Friday, 21 September 2012


Good morning my wonderful Rockers (well I can hope can't I) and Rockettes tis Friday I tell you and yet again we find the time (we should find the time) to sit back and think back over the last 7 days.  Find those silver linings, the things that have made your week more bearable, maybe a phone call, or a letter, an e-mail, a chat, time with people, time on your own whatever has made your life better this week - that is a 'rocking' moment and every Friday we get together to celebrate this fact.

So let's get this started.

First up (although it goes back more than a week) has to be the people who came to my little birthday meal last week it was a lovely evening out and we all had a lovely time - so thank you one and all.  This is a rather poor shot but we forgot the main camera and so only had phones on us, on the left the blonde one is my Mum, and behind her my sister on the right far end is my niece, then Fi my brother's girlfriend, then me and then said 12 year old hubby was taking the shot!
Balloons on my birthday at the restaurant we went to and the ones my Mum brought along which are still going strong!

Next up has to be said 11 year old who is now officially said 12 year old and his birthday last Friday.  He seemed to have a good day and we were lego'd out by the end of the day.  He wanted to see Paranorman for his birthday so we all toddled along - it was a strange film - enough said.  But said 12 year old enjoyed so that can't be a bad thing.

Next up hubby walking in with a bottle of Moet on my birthday - we actually still haven't had this - will find the right time and place for it me thinks.

Hubby once again for keeping me sane this week, it's been one of those weeks and always he goes above and beyond.  He stayed off on Monday when I had some fairly difficult things to deal with - there to support all the way.  He's got on making and sorting evening meals this week, tidying around and generally being his amazing self - thank you sweetie -don't think I'd have managed this week without you.

My boss for being exceptionally understanding in difficult circumstances and for continuing to check that I'm OK this week.

My sister for just being her, currently this means she is being level headed, matter of fact, understanding and supportive.  Now she's not always known for her level headedness but she's come into her own recently and for this I am ultimately grateful.

The man at the cable company who helped resolve the e-mail issues this week - resetting passwords etc - now I just have to find the time to actually read them all.

It's a Creative World for their series of Alice inspired posts (one of which was mine) and for UK Scrappers mentioning it on their blog bits and for Carmen finding that - it made me smile!

A walk on Monday was just what I needed but shush don't tell hubby, his cure all for everything and anything is always 'fresh air' and I always pull faces, but on Monday I had a feeling he might be right, so we headed to a nearby dam to have a walk and brush off a few cobwebs.

Another whoop whoop has to be Macbeth at the theatre in Sheffield, ooh my, what an amazing play, what an amazing cast, generally all was fabulous and said 12 year old for having a facebook prompt from Sarah which has led him to spend some considerable time building the set when we got home, with moving centres, tables and grills, he's now got his Dad to set up a lighting rig and somewhere for the smoke to filter through at this rate we could have a full blown rendition of the play - awesome stuff.

Finally laughter, listening to said 12 year old watch Red Dwarf for the first time has been bliss, he's old enough to get the humour and has enjoyed the series immensely starting from series 1 - the joys of the Tivo box I tell you!

Oh and I nearly forgot True Blood series 5 back on the TV - vampires, sigh.

Anyway I think that's your lot peeps oh and It's Raining Men shower gel from Lush it smells Lush

Yes I'll shut up now I will I promise

Before I go a layout to share, hubby and said 12 year old exploring a holiday cottage earlier in the summer, using up a darker paper that I didn't honestly think I'd ever use - just goes to show doesn't it!
And finally if you fancy joining in - throw yourself a post together, don't stress if it's not Friday just remember to come back and link up so we can come and visit you as it's always nice to share 'rocking' moments.


  1. Hi again. Glad you have had lots of support around you. Great to have a walk... I am with your hubby on this one... a breath of fresh air cures everything. Would love to see photos of the set. Is Kid Rock going to post some? My Sam would love to see them I think and it would inspire him. Birthday photo looks great and I don't get Paranorman either. You are lucky to have a great sister. I am the only one so I would love that kind of support network. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks for hosting this. I have had so many lovely comments from lovely people who I don't even know through this little network you have established and that rocks for me. I promise I will catch up with comments and visits as I have been rubbish at it recently. You rock me dear! Have a great weeekend. jenx

  2. Well now, considering you had to dig deep that's a pretty fantastic set of positives.

    I agree with Jen, we need to see this lego set up. Yay for lots of support and love around you. I agree with hubby - walking is a cure all (especially if near water!) but it's the getting up and doing it that's the hard part!

    Love your LO and also how you are using up all these papers you never thought you'd use!

    Have an amazing week Virginia. TRY and take it easy. Be back later with my post :)

  3. Well done to hubby for being so supportive and helpful.
    I hope you've made your difficult decisions and that life is on more of an even keel now...:)
    Lovely that Melanie is doing well too!
    I'd also love to see the Lego Macbeth set!!
    Hope your weekend is a good try and relax....:)
    Hugs xx

  4. My son love his lego and has whole sets ups sprawled across their art table, and my daughter loves to muck up his buildings and plans! :) Keeps them entertained for a long while so I let them sort it out themselves.

    I love the things you found this week that rocked your world, isn't it always the smaller things that help us deal with the bigger stuff I think! Rather than the big celebrations (that are no less welcome of course), when it comes down to it, it is the smaller things that always mean the most to me.

    My beloved always takes me to the beach if I am in need of rebalancing. Even if I am completely ungrateful and don't want to go, it never fails to make me feel at least a bit better.

  5. A great list of positives in a difficult week Virginia! Yay for hubby being so understanding and supportive, what would we do without them?
    I would also love to see the lego set, it sounds amazing. My son is 15 now and still plays with his lego, we have enough to have our own legoland i think!
    Your birthday party looks great, with all your family around you.
    I too find that a walk with the dogs clears my mind but it's when I can fit it in!
    I love your LO as well, the combination of lifht and dark paper looks great.
    Hope you have a fab week x

  6. Great that you have had lots of support Virginia and I love your birthday photo.

    Fab LO - that photo look down over the railings is super.

    Toni xx

  7. Just popping back to linky up Virginia ;)