Friday, 22 July 2016


Good Morning one and all it's Friday which means 

So first up on the list of happies this week - are the Sheffield Herd - if you haven't heard about them (forgive the pun).  There is a website (and an app)

These elephants are dotted around the city and include large ones like the photos below and smaller ones decorated by local Sheffield schools

Said 15 year old appearing as if by magic in this photo! 

Next up - live Theatre, I've said it before and I will say it again but you really cannot get any better than live theatre.  This particular production named "Dream" and performed by the Sheffield People's Theatre - the first time we've had chance to see them - and ooh my were we in for a treat!  

A mash up of Shakespeares romances - we had them all - starting out in a gig and ending up in the Northern General hospital - apparently with 80 actors in total - 80 and the hours flew by - the audience was in uproar at the hilarity and the utterly compelling play that appeared in front of us! 

All I can say is that I wish we'd booked for a second show! 

Said 15 year old and hubby - enjoying the pre-show drinks, the play was at the Crucible which always has a great atmosphere!

Overnight oats - always a lovely refreshing breakfast and the gorgeous summer fruits that are out and about at the moment - fabulous! 

So some of you may remember me mentioning my gelli printing session the other week, well I was stuck with lots and lots of backgrounds.  Those of you that follow my blog may remember that last summer I generated lots of A5 art using the Summer of colour inspirations, unfortunately, the summer of colour is no more so I thought I'd have a go myself, however, I had no idea what to do on them this year (I exhausted sea creatures last year).  But then the Sheffield Herd was launched and I thought what finer way of celebrating it than creating elephants! 

Then Monday saw my niece turn 17 - 17 years of age - you can see she looks shocked LOL!  We had a meal out at a local pub which was lovely and not too expensive.  It was a really warm night so afterwards we headed outside (not that it was much cooler).

My sister organised (in organised she asked my Mum to source whilst said 17 year old niece had facials, hair cuts and catch ups with other family)

And my Mum managed to ring my Uncle - no idea how she managed it - it was a crazy conversation! 

My sis and niece both looking beautiful as always! 

The rest of the week has muddled along, lots of work, said 15 year old finished school.

I had my hair cut.

The weather has finally cooled down, some of the evenings it was stifling 25 degrees at midnight in Yorkshire is what can only be considered crazy madness! 

So there you have it people the week that was, I hope yours has had some silver linings and positive moments - if you fancy joining in do a blog post, mention this blog, pop back and link up and we can come and visit! 


  1. Well, what a week that was! You always seem to pack so much in! I'm glas you like theatre. I have been a couple of times, but I 'don't get it'. That particular one would confuse me no end as I know nothing about Shakespeare plays.
    Wow! Your niece is a stunner! And her mum was too in her days looking at her. She is still a goodlooking woman. Your mum is looking vibrant talking to her bro.
    I love the idea of the elephants. They do similar things in Bristol. We've had a gorilla one year and Shaun the sheep another. It is fun going round the city trying to find them all, map in hand. Your pastel elephants are sweet. Are they going to be cards?
    Wishing you another great week,

  2. sounds like a full and varied week again. Love the elephants - the ones in the city and yours! Have a great weekend.

  3. Had a much more productive week thank you...including spending time with my Faerie nieces too. Those elephants*you painted* are just so cute..great job all round :D XXX

  4. I love all your elephants Virginia. Such pretty colours. When we wnet on holiday to Ireland a couple of years ago, we stayed in Clonakilty and they had a similar project to the Sheffield Herd there.
    The theatre sounds amazing, and you had a lovely celebration for your niece's birthday. Hope you get some more nice weather while the lad is off school, but I have to agree, the hot nights are not much fun. Kate x

  5. Lovely photos Virginia and what a great family celebration for your niece.
    Your elephants are super - such fun pieces of art. London had an "Elephant trail" several years ago and they were fabulous (I never got to see the Emerald one that was under intense security in Harrods because it was decorated with real emeralds but my friend got some lovely photos).
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  6. How have I missed your elephants??

    So much going on - your Mum is looking fabulous as is Sis and niece - you are a gorgeous bunch you lot!

    New internet commences (fingers crossed) on the 1st so hopefully I can start playing along again. BT is not staying connected or fast enough for me to do anything on the PC so have given up trying. cannot wait to get some decent net so I can start blogging and do my classes again :)

  7. Hi :)

    Lots of happies....

    Loved all those elephants... I just bought a pair of socks with elephants on them from fat face because they were so cute! Love elephants :)

    Lovely photos from your niece's birthday celebration...

    Overnight oats.... a favourite here too. Tasty and healthy :)

    Karen x