Friday, 15 March 2013


11th Friday of the year already and its
Crikey I keep meaning to prepare this in advance but it's not been happening.

Let's think

Friday 8th - Gelli plating madness - such utter fun, had a lovely day playing with paints, watching films (listening to them if I'm honest far too busy gelli plating for watching films).  Creating art - bliss!

Saturday 9th - Hubby on overtime (that didn't Rock) but spending time with said 12 year old was lovely, we managed to track down a great jigsaw using a book voucher bought by a friend for making her a gift and the jigsaw is something that we can do as a family - now this I like!!

Sunday 10th - Mother's Day - fantastic Rugby match in the afternoon England and 6 Nations - haven't screamed that loudly at the TV in quite some time, lovely pressies bought by said 12 year old with his own money - honestly he spent way too much, I got flowers, a gold necklace with the word Mum on it, Sherlock series 1 and 2 on DVD and a teddy - like I said way too much - but all his own choice!  Got to see my Mum and sister and niece and have a lovely natter and then saw them again later on in the evening with my Mum's hubby as well as we all went out for a fab meal!  My sister and niece enjoying the world's smallest dessert was fun too and got photos so more scrapbooking!

Mmm then it goes a little downhill - crikey - too much work not enough fun!!!! Monday was hard - mmm can I think of anything? Climbing on sofa at end of day - that was nice!

Tuesday - another difficult day but my lil bro arriving back on a surprise visit from Ireland was fab!!!!!!!!

Wednesday - mmmmmmmmmm another difficult day - let me see - hubby managing to get said 12 year old the red nose cuddly toys that he really wanted (I'd only managed to get one on line as the others were 'sold out') so hubby managed the hat trick!

Thursday - random calls with my Mum and writing this post, actually trying to put some perspective together - now that has to be a positive doesn't it?

So what's 'Rocked' your world this week, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, add them all together and you see how much of a difference they make to life!

I'll leave you with a quick layout of said 12 year old and the 'fuel-meter' he created to prove how hungry he was - you'll note he was on 'empty' when I took the photo (nothing new there!)

Finally Mr Linky and if you haven't realised I've upgraded to super-Linky which means - wait for it - fanfare and trumpets - they don't disappear at the end of the week, so if you link correctly you'll always be able to find that post!

Hope you've had a great week!


  1. It is finding those moments in the busy weeks that are not overflowing with them that they count the most. I also think collapsing onto the couch at the end of the day definitely counts! Sounds like you were very spoilt for Mother's day? (ours is not until May.

    Here is to finding and recording all our rocking moments, and all those to come this week. :)

  2. Well done for finding so many things to be positive about when you've had such a busy week at work. Well done to said 12 year old for spoiling his lovely Mum - you're worth it! Yay to surprise visit from your brother, yay to hubby sorting out RND goodies and yay to spending time with your family.

    Love the fuel-meter - he is clearly so very nearly a teenager and they are ALWAYS running on empty!!

    I will be joining in RYWF this week but I haven't done it yet so I'll be back later.


  3. I'm back with my link. It's been good to join in, Virginia :)


  4. A truly mixed week Virginia...well done for finding the bright spots.
    Said twelve year old is a typical boy...permanently hungry...mine was the same (and still is at 23!!).
    Have a great and relaxing weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. well done on the jigsaw...

  5. Thought it was going to be a miserable wet day here in Rossendale Lancashire but Postman John soon put a smile on our faces.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Joe is permanently hungry these days too !

  7. Oh I am poorly sick and full of flu... promise I will link next week. Off to feel sorry for myself! jenx

  8. I have missed playing along each week - I seem to blink and it's the next week already. I have done it now though. Kudos to you Virginia - you find the positive no matter what. You found some really great ones here too. I love the hungerometer :D