Friday, 11 September 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 37th of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So last Friday I had a slow morning of it, hubby's car was in for its yearly MOT and so you can imagine how pleased we were when she passed with no advisories. 

I spent the morning working really hard on my scrap pile of paper and churning out some birthday cards, they are always well received but in all honesty they are never up to much, but hey ho I had fun clearing the pile down.  I popped a Harry Potter film on in the background as I was making them. 

After hubby had finished work we had a few bits to pick up so headed to the local retail park, popped in a few shops and they are all gearing up from Christmas which  feels early, but I suppose in September for the shops it isn't. 

I managed to get some boxes for my Mum that she wanted and then we ventured to Ikea, it is the first time we've been and not had to queue, apparently the technique is to go when the kids are coming out of school and all the parents have gone to pick them up.  We managed to get the plant I wanted and some stacking stools for my Mum.  Unfortunately they are out of the jars hubby wanted so we will have to pop back when they have them back in store, but overall we managed really well and got home before the roads got too silly.

Saturday we'd booked for Yorkshire Sculpture Park so we could get a decent walk, it was lovely to come across some steel sculptures inside by Brian Fell all done with cold forging techniques

I loved these, they were just different, this reminded me of a TV

And here is a side shot of those that were in the space

There was even a glass cabinet of maquettes

then we walked down past Bretton Hall which is in the grounds

The woodland walk was lovely I was grateful that we had some tree cover as the heavens opened but it was shortlived for which I was grateful

I always love the Sophie Ryder statue next to the Camelia House

Sunday and we were off to Chatsworth for a wander around the garden

The skies were blue and we had a lovely wander

The vegetable garden was full of fabulous vegetation

I grabbed a selfie

We found some new David Nash scupltures in the far reaches of the garden 

And when we stopped for a cuppa we enjoyed this beautiful wild flower border. 

So we had a lovely weekend and got to venture out and about and see things, whilst still maintaining social distance. 

Monday and I was in the office and had an incredibly busy day with so many things to sort, but Tuesday balanced it out and I had a fabulous day working from home catching up on the work I hadn't got done on Monday. 

The rest of the week has been busy busy with lots of work so nothing much to chat about, but overall a positive week with lots of little grateful moments. 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we an come and visit. 

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