Friday, 18 August 2017


Good morning lovely people, 'tis Friday and when the world seems to make no sense and we are reminded of the fragility of humanity it is time to remind ourselves that there are still beautiful people in this world.  Remember always that we can be the ones that make the difference - be that person, clock those silver linings and positives so that you can see what is   


Well Friday was a grand day because I collected said 16 year old from his residential trip to Leeds University, he came back with a First Aid certificate and a heap of happy memories and despite being utterly shattered was more than happy to sit and have a natter about his week - so that was my first happy of the week! 


New bedding, I went looking for some recently that had to be a certain purple colour (as I didn't want to have to replace the curtains, lampshades etc) and found a lovely set on Amazon, but it was almost £30 and I always like to have a spare for when I'm washing the first one, so I hesitated, low and behold a few days later they told me the same cover was now just over £14 - so I ordered 2 and was so pleased that the colour was what I was after (it had to be a pink purple not a blue purple if you know what I mean).  

Anyway as you can see from the Instagram shot, I was more than happy with the purchase, fingers crossed it now washes up OK! 


Well I actually had my hair cut on Friday, but managing the style (you know what it's like when you have it done at the hairdressers and then have a go yourself and it looks nothing like)!  So here is a selfie showing I managed it, I've had quite a lot lopped off, but it feels and looks so much better and I've had a fair few compliments which has been lovely! 

The Weekend Generally 

Thankfully said 16 year old wasn't working but he was adamant that we were going to finish the neverending garden project, thankfully we had some blue skies, actually at times I was hiding under the umbrella because it's too sunny and I was getting burnt (again)! 

And after an awful lot of work, it is complete (well as complete as can be at the moment).  The idea was to remove the grass completely and hard landscape the area providing different seating arrangements!  It seemed like such a simple plan - but needless to say - it turned into an epic transformation that cost quite a bit, I'm hoping not to have to spend money on it for some time now if I'm honest and yes before you ask I think there is more slate in our garden than Blaenua Ffestiniog in Wales!

So here is the first deck that we built at the beginning of the summer, I've retained my water feature and the plants that lived in the original border so there is at least some greenery.  We've also planted up the two big pots with Rosemary and they seem to be doing amazingly well!

The water feature and the relaxing chairs near the french doors. As you can see the fence has now been painted completely in cream.  As our garden faces north east the light levels are limited at times during the year, my idea is by painting it country cream, it will hopefully stay light, even when the days are darker! 

The middle deck is the cooking deck with the new (but hidden) barbecue, You will also see the new water butt (painted cream), that was a last minute addition, it isn't the prettiest of items, but means we can conserve water, I may look at ways of disguising the pipework but we shall see!

The final deck which is a little higher than the others provides a covered pergola, the original summer house was much smaller and never did quite meet the criteria and became something of a dumping ground if I'm brutally honest. Many years ago my hubby built an outdoor shelter for my Mum and she had years of use of it, it was lovely to sit under even when it was raining.  

Plus we've managed to upcycle quite a bit too.  The french doors from inside the house have been attach on the two corners.  the back panel of the shelter has three of the original summer house panels in them (filling the window area with an acrylic mirror).  

We have a new garden fire and you will also see that hubby has made me some planters to go in front of the deck, the first two painted grey to match the deck!

And the second two painted cream, there is still a little titivating to do on this side, I didn't want to block the end off completely as that is how Ruby (next door's cat) comes through to visit). 

I also painted up several of the old garden ornaments, the grotesque, in between the planters and some little faces, I initially thought they'd be going to the tip, but once painted up they took on a whole new life, so for now they will be staying.  I also painted up the green garden store in cream!

I'm grateful said 16 year old was more than happy to dive down to the garden centre with me to buy extra compost and some plants, very late on Sunday and that he was quite happy helping me pop the plants in! 

There is still items I need to sort but as I stand at the minute, I don't intend on doing any work in the garden this weekend, which means to me that it's finished!  So that's the biggest grateful this week. 

