Thursday, 14 February 2013


We are at Friday again, another week has flown by in the blink of an eye, but time to take stock reflect and find the little glimmers of fun elements that have made this week more fun because its
It has been an eclectic mix of things this week, so in no particular order
  • Meeting my sister for a coffee last Friday, we talked and talked and talked (not getting a word in edgeways or talking over the top of the other), it was lovely to catch up and have a chat and put the world to rights - always a positive - so a big thank you to my sister Melanie! 
  • Booking late tickets to see X Factor Live, not our usual choice in gigs but said 12 year old had made a request to see it at Christmas but I'd had no luck with tickets, saw an advert recently, went hunting around and got 3 decent seats - couldn't believe it!  
  • Actually going to see X Factor Live was quite an experience, there were elements I didn't like but we aren't here to dwell on those - the positives were James Arthur, Ella singing and Rylan - absolutely fantastic!  The stage set was fabulous very colourful and lots of extremely good dancers really made the stage show an interactive experience, not sure I'd do another X Factor Live but I'm glad we did this one.  
  • Having a chat with hubby and said 12 year old about keeping top side of the house, we had a half hour blitz the other day and got topside of the house between us! 
  • Jamie's 15 minutes meals are still the mainstay at tea time, we've had some great meals, a couple of 'not fussed' about but on the whole the meals are tasty, different and quick to prepare.  
  • Said 12 year old embracing his Mother's idea of doing a bit of art, by creating a few collaged postcards, sitting, sticking and cutting and watching TV - it was a joy to see I tell you! 
  • Dave, we like Dave Dave is brill - not the TV channel but the 'laptop table' we bought at Ikea that was predominantly for said 12 year old to build lego on so I can stop saying every five minutes "sit up straight", Dave was also apparently a fabulous collage table! 
  • 6 Nations Rugby because Rugby = Happy Hubby, and Happy Hubby watching Rugby = Scrapping time which in turn = happy me! 
  • Starting to sort finances, albeit slowly.  I've set the task this year to have a bit of an overhaul of finances, you know the one looking at what you are paying and why, I had a letter over Christmas from Barclays saying that one of my accounts was closing and I had until a certain date to go in and see them about it, I was convinced it was an account with mere pennies in so we headed into the bank on Saturday and the lady had a look and discovered that it had £61 in it, the downside, the money wasn't mine but said 12 year old's from when he was born and people had sent some money to him and we didn't have a bank account at the time.  He was mighty pleased and promptly headed off to the Lego shop to spend his newly acquired fortune - it's alright for some! 
  • E45 shampoo and E45 cream are still rocking my world this week, I'm having to constantly moisturise which is a whole new world at the moment, but by doing so I'm just about managing with this exceptionally dry skin of mine!   Although my lips and around my mouth are suffering the most, I don't suppose eating and drinking helps and I know it would help my waist line if I stopped for a while but not sure it's a practical solution to the dry skin problem! 
  • The girls at work, we are a team of three and we have difficult tasks to sort, with me having been poorly recently there has been a lot of catching up during my phased return to work however, the two of them have been both positive and focused and really have made life a lot easier for me this week, only downside I'm going to have to head into work tomorrow despite not wanting to because I didn't get all the urgent things done.
  • Hubby on Valentine's Day, despite the fact it is his birthday you'd have thought it was mine, a bundle of pressies sat on the table, new undies, a ceramic ornament spelling out the word love and a DVD to boot, it's a good job I'd got plenty for his birthday is all I can say! 
That my lovely people will have to suffice this week, a quick layout before I go
This layout popped together, photo at the end of a very long day at Chatsworth's Country Fayre. 


  1. That sounds like a good week.... I hope your son carries on with his arting.

    I am so grateful for football in the same way you are rugby and for my OH running :) It keeps us both happy!

    Love your LO... I did 5 last weekend! I haven't shared them on my blog though. Not 'scrapped' for ages but I do still love it!

    Re your dry lips I have heard that Elizabeth Arden do a product for dry lips that is brilliant. It's not cheap about £21 but ask for a free sample and see what you think. I use vaseline! and have about 5 tins (in various 'flavours') on the go in various bags and drawers!!!!

    Have a great weekend

    Karen x

  2. Ipod commenting has been tricky this week... this could be comment 50000 from me! Linking up late, but I got there in the end. Take care, jenx I have skipped back through your posts too again and you are being very productive layout wise... keep it up! jenx

  3. And the linky thing could have happened several times too... grrr!jenx