Friday, 1 February 2013


Hello fellow Rockettes and Rockers out there, tis Friday and I forgot I know forgot really what's wrong with me, so it's time to take stock of the last 7 days and identify what's been rocking my world this week, it'll be a dig deep kind of week but you don't mind that do you?
Well this week I have been somewhat unwell and off work, virus type thingy so it's been a quiet week overall, but that's not to say that there aren't moments that have made it positive so let's see what I can manage.

  • My sister finishing her revision/studying etc which means I've got my sister back!  It's been weeks since we had a proper catch up so we had a fabulous chat on the phone putting the world to rights - bliss!  
  • Persevering with my new tablets, they've been hard work but fingers crossed I'm going to be able to do the six month course with them! 
  • Scrapping, scrapping and a bit more scrapping, because I've been off work it's the one thing that has kept me sane when I've had any energy, I seem to be churning the layouts out at the moment. 
  • Big Picture Class for their free class that I did, that made me re-think a few things.  Such as 'do my albums have to be in chronological order?' and actually having embellishments in colour            coordinated order rather than going for individual embellishments in mixed colours.  Not that I've done either of these yet - but it made me think!
  • Hubby coming home a bit earlier earlier in the week, nice to have just us time even if it was only for an hour or so.
  • A walk to the Post Office (even though it was blowing a gale and left me utterly exhausted) I did appreciate the fresh air and managed to get a few parcels and letters sent off as well - win win! 
  • Taking extra cover out on the printer which meant when it decided it's print head was shot 10 months after purchase that there was no quibbling over a replacement, we've actually gone through 4 printers since taking out this cover which will continue to cover us until February next year - I wouldn't normally bother but seen as we seem to have had such printer issues in the past we decided to take it out just this once - worth it's weight in gold! 
  • The snow disappearing, it was a welcome relief to see that stuff go last weekend, I must admit for as pretty as it is, with the travel disruption it causes I often think it's just not worth it! 
  • Hiking boots, I almost (and I mean almost) didn't put these on for my walk to the Post Office, but changed my mind and popped them on which meant the walk albeit blustery was at least in comfort.
  • Discussions with hubby over things in general, he's used to my planning nature and knows how to deal with me when I get frustrated and fed up with things (usually just listening and realising that I'm going to instigate change whether he wants to or not).  So the fact I have a hubby who really listens to me is a big grateful this week. 
  • The girls on the WW group have been fantastic this week, we've all been supporting one another through life's difficulties and as time has progressed we really have got to know each other so well we are able to talk about pretty much anything!  Love you girls! 
  • Finally the local NHS trying to help me with my weight issues, I got a referral via the hospital when I went on other issues and my first 'class' was last night, slightly daunting it was I almost came home (when they insisted I had to go in the lift to the room as the doors were locked and I refused as I have a phobia of lifts and had to wait for a security guard to show me upstairs - hurrumph) anyway when I got there I bumped into a school friend who I haven't seen literally since we left school and we had an absolute blast for the hour we were there.  So this might actually be a fun thing to do, goodness knows if we'll lose any weight mind, but hey rekindled friendships are always a positive aren't they! 
Right can't leave you without a layout, I shared a layout on the same design earlier in the week, this class was my overall favourite of the last UK Scrappers cyber crop!  This one documenting our jaunt out to Puzzlewood during a trip to the Wye Valley last summer. 
If you fancy joining in pop yourself a blog post together and come back and link up so we can come and visit and appreciate the positives in your life, it really can make the world of difference.  Don't believe me?  Give it a try!  Finally Mr Linky


  1. Wow first! That is cool! Hope you are feeling better. I like having planning talks too. I plan in my head then plan out loud then do it. Whatever the change is, if you think it is right just do it. As long as you are supported, it will be right because that is what you have chosen to do. I am assuming it is something significant rather than just changing the wallpaper although that can be pretty significant too lol! I made a massive change and it has been soooo hard to redefine me but I am getting there and it is working. And your little positive comments have helped me, missy! I hope you have a super weekend, take care, jenx ooh i love the layout by the way. Have I seen that one before? It is very good! jenx

  2. I know it's been a rough week for you, Virginia - you have been feeling so unwell - so your uplifting Rocking post is particularly inspiring!

    I hope you continue to recover from the lurgy and that your new tablets do their job (without yukky side effects). It has been windy, hasn't it? I went out yesterday for a walk and seemed to be walking sideways most of the time because the wind was so blustery!). How funny you bumped into an old school friend at the clinic!! Printers, grrrrr - they are not designed to work for long! 10 months is rubbish!

    I love the colours on the LO - and the splatters, they're cool :)

    ps WW's are the best <3

  3. Oh I am a muppet. Yes it is the same design but not the same layout. That's what you get for not reading the last bit properly. Well I think you all know I am a bit batty already don't you! Happy Friday, jenx (not with three xs lol)

  4. Hi So many positive things it was good to share :)

    Hope you feel back to your normal self soon.

    Another great layout.... I like the green paint splots!

    Have a great weekend

    Karen x

  5. So glad you got out for a blast of air - it can help though exhausting when unwell.
    Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  6. Fabulous positives Virginia. Glad to hear you felt up to a walk to the post office - sometimes when you don't feel great it does wonders to get out of 'those 4 walls'.

    Another great LO.

    Toni xx

  7. Great positives! I have to agree that it was good to see the back of the snow here too, pretty as it was x

  8. Sorry you've been ill and had a bad week. Your layout is so lovely xx

  9. Just love your positives from what I know has been a not-so-good week.
    Great LO.
    Hugs xx

  10. I'm late to this one, so I hope by now you are starting to feel a tad better. And I am very glad you have your sister back :) I know how important her company is to you x

  11. Ooh I thought I posted on this. Oops.

    Don't talk to me about printers. I have refused to buy ink for mine for months. Out of principle. We have a hate/hate relationship.

    Love the inky/painty splats on your LO.

    Hope you start to feel better soon missus, not funny when it goes on so long x x