We managed to spend an evening sat chatting on the new chairs under the covered pergola, just enjoying the evening and on Sunday we did the same but with a barbecue and my sister came over.  I also love love love my solar lights and yes I know it looks like Christmas but as someone who seriously struggles with light levels in winter these are going to be a fabulous help! 

The rest of the week summed up

Grateful for - 
  • Helpful colleagues
  • Hubby helping me sort the main TV room (now we've finished the garden)
  • Said 16 year old providing plenty of hugs - he gives the best hugs ever! 
  • Said 16 year old being open and frank about what has been going on with his group of friends over recent months.  We were already aware of things changing before we went on holiday but we had a good natter this week where he opened up a little bit, I think boys find it incredibly difficult to articulate their emotions in things and I'm keen that he doesn't become a closed book.  I was glad that he realised that sometimes chatting things through makes you put things into perspective, I'm also grateful that he realised we don't judge but try and offer advice when needed but that he was free to ignore it and that we would always be his strongest and most loyal supporters.  I think he felt happier as a result and we had a better understanding of where he was at.  As the door on school closes and college looms and the shift in friendship groups occurs I think it will be difficult for him, but I also think that he is entering a new chapter.  His school friends will hopefully always be his friends despite them scattering to different colleges and different courses, but I think it's time he starts to spread his wings.  I remember how difficult that period of time was to manage myself and I think it is significantly harder now with the introduction of social media and the constant contact factor, so I'm glad he's got such a level head.  
  • Said 16 year old making some new amazing friends on NCS, he is enjoying it so much that a huge group of them went bowling yesterday afternoon after the NCS day had finished, just because they can! 
  • Celebrity Big Brother - because when you want to watch nonsense on TV this show is it! 
  • Watching the last episode of the Last Leg, Al Gore was on and it really was a fantastic show! 
So there you go lovely people, my week, I hope yours was just as positive, if you fancy joining in the therapy of clocking your positives, pop a post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit. If you aren't a blogger, just clock them anyway, noticing the positives moments in life, even the smallest ones can make a big difference to your outlook on life! 

Until next week 


  1. Wow! So many nice things! Lovely hairdo. You ook gorgeous!
    Bedding is fab. (I love the quote on the Wall)
    The garden looks stunning. Well done you. It was a lot of work but it looks awesome!
    Great that said 16 yr old is opening up and is enjoying himself with friends. Yes, it will be strange and difficult at time starting all over again socially speaking. It is part of growing up. He is lucky to have supportive parents. We are rooting for him and praying for him although he doesn't know and doesn't need to know. He seems such a nice lad.
    We're off now on our travels. Literally we are going now, this minute.
    So keep smiling,

  2. what a week! your haircut looks amazing, really suits you.. Love the garden, great colour, and will be worth the hard work - hope we get some late summer sun for you to enjoy it when it's finished! Said 16year old sounds a very level headed lad, he's obviously been well brought up!! Have a fab weekend.

  3. Your garden looks great Virginia. I think the cream works really well, and I love the lights. I' all for 'Christmas all year round'.
    You lad is lucky to have such caring and understanding parents who actually take time to talk through issues with him. he has to make his own decisions but he will be able to do so knowing you are always there behind him. I really hope he settles into his new college course and enjoys it right from the start.
    A lovely positive post. I hope you have another good week this week. Kate x

  4. Absolutely worth every sweaty tear babes!!!! Stunning garden XXX

  5. Hooray the garden is done and it looks fantastic. The water butt is quite well disguised against the fence, it probably is more noticeable to you because you've spent so much time on it. That Summer House is a work of art!

    Your hair is gorgeous and looks in such good condition too.

    Yay for bargain bedding!

    Big hugs Virginia, I hope your week is fabulous.

  6. The garden looks wonderful and I love the lights.
    Said 16yr old seems to have his head on straight and it sounds like he is very sensible.
    Hope this week is a good one for you all.
    Toni xx