Friday, 20 June 2014


Good morning, tis Friday - which means it's time to step back, reflect and consider what positive moments we have to be grateful for that have occurred in the last seven days.  The art of gratitude is something I've been celebrating every Friday for several years, in times gone by we've had a handful of people that have joined in and done the same and I've been able to visit your happy moments too.  At the minute we are thin on the ground but I still love doing my post.  Inspired by Kate, my current Rockette who embraces the concept and shares every week I thought I'd try for a few more photos in the post - hope this brightens your day too.

So without further ado here we go, changing the main colour scheme in our bedroom recently I wanted a new lamp in the room and look what I found - I love it!

A lunch time meal out with hubby, I tried to get a photo of the beer and the background but hubby decided that his beer was going to photobomb the picture - hence his name Mischief 1 (Mischief 2 being said 13 year old).  However, it made me giggle so this is the picture I'm sharing.  Sometimes it's the little things, just being in each other company, chatting about life, holding hands - bliss I tell you!

Another happy my creativity from the first prompt with the summer of colour challenge, I was so happy to manage to make lots of little pieces of art, great fun too!  I'm currently fighting with week 2 colours but they will submit they will!

Crikey we seem to have drunk beer all week LOL - we stopped off for a beer and to enjoy the sunshine!

See more beer, actually it's the beer I'm relating to in the picture above, I'm going to blame the weather LOL.  But again this was one of those times when all three of us sat and chatted and enjoyed the summer.

Sharing a bowl of rather tasty chips, well said 13 year old was hungry and it would have been rude not to!

See I do drink other things as well.  This is my new cup brewing a rather tasty orange ice cream tea - which it has to be said was lovely!

Cream tea anyone?  These were ginger and rhubarb scones with jam and clotted cream for me and hubby.  Said 13 year old was less impressed with his chocolate and beetroot cake it has to be said.

You see I did do something else other than eat and drink this week.  This is the muniment room inside Hardwick New Hall.  It contained the documents relating to land and property ownership for the surrounding area if my memory serves me correctly, however, we saw it as potential inspiration for the wand shop in Harry Potter!

Speaking of Mr Potter, Hardwick New Hall was used for the external scenes linked with Malfoy Manor, not that you'd know that from any of the National Trust books that we bought, this scene in particular reminded us of it as they went along the conifer hedging on the way in as it were.  If my memory serves me correctly they altered the top, obviously having to get rid of the ES initials on the building Elizabeth of Shrewsbury wanted to ensure everyone knew it was her house!

You see what I mean about the two of them - they can't help it!  These perspective shots allowed you to appreciate the symmetry of Hardwick New Hall, however they also created a fabulous photo - unless said 13 year old's fingers got in the way!

And then to add to the fact we had finally on about our fifth attempt got to Hardwick New Hall, we discovered literally next door is the ruinous Hardwick Old Hall and being English Heritage members we got to visit that as well!  I loved the shot from the ruined Old Hall to the New Hall, although strangely enough they were built around the same time.

The rest of the week has been a blur and as usual I haven't taken many photos of grateful moments, however there have been a few, hubby and me getting on with jobs in the house of an evening.  I've finally found a home for my material boxes which had lived under the stairs and never got used as a result.  I've also now got a home for my needle felter and I've moved my sewing machine so it's easier to access.

Getting the lawn sorted front and back of house and cleaning the interiors of the cars made for a busy evening too.  I love that you can really make the most of summer evenings.

The biggest job however this week has been sorting out under the stairs.  One of those jobs that you really don't want to do but know it's a necessary.  Well it's done I can now walk in there and know pretty much what is where!

Finally said 13 year old was on a sleepover at school last night (team building for his trip to Lesotho next November) and so me and hubby decided to have a wander and find a nice eatery.  We ended up in Las Iguanas and ordered tapas, I loved the bright interior and the music in the background.

And the tapas was lovely too!

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, with lots of positives.

I'm going to pop on another layout of a counterfeit kit layout (because I can) and then Mr Linky for you to join in with.  It's actually a relief to get this one on paper, I've picked these two photos up so many times and put them back, I actually trimmed them a little to make them work better.  The arch was at Enginuity last year when we visited and the hope was to get a sequence of photos as it was built, but it literally needed three of us to do it, hence the starting photo and the finished photo!

So if you fancy joining us then pop a blog post together listing your positives, come back and link up and we will come and visit.

Mr Linky


  1. Sounds like a lovely week Virginia, my two are mischief when they're together too!!!
    The sunshine always makes me want to sit in the garden with a beer or cider - not good for the hips though!

  2. What a great week, all the food has me drooling, I think I need to go rustle something up in the kitchen! :) Lovely LO too!

  3. I do enjoy reading about the fun you three have together. And what's not to like about good food and drink in good company. The rhubarb and ginger cream tea would do it for me! But orange ice-cream tea?!!
    I love the lamp for your bedroom. It's beautiful.
    I hope you have another good week together. Kate x

  4. What fabulous photos Virginia. Your new lamp is the most beautiful blue.

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. You are such a font of knowledge when it comes to all things Harry Potter - it's so fascinating too!

    Oooh, your meals out looked yumdiddlyscrumptious! And your orange ice cream tea sounds lush... was it cold?

    Yay for getting organised - I've kinda fell off the wagon there which is bad as it's my word of the year so you have given me a virtual kick up the bum!

    I am, I WILL get my monster post up today :)

  6. Oh I so love that lamp, my favorite color :) You did have a lovely week, well done. Just love this layout too that picture of the arch is just 2 cute. Well done with the amount of layouts you have done also :) I've had an odd month with the garden going and other commitments that crafting seems to get pushed aside.

  7. that really is a lovely lamp - well done for finding it! a nice review with lots of fun photos

  8. What a busy week you had. I am ready for a rest, just from reading it. Nice job on the layout. The torn edge of the matting lends well to the rustic look of the bricks.