Friday, 10 January 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 2nd of 2020

Good morning lovely people and I find myself on Friday again, already 

time for

Well we enjoyed our last weekend before we went back to work, twas grand.  We had a remaining Christmas pudding in the house, so hubby flamed it for me and I enjoyed the last of the Christmas goodies, back to new year new me routine which in essence means back on Weight Watchers. 

We enjoyed a walk out, we were sorting said 19 year old's passport as he is off to Germany in the spring with uni and needs a new one, which meant sending his old one off. 

It was brilliant to be able to do it all online, leaving only the passport to send off.  

We walked the path from the church to the post office and back, it was lovely and lots of other walkers were out and about. 

The post office is also a sweet shop so I took a photo whilst I was in there. 

Sunday found me and hubby (yes on our own) at the panto in Sheffield.  We haven't done it for a while because it is really expensive when compared to the more local ones, but it was brilliant and a fab way to finish our Christmas break. 

We grabbed a drink when we got there (cider for hubby and the world's strongest coffee for me - shudder)

Then it was panto time  I love the theatre inside, it always makes me want to go home and read Masquerade by Terry Pratchett

The stage was all set

and because it was the last one of the season we were actually encouraged to take photos on the last song and dance number

Back to work Monday was a hard slog

I finished off my Christmas journal on Tuesday (forgive the poor quality the lighting was appalling at that time of night)

I've had a chocolate frog sat on my craft desk since Christmas and decided to open and enjoy it despite the 4 weight watcher points. 

I made a start on some scrapbook papers I got for Christmas

And set myself the challenge of not only scrapbooking again but fathoming out where I was at with it all as I scrapbook chronologically and I have definitely ended up out of order with my scrapping 

And that my lovely people are all the positives, silver linings and rocking moments from this week. 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back link up and we can come and visit. 

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  1. happy friday! love the papers. I hope the panto was better than the coffee !