Friday, 28 September 2012


Hello and welcome to you all, it's Friday (I know don't groan at the time jump that seems to have occurred since last Friday).  We are racing along at quite a pace now gathering momentum as we've hurtled through September, yes this is the last Friday in September, gulp October just over the horizon.

So what's the post about well finally I've managed to update the button on the right over there, you know over there -  look right - see the button - well now there's an explanation to what Rocking posts are all about!  It probably needs tweaking but you get the gist!

So what is Rocking my World this week?
The Collaborart blog - honestly having the most fun with everyone involved over there.  This week I've had my pairs journal land with me so I currently have both mine and Donna's, they are both looking fantastic, Donna's is taking on book sculpture status I think, it's so full and yet neither of us want to say it's done, so we keep adding little elements to the pages, such good fun.  I've started working on Donna's again, although I'm currently working 'off journal' as it's easier!

Then the Mystery Gift Swap, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through my goodies and thinking what my recipient might like, I have a feeling the box I sent might have been the biggest, because I had to buy it from the Post Office and as I was sending 12 x 12 papers it had to be supersized!  Honestly what am I like!  But it was great fun and I know it's been received and I know that people have fathomed out it's from me, even though I didn't put my name in it (tee hee).

The flip side of this Mystery Gift Swap - is receiving mine on Wednesday, hubby and son were intrigued, was it a belated birthday gift from a friend ("nope" I said before opening - because I know the writing of the person they thought it was from).  "Is it a Donna thing?" they both cried (because Donna always sends gifts each time we swap our pairs journal and when they enquired the first time I'd got one of Donna's cards and it says on their that 'It's a Donna thing' - so the statement's stuck!" - "Nope because I've got both those journals sat on my crafting table as we speak".  "Well whose it from then?" and I had to go all the way through the box right to the bottom to find out who it was from and my goodies came from Effie and my - what gorgeous goodies I've been treated to - I'll be showing what goodies I received and what I've made with three of the items on the Collaborart blog when I get time.

Maize Maze on Saturday night, we've done this religiously for the last few years, we've had good years when the Maize has been 8 feet tall we've had sad years when it's been short, now most of you will remember the summer - or should I say not remember the summer so you'll probably have guessed that the maize was a little on the short side this year.  However, it was still good fun we managed to find 5 out of the 7 clues, wandered around the field for some considerable time, said 12 year old peddled around on a go-cart in the dark and then we came home - shattered but having had a lovely evening together.

The rest of the week has been a blur of work, home, exhaustion and stress but in amongst these moments I've:

  • Giggled and smiled at the beautiful blog comments I've had this week - you all make my life sooooooooooooooooooooo much better - you know who you are, if you left a comment - then I say thank you so much for making a very stressed 30 plus 10 year old feel grateful for our fabulous relationship - you are all amazing!  Just wish we could all meet up one day!
  • Cups of tea on the bedside table - even when it's 5am - are very much appreciated.
  • Said 12 year old being so vocal about his day when he gets in - makes me still feel part of his school life
  • The bus turning up every day to collect said 12 year old for school (hope I've not jinxed it now as I'm prepping this on a Thursday).
  • My sister - even when she's a little bit mad and crazy and making faux pas she's still fabulously awesome and a constant source of happy sunshine for me - she doesn't read my blog very often but I hope she knows how much she's loved.
  • The Wednesday Whine group - for keeping it real and being their to support - I would never had thought that this group could have been such a source of comfort, solidarity, support, fun - the list is endless but it has and I'm immensely grateful for them all! 
  • Red Dwarf for being a great distraction when things have been hard.
  • My boss for being his usual self and 'getting' when things are not great!
And that my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes is that for this week - may your week have been truly blessed and if it doesn't feel like it was, take a few moments to sit and reflect on your week, I'm sure even in the darkest of weeks that there are elements that have lightened your heart and made you feel loved, fancy joining in go pop a post together and then link back here, - no blog, no problem just leave a comment so everyone can see what kind of week you've had.  

Before I leave you a bit of crafting - getting through this craft folder like wildfire at the moment.
This is my beautiful amazing talented crazy mad sister and that look is her 'delight' and I do use that word very very loosely when she selected the colour yellow whilst doing the beginners Art Journalling weekend at AFTH with the amazingly talented (but you know that already) Dyan Reaveley!  Big shout out to Jude for letting me 'pinch' the image to scrapbook! 

Finally Mr Linky 


  1. Despite the hard moments you have had this week, it sounds like you have had some gorgeous moments as well. I have been in a maize maze before, it was a lot of fun! And yay for mystery gifts! How exciting.

    I loved your list of moments. The photo of your sister made me laugh. A perfect memory captured!! :)

    I hope your week is full of goodness this week, and thank you for this. Taking a moment to reflect on the goodness in our lives is such a gift.

  2. Such a cheerful post ! Wonderful to receive such goodies too !

  3. My Mystery Swap partner was Donna so you can imagine what a mahoosive amount of goodies I got PLUS some of her gorgeous stamps! Talk about spoilt. I so know what you mean about the collaborART site!

    Loving what a lovely long list you have found amongst your week Virginia, especially when you've had so much on your plate!

    Be back later with my post - am hoping to get a few pictures of the birthday girl at pizza hut tonight to include ;)

    Have a fab week Virginia x

  4. Off to the crop now - will be back to read properly later on I promise! Hope you are well me dear, jenx

  5. Back from the crop. Yes I am giddy! I think you are really lucky to have a lovely sister you get on well with. I wish I had a sister like that! If you are ever up our way, you will have to come to our crop! Have a lovely weekend. jenx

  6. glad you're so consistent with your posts, even though I'm not! I've missed your antics over the last couple of weeks but sounds like you are busy, busy. I hope to go in reverse and catch up with everyone's blogs over the weekend. Cheers and best wishes for the week ahead.

  7. Love that LO Virginia - the photo is super.

    Never been to a Maize maze, it sounds fun. I don't think there is anywhere near here that could hold such an event as the most prominant crop round here is Rapeseed (and boy does it pong when it's damp LOL).

    Have a fabulous weekend

    Toni xx

  8. Had a brill time at Oliver - the photos are here jenx

  9. Just catching up with your blog posts - you've been a busy blogger! Love the photo of Mel with her yellow card, ha ha ha!