Friday, 8 September 2017


Good Morning - Tis Friday time for 

So first up was the staff day last Friday, a full day sat discussing and talking about ways forward, its always lovely to find the entire staff team speaking from the same perspective so that's my first positive of the week. 

My second is Chatsworth Country Fayre and time with said 16 year old and hubby!  We had a brilliant day together and a got a few photos. 

One of my favourites from the day, the laughter was brilliant!

We had blue skies and its become customary for me to capture either the Helter Skelter or the Carousel or the Ferris Wheel, this year, I captured two in one and you can see those beautiful blue skies!

We saw the sky divers jump albeit that we were wandering around the stalls. 

One of our absolute favourites and part of our Chatsworth Country Fayre ritual is to watch the mounted games, absolutely mad to watch but its brilliant to see how much the ponies enjoy it - they really are excited and eager to play!  If you've never seen mounted games - the ponies and riders are in teams (usually county teams - so we always cheer on Yorkshire), they race up and down for different games, some involve vaulting onto the ponies, collecting obstacles and placing them somewhere else, jumping off the ponies whilst another rider holds your pony whilst you go through a vehicle tyre - like I said crazy but great fun to watch! 

We also got to see this handsome fellow, aptly named Sirius - isn't he beautiful!

We enjoyed a picnic at lunchtime

And after lunch the two of them enjoyed a go at the clay pigeon shooting!

The day was brilliant, unfortunately no Red Arrows this year but we enjoyed it nonethless coming away at teatime and making our way home.  We had been blessed with lovely weather.

For me the show always signals the end of Summer and the start of Autumn, the day always feels a bit crisper probably because we are into September.  

I had seen my Mum at the end of last week and unbeknownst to me, she had lurgy, yes you guessed it, I have succumbed to a pretty atrocious virus.  I was starting to feel rough on Sunday, Monday it had turned into a proper cold by the afternoon and Tuesday I could hardly lift my head off the pillow.  The sinus pain has been pretty horrendous and I'm dosing myself up as we speak, so why oh why has it made the rocking post you might ask - well basically because for a change I listened when everyone told me to stop (I am naughty and usually keep going until I keel over), however, this one has been pretty awful so I just stopped and I'm trying to let it run its course (although I'd like it to hurry up please).  This has resulted in not being in work for the rest of the week because I really have been too poorly, so I'm grateful that both work places have been so understanding.  Laid in bed typing this as we speak.  I've drunk gallons of tea to try and help and used a face steamer, flu capsules etc.  So fingers and toes crossed I start to feel a little more human very soon as I'm not one to spend days lying in bed. 

Next up said 16 year old and his first day at college, which went very well.  He found his room in time for the start of day.  He enrolled on the course without a problem (except for his national insurance number, but I had that on hand).   He did an activity, met a few new people, caught up with an old friend for lunch, did the maths and english test that they have to do and got home just before 5 and he seems to have enjoyed it.  There are 15 on his course in total, and he is one of only 2 lads in the class!  

His second day consists of a field trip to the Hepworth Gallery at Wakefield and to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (because we obviously don't take him there often enough LOL). 

So its been a strange week, when I've been well we did things and had fun and went I haven't been well I've not done much, but life for those around me has continued on regardless. 

I hope you've had an awesome week.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. The Chatsworth Fayre looks great, I hope you recover from your lurgy very soon and are back to your normal very busy self!! Glad said 16 year old got settled at college, bet he'll love being one of the only lads on the course.

  2. Really hope your lurgy has cleared up must be desperate to get out for a walk in the fresh frosty air :D. Glad young man is enjoying college...and all those young ladies will be after him so watch out mum lol XXX

  3. I hope you are feeling better kid! It's the time of year for this sort of thing. My hubby is starting to sniffle too. I hope he doesn't go down with something.
    Great photos of the country fair.
    It's wonderful that Said 16 yr old has had a good first day and that everything went well. I hope he makes new friends soon. Only two boys in his class? What a lovely position to be in.
    Have a good week, (better in every sense)

  4. Sorry to hear you've been unwell Virginia. These change of season bugs can be a real pain. You were sensible to stay home and be nice to yourself for a change.
    I am glad the first day of college went well for your boy. It is quite a change from school for them.
    Your Chatsworth Fayre sounds lots of fun, and how kind of the sun to shine for it.
    I really hope you feel a lot better this week. Love, Kate x

  5. So sorry to hear you have been poorly - hope you are now on the mend. Lots of fabulous photos Virginia.
    Toni xx