by and we are at Friday giving us chance to reflect and consider the positive elements of the last 7 days, the little silvers linings, small blessings that have occurred it's
Crikey blimey o'trousers - let me think.  Well spending time with my sister last Friday was lovely, we've both been in need of a lot of support recently so it was good to be there for each other, we didn't do anything major, a food shop and some tidying but it was good.  Then she headed over to ours Friday evening so we could spend the weekend together.

Saturday brings Despicable Me 2 at the cinema, said 12 year old has been literally on countdown for this film since the beginning of the year so to get chance to see it a week earlier than anticipated he was not going to refuse.  We toddled off on Saturday lunchtime and got to enjoy the film in all it's 3-D glory.  If I'm honest I don't think it's as good as the first  however, if I had the option of watching 2 hours of minions alone I'd love it because they are fantastic.  To say my house has gone a little minion crazy as a result is a slight understatement.

After the film we headed to the drive thru to get 4 (yes I did say 4) Happy Meals as we all wanted Minions - we couldn't help it!  We parked up ate the Happy Meal and were all happy with our prize.  However, said 12 year old is now obsessing over the rest of the Minions which he's decided he needs in particular the purple one honestly I've not heard the end of it since he started waffling on about the purple one - however, I can't subject him to that much fast food in order to satisfy his minion craving - so if you've got any spare send them this way LOL!  Said 12 year old then insisted on a visit to the toy shop so we could check out all the minion related toys, we didn't think they had anything but finally found stuffed into a tiny section on an aisle a small selection of some rather expensive toys,  he treated himself to a small cuddly Dave minion which set him back just over £10 - gulp!  Well it would have been rude not to!

Saturday evening me and my sister gelli plated - badly - but gelli plated nonetheless - so another positive - sharing the crafting.

Watching films Saturday evening

Sunday morning breakfast cooked by hubby - nom nom nom.

Mowing the lawn finally on  Monday, it was nice to see the garden looking a little better (well less neglected anyway).

The girls at work being little stars, I've been off for a while and I've returned to work this week albeit that I'm still a little fragile.  They have made the transition back in a lot easier as have a lot of people at work, some I don't see often and they've sent me lovely emails - it's so nice to know there are some beautiful people out there.

The WW girls, you know who you are and you really are one of my greatest blessings!

New Rockettes joining in over the last few weeks, again a huge blessing for which I am truly honoured - thank you for making me smile!

Right I think my dearest people that will wrap up my positives this week, I hope your week has been beautiful and blessed, if it doesn't feel like a great week, take a moment to reflect and see if you can spot the little silver linings through your days.  The therapy of focusing on the positives and just letting the negatives go are amazing - try it - you never know you might like it.  If you fancy joining in and want to blog about it, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit.  We are only a small gang, but ones that appreciate how important it is to look on the better side of life.  Don't stress if you can't get to it Friday, don't stress if you don't manage every week just clocking those positives is fantastic in itself!

I'll pop a layout on (otherwise this will be a rather unphoto-friendly post).   Again using up the papers in the kit I bought off the marketplace on UK Scrappers.

The photo is of said 12 year old eating a giant marshmallow whole - is it just mine or are all boys like this LOL?

 Up close, you can see the die cut circles, which I dry embossed and inked!


  1. Love your layout, and no I think it's all 12 year olds, though I don't speak from experience!! Glad your week has been largely positive, take care. Helen

  2. Sure you can buy the toys on Their own at macdonalds for a pound without the meal ! Popping back properly later - on school run! Jenx

  3. Hi Virginia, I can totally understand you not wanting to over indulge your son with McDs, my local ones all let us buy the toys for 99p each, might be worth asking at yours & much cheaper than buying official toys in toy shops :)

  4. Another great week Virginia, glad you both enjoyed despicable me - my daughter is 19 and she went off to Maccyds for a happy meal so she could get a minion! They never grow up. Glad you and your sister had fun with your gelli plate - Im coveting one of those at the moment

    so glad your lovely work colleagues are making your return to work easier for you- its nice to have that level of support

    Love your layout - those embossed circle are fab

    Im loving being one of the rockettes - its so easy for me to see the negatives in life and now Im spending my weeks looking at all the positives so thank you for that

    Have a lovely weekend

    Suzy xx

  5. Hi Virginia, I'm still lurking around checking in. It seems too daunting to actually put a blog post together, though. It seems so long where does one start? I'm happy to read of your sister time and that you can share some creative fun is fabulous. I hope you are feeling better, it seems you are rather forced to be a very patient person and I'm sure your positivity is a help to you and those around you. Hope the week is ahead is full of great surprises and few new minions find their way to said 12 Year Old.

  6. Hi Virginia. I have five sons, all grown up now, but rest assured - it is all 12 year olds, and 13 year olds and.......! Hope to get my post written in the next hour or so. Better late than never. Kate x

  7. I just love the story about all of you getting Happy Meals for the minions... we had to have a Minion related Happy meal here as well even though we haven't yet seen the film as my 6 year old hates the cinema - too loud for him. Lovely to hear you had some special sister time as well... very important. Caro xx

  8. I'll keep my eyes open for these little Minion fellas - it's a long time we had a McD's, so I think we can allow ourselves a little fast food indulgence, don't you?!

    Re the boys discussion - in my experience this behaviour appears to start at around the age of 10 and, well, my 18 year old son is still displaying signs of it, so don't expect it to be going anytime soon!

    You have found a whole bagful of positives from your last week, well done YOU!


  9. phew! made it and it is still friday... just! Have a lovely weekend and a fab week ahead, jenxxx

  10. I have two children here eagerly awaiting Despicable Me, though my boy-child has temporarily being sated with the new Superman movie.

    What lovely positives, so filled with love and connection. Such a deserving person of all of it. I hope you are feeling okay, I am behind dreadfully in my blog reading so hope I have not missed too much.

    Sometimes it is the quiet moments of just being together in those times that mean more than the big flashy moments I think.

    And yes, I am pretty sure it is all boys. Also, little girls if they have a big my experience anyway!!

    Lots of love to you across the oceans.