Friday, 11 June 2021


     Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well last Friday we were out on a boat trip linked with work, hubby and said 20 year old were crewing.  We had a lovely day albeit that it was a little overcast, the absolute delight on the trip was this family joining us in the lock 

A family of swans, Mum and Dad and 7 cygnets who were mighty happy to get in the lock much to our surprise but the sides provided lots of opportunities for the babies to feed and they were just as happy to move to the other side as we moved through. 

Friday night was a quiet night in, as it was the eve of my sisters birthday she had organised for said 20 year and GF and my niece and her BF to go to Ninja Warrior for a couple of hours, this is the photos they sent, apparently it was great fun and utterly exhausting but they all loved it. 

Saturday was actually my sister's birthday and hubby saw that as a lovely excuse to bake cake, not one cake but one cake made up of six cakes (the photo will make more sense), the bottom layer was chocolate and cherry, the second layer was lemon, the third was apparently cake flavoured but we actually worked out that with vanilla essence it was technically a vanilla layer, the fourth was orange, the fifth was plain chocolate and the sixth was raspberry using a raspberry essence.  The outer coating was made of mascarpone and icing sugar and well needless to say it was delicious.  

She popped over to enjoy a slice and we put up some banners to celebrate and she enjoyed a glass of zero percent rose wine which for the first time ever wasn't awful (0% wines are notoriously vile).  As you can tell she was having a lovely day having spent time having her hair done (after a 3.5 mile run in the morning, not my idea of a fun birthday but hey it wasn't mine)

We lit the candles and sang her happy birthday, she enjoyed taking this snap as the letters were all mixed up. 

Sunday we went out for a Sunday dinner which was lovely, hubby had Yorkshire pudding and onion gravy starter and I had a prawn cocktail, main we both had a beef roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings (more in the case of hubby) and then for dessert hubby had Eton mess and I had apple crumble and custard, we were definitely full at the end of the meal, but it was lovely. 

The rest of the week has been mighty busy with work, however on Tuesday hubby took me to the local Tesco to source this book, I was hoping to get the other one as well but they had run out

So I bought this one instead as it was on a 2 for £9 deal 

and then whilst I was at work the following day he popped out and bought me the other one.  

I've spent a bit of time reading my Bridgerton books this week, but I'll be honest my iron levels must be at an all time low because I'm shattered and most evenings with the heat I've ended up fast asleep on the sofa. 

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. Your hubby's cakes are the most amazing creations - wish I lived closer! Your Sunday dinner out sounds perfect (all the better for not cooking it) HOpe you have something great lined up for this weekend

  2. That is quite some cake. I bet it tasted good too.
    You might be low on iron. If I doze in the evening I lay awake for ages when I get to bed, so I try to keep busy to stay awake. (I don't always succeed though!)
    Dinner out on Sunday sounds good. I would struggle with three courses these days, but it is easier when someone else has cooked it!
    I love the little cygnets in the lock.
    Hope you have a good week. Kate x

  3. That was a fun filled week. I loved seeing the swans and the cygnets. The swans in Angela's park only have two babies left.(
    It is amazing that they were in the lock with you. They have obviously learnt how to negotiate the danger.
    The Ninja Warriors looks like fun. I have just played a promo video and it must be so difficult.
    The cake looks delicious. Well done your hubby! I have made a similar cake yesterday. My cake layers were all plain cake, but I varied what I put in between. One layer was soaked in liquor, another was smothered with home made apricot jam. In between each layer I had a layer of crema pastelera, a sort of thick set custard. I started making it on Thursday as it took time to make the crema pastelera for each layer and then to have it set. It was my friend's birthday yesterday and the cake was her birthday cake. It was a success.
    I had to laugh at your hubby having yorkshires as a first course and then with his main. My husband would do the same I think given the choice.
    I'm glad you got the books you wanted. I hope they will be useful to you.
    Sorry I'm late but have a lovely weekend,