Friday, 25 August 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday time for 

I was awfully tempted to work from home on Friday but after receiving various advice from different people saying don't because I'd worked enough, I decided to down tools and stop.  In hindsight this may not have been the wisest of moves because I ended up ill.  I think the statement "burning the candle at both ends" comes to mind, I have most definitely been doing more than I should have done recently. So why am I telling you this on a rocking post - when I'm supposed to be finding the silver linings? So what did I do instead?  Well I made a little space on the craft table ready to scrapbook, having received the first photo order in forever recently, it was time to get my head back in the game! 

I also enjoyed sitting outside - the plants are coming along a treat and this photo made me mighty happy!

I enjoyed the light-bow (like a rainbow but with light) from the refraction of the roof on the covered pergola.  We also enjoyed the fact it was covered, when it decided to rain mid-barbecue!  We still managed to stay out despite the crazy weather! 

My pots are coming along a treat, I think the sheltered spot is really encouraging them to grow.  I've got a great view from the kitchen window of the viola's happy smiling faces! 

I'm also loving my distorted garden mirror and the reflections we are enjoying with the same!

So scrapbook wise - did I manage some layouts - the answer is yes I did!  

Here was the first (and boy did I feel rusty when I started out), I still think it needs something, I just can't make my mind up what! 

I finished one from said 16 year old's trip to New York

I then dug out a two old layouts as promised to a friend.  The first was a layout created in a scrapbook class years ago with Sandra, it worked really well with the photo (and yes that is said 16 year old back in 2009!)

And the other 

Said 16 year old was working on Saturday although it will be his last shift for some time as there are no holidays booked where he will be needed to fill in.  He was quite sad when he came home and initially I thought it was the money he was going to miss (although he has actually just been saving it so that didn't make a lot of sense), but he said it wasn't it was actually doing the work that he will miss.  Hopefully they might consider him if something more permanent comes up, he said he was going to pop and have a chat.  We talked about it and agreed that it would be OK at the moment, given that things are about to change, but I think he really does want to spread his wings a little!  

Sunday saw said 16 year old book in a lie in with permission for us to toddle off on our own (we don't like to exclude him at the moment, but thoroughly appreciated when extra sleep hours might appear more advantageous). 

Me and hubby needed to blow off the cobwebs and enjoy some fresh air so we tootled up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday.  We saw several new pieces (well new to us), this table with the marble pieces on down by the river by Mikayel Ohanjanyan was stunning! When you got up close, the marble was cut through with steel cable and inside the cracks the artist had document every single person he had ever met.  I don't know if I could recall every single person I've ever met - so I though that was a feat on its own!

Up close you can see the names and the steel cabling!

Next up is the Jaume Plensa piece, I wasn't sure where it was situated and to be honest it was fluke that we found it, but it is stunning, hubby in photo so you can see the perspective of the piece!

This stunning sculpture by Matthew Day Jackson called Magnificent Desolation - in bronze was mesmerising!

Zak Ove's Invisible Men and the Masque of Blackness are awesome!  

One of the reasons for the trip was to see Ai Weiwei's Zodiac Heads and we weren't disappointed!

They are also known as the circle of animals and the heads represented the different Chinese zodiac heads. 

I don't think its easy to get the perspective, thankfully hubby was happy enough to be in the photo, no idea whose the pram was. 

We also got to see the indoor exhibition by Alice Pattullo called Of House and Home - most of the items are screen printed, no easy task if you've ever tried.  I loved the vibrancy of the colours

I also love to see inside an artists sketch books, seeing how the ideas develop

Other positives from the week, hubby making biscotti! 

A lovely place to have a staff meeting for the afternoon!

Said 16 year old spending an evening baking for his NCS charity and happy to wear a rather loud t-shirt in support of the same. 

Hubby taking the day off on thursday to come up to school with me and said 16 year old to get his results.  For those that have been following this over the last few months and have had children go through the same, you know how nervous it is!  Well this morning was that day, said 16 year old was excited - yes I repeat that excited to get his results, I was nervous (actually had butterflies), I wasn't that nervous for my own results all those years ago! 

Anyway the boy did good, he got an A*, 6 x Grade C's 2 x 4's and a 3 and he has what he needs to crack on in his course in college which is exactly what we wanted!  And the A* was in - GCSE Art Textiles - I've just scrapbooked the photos from one of his pieces!

So overall a fabulous set of results and a brilliant week, I can now start sleeping again! 

I hope you all had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, mention us in the off chance that we might get a few more people joining in and then come back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. a busy week once again, well done to said 16 year old for his results.. Love the sculptures, the place seems huge, you seem to find something different every time you go!

  2. I love the picture of the lightbow, and those gorgeous violas. They always make me smile. The sculptures are all very different and interesting, though I am not sure I would enjoy them as much as you do. Well done to your lad on his results. I am glad he got what he needed for his college course.
    You really need to slow down and take some 'me time', or you will get more seriously ill. It is good that you got some scrapbook layouts done. I so wan to get back to mine, but I never seem to find the time.
    I hope you get time to sit in your lovely garden over the weekend. Hugs. Kate x

  3. Fabulous photos Virginia and I love the LOs.
    Your "Happy pots" are doing really well.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  4. Of course he got A* for Textiles..never doubted it for a minute :D Well done to him for passing all the others too! Sorry you were unwell, but then you wouldn't have gotten round to scrapping again yet so YaY! :D XXX