Friday, 22 March 2013


Tis Friday - (actually tis 8pm Thursday and I'm still working - so forgive this for being short sweet and a bit blunt!)

  1. Mail art from Sarah this week - the Zombie bunny was such fun and arrived in tact
  2. Hubby taking some time off with me last week - fabulous stuff
  3. Coffee with my brother and sister, just putting the world to rights
  4. Not being overly stabbed by the vampire (blood test) unlike last time when I became the human equivalent of a pin cushion.
  5. Not going to work on Friday and Wednesday
  6. Project life book still providing some fun
  7. Magazine buying, a good home magazine, a scrap magazine and a stamping magazine to keep me amused. 
  8. Burrito from the Mexican eatery at Meadowhall nom (and the lime slushy) 
  9. Buying a giant canvas (still blank but bought at least)
  10. Sitting on bed reading mags (just escaping sometimes is fun).
  11. Lad sorting his homework on a Friday (no badgering him over the weekend). 
  12. Lad getting a 5A in maths
  13. Chatting about changes to house. 
  14. Finding Sheffield theatres are doing another Shakespeare this year - yay!
  15. Laughter 
  16. Hot cross buns
  17. Cointreau and clementine marmalade so nice and so naughty and so gone now - ahhhh 
  18. A day with hubby sharing time and space 
  19. A shoulder to cry on when I needed to (hubby's shoulder - Tuesday night - difficult day).
  20. My Mum and her Aldi trips - she's nuts I tell you - people think she's been 'let out' of somewhere 
  21. Rhassoul treatment with hubby on Wednesday using up a Red Letter Day he bought me! 
  22. Said 12 year old getting a letter from school telling us he's the science star for the term - made us very very proud.
  23. Said 12 year old being congratulated on his development in electric guitar - this we like! 
That my dear is your lot - mad mad mad week, very very very tiring and the stress of snow on Friday when I've got a hospital appointment is very stressful. 

Last up a quick layout that I did, poor quality photo but then it is a tunnel! 

If you fancy joining in Mr Linky below - don't stress if you've not joined in before its good fun and we love to read your 'rocking' moment, don't stress if its not Friday any day will do and don't stress if you haven't joined in for a while sometimes life gets in the way! 

And finally I was reminded by Carmen this week that Rocking your world's was 3 years old on Wednesday 19th - 3 years I've been taking stock of the positives in life and it really is quite a therapy - thank you to all who have ever joined in, whether you are new this week, long term Rockettes, short term Rockettes, monthly Rockettes it is always an absolute blessing to read your positives and see you joining in with mine - thank you!  And Carmen - thanks for noting it hun - I really needed to have that in the back on my mind on that day!!!! Mwah

Until next week 


  1. yoohoo! Firstly congrats on the 3 year anniversary of Rocking your World! amazing! And a very good thing in a world often filled with negativity :)
    well done to M for the 5A .... and being the science star.... and for the guitar development - excellent!
    Hope the snow isn't too bad for you getting to the hospital today - its blizzardy here on the edge of the Pennines! x x x

  2. Happy third birthday! Do you know what, I think I have probably been visiting since quite early on but never had the courage to join in until about a year a go. And I love it. You yes you missy, make me, yes, make me, find things to be thankful for every Friday. I miss it when I don't join in, which isn't very often. Hope you are ok (hate blood tests) and don't do too much crying. Very well done to your young man... I feel proud and I don't even know him! Great layout. Love the photo. Take lots of care, jenx

  3. It is a great therapy, thank you for letting me join you :)

  4. 3 years - well done you! YOU have made such a difference to my life and to the lives of others by encouraging this positive exercise every week. You are a star! And you have managed 23 positive things from last week, wowzers!

    I'm wondering what career your electric guitar playing, mathematician scientist son will pursue??!!

    I'm also wondering what you're going to do with that giant canvas?!

    Have a lovely weekend, keep warm and safe.


    Sorry you've had to have more blood tests but at least you didn't feel so assaulted this time!

  5. Gosh Virginia, what a busy week but so many super positives.

    Congrats on the 3 years of hosting this inspiring event.

    Love & Hugs
    Toni xx

  6. That sounds like a rather brilliant week.... it is such a good practice to focus on the good things in life and congrats on keeping up with the positives for three years!

    Well done to your son too for his super achievements.

    I like the layout too :)

    Karen x

  7. Orange Cointreau marmalade?? Sounds so lush! Here's to another and another and another and another 3 years :)

  8. Wow ! Red Letter day sounds great & Aldi trip a giggle. Carry on the great weekly positive posts xx

  9. Some lovely moments!! I love the sound of clementine cointreau marmalade and hot cross buns. I had forgotten hot cross buns somehow, I may make some tomorrow! Especially yay for proud mother moments!!

    Happy third birthday!!