Friday, 30 March 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 13th of 2018

Good Morning tis Friday time for 

Well last weekend we escaped for a break away to our local Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest.  This time opting for the same lodge as the one we had last time, so we knew exactly what to expect.  

This time said 17 year old's girlfriend came with us, for her first visit to Center Parcs, I was hopeful she was going to enjoy the break.

First grateful is watching these three get along so well and playing fun games - this game of spoons taught to said 17 year old when he went to Lesotho a couple of years ago.  Hubby in the corner attempting to read was in fits of giggles watching them - happy times!

That evening we had a barbecue, which meant us adults went outside and froze whilst the young adults stayed in the warm (they have a lot more sense than us).  These two cuddled on the sofa watching Netflix made me smile too! 

My niece really is one of the most photogenic people I know, even in a woolen bobble hat she looks fabulous, standing in front of the sparkly (now known as Avatar) tree. 

Another shot of the tree, although we were worried the bats in the bat box might starve thinking that it was permanently daylight outside! 

Being able to walk around the forest, enjoying the fresh air and time with family really is one of the most beautiful and simple pleasures in life! 

We booked the usual sports, badminton

and then tennis, and yes we did play with 4 balls all at the same time, in fact if you look at this photo, said 17 year old is peering through the chain link fence at said niece collecting one of the rather bouncy balls that we failed to keep inside the court! 

I spotted a couple of cute embellishments in the children's park, this cute wooden bird on the top of a climbing frame raised a smile. 

And this caterpillar on the side of the same item

And this balancing object made me smile (I was in the play area retrieving one of the balls from our tennis match). 

Hubby also decided to enjoy the park when he went to collect the balls (I promise there was some tennis played just not a lot). Me and my sister played ball girls but still needed help when the other balls went out of the court. 

A scrapworthy photo if ever I saw one, he doesn't change!

I managed a selfie when we went out for a meal and then failed to get a photo of us - grrrrrrrrr

Weirdly I did manage to get a photo of the ceiling lights

And the bottle sign

And my sister managed a few photos when we got back to the villa, albeit that we were all in PJ's by that point.

All snuggled in blankets

Me and hubby and sister enjoyed an evening walk, lil sis got this photo of me and hubster, I've made it my profile pic on Facebook as it sums the two of us up at the moment.

We did get some blue skies (proof below)

And saw some of the more unusual wildlife around the nature reserve area. 

The beautiful sunshine really was gorgeous! 

We booked for the adventure golf (well for four of them to take part, me and lil sis were on photo op duty and preventing the golf balls from hitting the water). 

Table tennis was less chaotic than usual, probably because there was only 2 to a table and 1 ping pong each, I much prefer the 4 people multiple ping pong games, as they are far more fun!

After all that hard work (cough), it was definitely time for a drink from Starbucks.

These three headed out on the lake, watching them swap places to pedal was funny too, thankfully none of them fell in. 

Hubby and said 17 year old's girlfriend were joint winners of the first game.

Watching them keeping out of the way of my slightly over zealous niece was amusing.

The courses were actually quite tough, but the overall winner was hubby (which is nothing new).  It was nice to be out in the fresh air as a group though and everyone seemed to enjoy it, including me and lil sis who weren't participating!

I could soak up this view forever

And this one, if only I could carry a little Center Parcs with me at all times.

This cheeky chap was happy to pose for a photo whilst he was eating the peanuts we had put out.

We saw last year's cygnets had grown since we'd last seen them.

More beautiful sunset photos

A dreadful non make up selfie of me and lil sis, but by this point in the weekend, we didn't actually care. 

And before we knew it we were back home, rested and relaxed.  I'd finished off my Hygge book that I've been reading, I had talked and talked and talked to my sister (I always get withdrawal from this when I get home as we are so talkative when together that it's weirdly quiet when I get home, men just don't talk as much, although mine is singing single lines from tracks this morning for some strange reason). 

The rest of the week has been an odd one, I haven't felt a hundred percent and have been quite anxious over work, but the weekend has at least given me a little clarity at the moment.

I now need a bit of a plan if I'm honest to take things forward.  

I'm also looking forward to a 4 day weekend.  Although the weather forecast is abysmal and they are threatening snow (again) for Monday! 

I hope you've had a splendid week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. the sunshine would be very welcome right now, it has been tipping down most of the day (and more promised for the whole Easter weekend) - I went to Kingston to buy a macro lens today and "need" to go to Kew to play with it!

  2. I am so glad you managed a little break, and enjoyed your time away. I hope you are more relaxed now. The attempts at sport sound fun. I love all the blue skies and sunsets over the water. I really hope work issues resolve themselves for you. Enjoy the Easter weekend, hopefully without snow. Kate x

  3. I don't know where my comment went that I wrote this morning.
    I loved looking at all those Center parks photos. It reminded me of our holidays there at the same place. I recognize most things.
    I'm so glad you had a great time. You needed that.
    I've never heard of that game. (spoons) Is it a board game?
    Love the photo of Craig on the kiddy thing.
    I'm going to bed now, it's past midnight. Sorry for the missing comment, I have no idea.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend,