Friday, 31 July 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 31st of 2020

Good morning lovely people I hope I find you well as it is Friday time for 

So what have we been up to so last Friday I spent some time typing up some information for my Mum, I then managed to print it off and take it over to her, it was nice to be able to get this little task done as my Mum asked me a while ago.

Last week marked the reopening of Chatsworth house and our first visit of the year, whilst we didn't have to wear masks around the house we did need them for our exit as the last room leads directly into the shop.

I've never been in Chatsworth when it has been so quiet, they are only letting 37 people in every 15 minutes (which when you bear in mind a busy Chatsworth at Christmas event day they can see 6000 people just tells you how very quiet it was.  

I love the hare bell in the middle courtyard

As usual blogger has put these photos in whatever order it fancies, so first up a sign of the times me and hubby and our facemasks made by said 19 year old's GF, they worked really well and are really comfortable to wear. 

The house looked beautiful

The dining room was beautifully laid out

We noticed extra details this time, maybe because we weren't rushed but also because I think they had lit rooms slightly differently

The painted hall was so very beautiful and very very empty

I liked the display of ceramics

The cascade was lovely, they have been running it for a reduced amount of time because it is gravity fed and the lake above Chatsworth has low water levels currently (although looking at those black clouds in the photo, we were slightly confused as you would have thought we'd had enough rain). 

The inner courtyard detail is stunning

The horse sculpture is still beautiful

We spotted a lost teddy (hope he found his way home)

The path to the rose garden, which is currently devoid of roses had some gorgeous planting. 

The library is beautiful, all those books to read. 

I loved the shot through the window of the emperor garden 

The new wall in the arcadia part of the garden

Shot of hubby near the blue bridge

and one of us without the masks on.

Other gratefuls this week, hubby buying me these beautiful flowers and some chocolate after a partiularly trying day at work. 

The flowers are stunning

and my new cleaning slippers, I love to steam my floors but I hate that they can end up dull afterwards because of the water drying on the surface, my slippers made the difference and I had lovely shiny floors as a result

And that my lovely people is my week, I hope you've had a good week too, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up and we can come and visit, enjoy it whilst you can because apparently the legacy version of blogger is going to disappear which means I'm going to struggle to put Mr Linky on as I can't get the HTML coding to work, hey ho, we shall keep going and hope blogger sort the issues. 


  1. I love the photos this week - in whatever order! It must have felt very special to be there with so few others at the same time - good that you noticed different things too. It is on my wish list to visit. Love your funky masks!

  2. Yes, I missed seeing photos of Chatsworth. Wonderful that you have been able to go back there as it is your favorite, if I'm not mistaken.
    I love the sculptures, as you know. And I also loved those ceramics you shoed. Are they modern? Or from the period?
    It must have been strange walking through an almost empty house. Probably as it was in its hayday.
    I do love those masks. My friend has given me some squares of fabric for those concertina type masks, but I want the ones like you have, sort of ergonomic. I will find a pattern and keep fingers crossed that the fabric I have is enough.
    Yes, I am struggling with Blogger too. Fortunately mine is still in the old format so I haven't had any problems yet, other than the problems that I already had (namely that I can only use it on my desk-top, so I have to boot it up and go and sit at the desk to do it).
    Those slippers are a great invention! No more polishing on your knees! (as if...) but i can just visualize you and Craig waltzing around the lounge!(Of course you have to buy him a pair too, lol.)
    Oh those flowers! Gorgeous!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. Chatsworth does look very quiet. I saw a long film about it on TV this week and thought of you.
    Your flowers are beautiful. What a kind and thoughtful man!
    The slippers look like a wonderful idea. I would probably have a little kitty trying to play with them though.
    I am late commenting this week as I had a distraction yesterday. Fortunately he is cat-napping so I am down on my computer for a short while. he is a little ball of mischief and needs supervising whenever he is awake!
    The fancy masks are fun. I have a very boring plain white one but it is very high spec so I am sticking with it for now, but they are very hot to wear in the current high temperatures. Kate x