Friday, 16 February 2018


Good morning lovely people, tis sunny and blue skies in beautiful Yorkshire time to sit back and make note of the silver linings and powerful, positive moments that we've had over the last 7 days 

Time for 

So last Friday I had a brilliant gelli plating session I had no idea what for or what I was going to turn the art into but I had fun nonetheless.

My sister, Mum and niece popped over in the afternoon and as usual we put the world to rights as only we can

It was lovely to see the two cousins keeping themselves entertained! 

Next up Saturday morning, said 17 year old had agreed to attend a heritage workshop at my second job as they were in need of numbers (plus he hasn't worked with leather before).  He thoroughly enjoyed the two hour session creating this leather bracelet and keyring and he learnt a lot in the session which was brilliant. 

I ordered myself a Dina Wakley journal that has been on my wishlist forever and I made a start on it

Me and hubby toddled off to Brodsworth for some blue skies and winter air

Although the house isn't currently open, it is still beautiful to look at 

And the gardens always make it look much more summery than it is - don't you think?

However, don't let that greenery fool you - it was might cold

They've renewed some of the paths around the gardens and put in some new white gravel in the sunken garden - making it literally sparkle!

There were lots of these lovely flowers dotted around

And a definite sign Spring is on its way

We walked down into the sunken garden

And enjoyed a walk over to the little church

We also enjoyed a cream tea, but strangely I don't seem to have a photo of that

Being a February weekend, also meant that there was 6 nations rugby on, which also means I can art in some way shape or form. 

As it happened the gelli plates came in handy as they have now been turned into a more than ample pile of Christmas cards!

I also played in my new journal

With paints and posca paint pens

Said 17 year old helped me early in the week (we've both been off), with my first ever lino cut

Which led to some more cards - although apparently with a blurry photo!

Hubby arrived home on Tuesday with these beauties

And Wednesday saw both his birthday and my Mums.  I shared a single gift with him (although it is something to look forward to), obviously it was also Valentine's day and this is what he bought me - gobsmacked doesn't come close

We have lots of birthdays on Valentines day in February, from hubby's ex work colleague and friend Joy who shared birthday wishes with him, to my Aunty Jacqueline and another cousin.  I also remember one of my Uncles whose birthday it would have been if he was still with us.   

We headed into town on hubby's birthday (he had taken the day off) and wandered around, I still love the sculptures in the winter gardens

and the mobile in the main area

They've even got the Arctic Monkey's elephant in there

And other creatures lurking

As a surprise my sister arrived for the birthday meal - she was supposed to be training but it was cancelled at the last minute

And here is a shot of my brother and Mum

And me and hubby

And a shot of all of us, we were a little on the cool side as we were sat near the door as you can tell from hubby sat in coat and scarf.

My sister even managed a group shot!

Wednesday night we headed out to see the RSC live - 12th Night with none other than Adrian Edmondson - it was absolutely brilliant. 

We grabbed some food on the way home as said 17 year old had been on his NCS course and so we ate late but it was a good day overall.

Thursday arrived beautiful and sunny (which was a big improvement on Wednesday), said 17 year old was making a meal for him and his girlfriend in the evening, so me and hubby escaped to the cinema (again) and then grabbed a bite to eat. 

This was the view from the cinema as we sat in the bar area

This was my first glass of wine since the New Year and very nice it was too, I may then have had a couple more during the evening as hubby was driving.  My turn to drive tonight so I'll be on pop

And this was said 17 year old setting the table ready for his meal, isn't he awesome! 

And that my lovely people is that for a week, it has been grand having time off, not too much hustle and bustle, time to relax, make art, catch up with family and friends, enjoy birthdays - fabulous. 

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back link up and leave a comment so we can come and visit. 


  1. What a lovely week you have had. It is so much more relaxed when you don't have to go to work.
    You enjoyed precious family time by the looks of it.
    Said 17 yr old is awesome the way he decorated that table. I hope his GF was impressed. And the leather work is great too. He can turn his hand to anything I bet.
    I enjoyed Bodworth. The photos are wonderful. Thank you for taking me.
    I had to smile when you mention Christmas cards. But I suppose it is good to start early and do a few each month.
    As always I loved the sculptures. I have a thing for sculptures.
    I think I enjoyed your week almost as much as you did, lol.
    I hope next week will be just as nice, in spite of the fact that life goes back to normal.

  2. Wow Virginia. I think you rivaled me for number of photos this week. And some lovely ones there are too. I love your Winter aconites and snowdrops. Spring is certainly on its way. It sounds as though you all enjoyed the birthdays. So much to celebrate in one week. Your roses are beautiful as is your Valentine's day gift.
    Well done to your son for his leather work. That must be quite a hard material to work with.
    I am glad you enjoyed your week off, and found time to do some crafting. I haven't had my gelli plate out for ages. It will take me a lifetime to use up all the papers I made last time!
    I hope it is not too difficult getting back into the work routine this week. Kate x

  3. Stunning collection of photos Virginia - looks like you had an amazing week.
    Toni xx

  4. So lovely o read you so relaxed and full of the joys of Spring :D XXX

  5. sorry I am late, I was away for the weekend (craft workshops and some beautiful sunshine in Poole) but what a great week you had - love the look of Brodsworth, and those sculptures you saw were amazing.