Friday, 23 August 2013


Tis time again, to take a step back and look back over the last seven days and remember the positive grateful moments and silver linings that have rocked my week!

My normal lists go from either a hundred and one photos to no photos at all, this week I'm going to try and strike a balance.

Collecting our paint a pot pots recently fab stuff, this is the photo from when we were actually doing the pots from the week before, you can see the beginnings of the decoration at the top of the ice cream bowl, you can also see the hot chocolate and triple chocolate cupcake that he enjoyed whilst we were there!
And here it is finished
 The inside
 and another shot for good measure
 and another
My cup turned out OK as well, it reminds me of the Jeff Banks Ports of Call range (does anyone remember that?).  And is now sat pride of place on my work desk!
Next up hubby embracing the cleaning regime I'd started, over the last few weeks I've slowly worked my way through the house, I've gone through every drawer, every cupboard, under every bed and through every wardrobe, decluttering, getting rid and being practical.  The house had started to have areas where things were dumped and in turn the dumped items appeared to have a new 'home' so bit by bit I worked through each room, starting upstairs and working my way downstairs.

Finally last weekend we were on the final room and it was full of bags to go to the Charity shop, so we had two jaunts over to the charity shop to resolve and then set too cleaning the last room (our pool room), and here it is all tidy and clean again

The house seems to have sighed a deep sigh of relief and feels much better for it, putting things back into their rightful place is now a quick job and there are no more dumping areas, win win!

We then sorted both front and back gardens, mowing, trimming the hedge, cutting back shrubs, weeding etc and again the garden feels better for it.

There are still plenty of things left to do but it feels so much better for being done, so a big thank you to hubby for embracing his crazy wife's cleaning issues!

Hairdressers tuesday, Charlotte tamed these locks and sorted said twelve year olds hair he has a double crown and a calf flick which always make cutting his hair an entertaining task!  I'm currently in 'grow it' mode, not sure how long I'll have to cope with it as it is, but it's starting to 'get there' now.

Spending time with said 12 year old, he was eagerly awaiting the 'free' lego in the papers this week, life has got in the way a bit so we asked him to identify which pieces he 'had to have' and identified them as Wednesdays piece, he was after the little Lone Ranger cart, what he actually got was three of these (because I bought three papers).
I was gutted for him, because he really did want the Lone Ranger piece but we'd missed it without even realising!  He was such a star, telling me it didn't matter and how much he'd really wanted some new helicopters, you know the scenario, when something doesn't quite pan out but you don't want the other person to know that it's affected you - that's what I got from him - how grown up is he, considering my feelings over his own!

Thursday was fun, said 12 year old decided to set too and make these!  All on his own, without help interference or assistance from anyone!  I think he might have his Dad's flare for baking!

In the meantime I spent time with my niece making mini books, so lovely spending time with the two of them, they are growing up so quickly but are such fun to be around, when we were on holiday we spotted these sit on rides for younger children and my sister reminisced about the ones said 12 year old and said niece used to go on and how much they enjoyed them - see them here back in 2001 - how cute are they!
And look what them managed to do!

Said 12 year old 'squeezed' into this
 And said niece had her photo taken on this
They had us rolling with laughter

Then there's the return of the mojo - it's been missing, it went on holiday when the cleaning demon came on board, it really didn't like all the domestic activity so headed off for a while, it's slowly returned once I promised no more tidying out cupboards and look my desk is a mess again which means productivity reigns!

Hello mojo and welcome back (forgive the lego explosion in the background but said 12 year olds lego building mojo has also returned with a vengeance!)
And up close - looky - books lots and lots of mini books - I'm obsessed again - yay!   And yes there are two Christmas ones in amongst them!
Other things that have rocked my week, my fab assistant at work, a good convo with a work colleague, the ability to email, having an awesome sister who looked after said 12 year old when I had to go into work on Wednesday due to a software issue, hubby for just being himself, helping when things needed it without questions and after he'd been out since 5.30am! Spending time with my son!

Oh I nearly forgot, final positive is receiving back my first collaborative piece from the WW girls, my theme was black and red and looky what I received, not the best photo (sorry, but you see how gorgeous it is don't you).  Need to get me a frame for this one me thinks!  Thank you girls I love it love it love it!

I hope you've had a fabulous week and that in amongst it you can identify all the positives, it really is therapy for the soul, if you fancy joining in then pop a blog post together, come back link up and we will come and visit.  Don't stress if you don't make it on Friday and don't stress if you don't manage it every week, there are many Rockettes that have joined come and gone but I know from what I hear that many of them take the time to clock those positives even if they don't blog them these days!


  1. I am very impressed with your decluttering. We started on our house last year and managed one room before my dad was ill. Since his death we've been clearing out his house. Two more visits should do it! Then it's finding the motivation to start again on our house. Have a good week.

  2. What a super week Virginia.
    Love the ceramic makes...brings back fond memories of ceramic art classes.
    Wow to all those fab books - you have been busy.
    I'll pop back later with my post.
    Toni xx

  3. Morning Virginia, fab post from you as ususal. Said 12 year olds ice cream bowl is lush - reminds me of mint choc chip - yum. Jeff Banks Ports of Call - errr yes had the mugs and the wallpaper lol!!

    Well done to finishing your house clear out. I need a kick up the proverbial to get on with mine - its sooooo overdue. Aww bless the bravery re the lego - poor chap.

    Those mini books look just wonderful and wow Im impressed by how many you have made

    Finally that collab art piece is just stunning - that will look just perfect framed and hanging

    Have a great week

    Suzy xx

  4. Wow that is some week! You have been busy. Love the ceramics.

  5. Wow, you've had a busy week!
    Those bowls mugs and mini books are amazing!
    Isn't is great when you're house is all tidy and knowing that you're doing good taking it to charity - well done.
    Those cookies are making me drool and I'm so glad you're mojo has returned.
    Enjoy the coming week :(

  6. I can well believe how good the house and garden feel. Well done Virginia - something I'm going to do when the kids go back to school.

    Om nom nom to those cakes - you'll have to ask him if he'll share the recipe!

    Both your creations in the pottery place are gorgeous and so professional looking - that looks a proper sized cuppa mug too. Good decent mug!

    Aw the red/black collab looks so FAB! Loved doing this - still have a couple to send on their way. Hope you didn't mind the Michael Bolton reference on mine but it's what kept going through my head when I was doing it and I thought it was what you prolly a bit of what you needed (the sentiment - not the man *g*) x x

  7. The pottery painting looks fun. I still have a mug that a little girl painted for me when I retired from the nursery where I was manager. it is very special.
    You have done a marvellous job tackling the whole house. I do one room sometimes, but my interest starts to flag after that.
    well done to your lad for his baking. They look delicious. Have a good week. Kate x

  8. Therapy for the soul indeed!
    Love those pots - what a busy week!

  9. Woohoo!!!! I can comment again...thank you blogger.. :)
    Sounds like a good week Virginia...and I love the look of the ice cream bowl.
    Happy that your collab piece arrived safely....looking good!
    p.s. now your house is tidied can you come and do mine.....pretty please....

  10. great photos... love the pottery... fab mini books... a great post, jenx

  11. Loving all I am seeing here - the pots are gorgeous,the cakes look to die for - and your de-clutter is very enviable (I seriously need one here...) Hope next week is as good for you.

  12. !! Look at everyone joining up now. How exciting to be facilitating so many rocking moments.

    Love the pottery painting, I have thought about taking the children to something like that. Both the pieces were wonderful.

    The cupcakes look like they would be hard to resist, even over here I feel very hungry now despite my no sugar diet. A busy week, yay you for the decluttering mission, I need to do that here, it has been a while since I have done it and it always feels more spacious and peaceful when I have, but I need to make myself, I am not a natural housekeeper!! Though it is nearly Spring, so maybe time for a good Spring clean!!