Friday, 5 February 2016


So here we are the first Friday in February and time to take stock and look back at the previous week! 

Time with my Mum last week, we only went shopping but it was great fun and we had a good few hours wandering and purchasing as we went.  Even stopping for a cuppa midway through out trip! 

So first up our trip out to the theatre last Friday, we went to see the Ladykillers at the local theatre just me and him.  We had a lovely few hours out, it was a strange play but fun nonetheless.  We are planning on having a date night every month - let's see if we manage it! 

Next up we managed a walk around the local dam and look at what we saw on our trip around - blossom - already - I can't quite believe that! 

Sunday saw me make a start (not a very good one) on a fabric journal that I'm working on with the theme of Shakespeare.  This first pages are based on Macbeth, I've started with grey material with applique stitched brickwork.  Then I've added a felt dagger dripping with blood, the tip of the dagger shaped as a love heart.  It's debatable as to whether Lady Macbeth did things out of love or the need for power - but it's February so I'll go with the love theme! 

Monday we were finding items for said 15 year old's next trip away - he's off to New York shortly with school - talk about a jet set life style!  We've been warned that it'll be very cold so we've had to make sure he's got the required items with it.  I'm technically trying to not over think it, I wasn't brilliant with him being so far away when he was off to Lesotho; I'm hoping now that he's contactable by text and whatsapp whilst he is away that it won't be quite as bad and it's nowhere near as long! 

And finally a mahoosive thank you to a fellow blogger, Annette, AKA Voodoo Vixen, who finding out about said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho and the fact I'm in the middle of scrapping the photos, asked if I would like some items she bought when she lived out in South Africa!  It was so lovely of her to offer and look at all the items she has sent, I was overwhelmed and said 15 year old was too.  So a big thank you to Annette, expect to see these items soon on a scrapbook layout! 

Now lovely people that's my bundle of grateful moments from the week. 

Why not do the same, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Gosh....just imagine the number of scrapbooks your going to need if said 15 year old keeps up this lifestyle lol. :D XXX

  2. Your said 15 yr old is really getting the travel bug isn't he! New York and Lesotho are worlds apart in more sense than one....
    How absolutely fab that Annette sent you all that stuff! That is so kind of her! Wow!
    I like your dagger with the heart. Yes, It's February. So really you ought to think of another date with him. Probably not on the 14th itself as it will be busy everywhere and not terribly romantic. But it is a very good idea to have a date with your husband every now and then.
    Thanks for visiting,
    I hope you will get many more things to smile about,
    Have a good week,

  3. Said 15 year old is very lucky! Can I tag along to NY with him?! have a great week.

  4. Enjoy your date night together. It sounds like a great idea.
    I am enjoying seeing the almond blossom all around here. We hardly seem to have had any winter, but Spring is really in the air.
    How kind of Annette to send you all the pieces for your son's scrapbook. I hope his next trip is equally successful. Kate x

  5. Hope you manage to keep up with the "Date nights" as it sounds like you had a lovely evening.
    Wow, all those fab goodies from Annette - how wonderful.
    Toni xx

  6. Good for you both having a date night.... sounds like a good plan to me...

    New York... how exciting!

    Have fun playing with all your wonderful goodies... what a lovely blogger :)

    Thanks for visiting :)

    Karen x

  7. Aaaw. you are more than welcome, glad to be able to put some of this mountain of stash to good use! LOL