Friday, 11 April 2014


Time to take stock a little, sit back and reflect on the last seven days because it's

Well this week has been a mixed bag it has to be said but in amongst some of the difficult times (and there have been some again) there have also been some positive happy times which have made me very grateful and thankful for what I have.

So in no particular order - Chatsworth, our first visit of 2014, it had forecast a good day (it lied) but we enjoyed it all the same.  We didn't go in the house, just wanted to blow the cobwebs off and enjoy the fresh air and each others company - twas grand I tell you.

There are a few sculptures around Chatsworth at the minute, all by the same artist, the name of which escapes me and are all similar to this one.

Me and said 13 year old (who I might add is growing again!).

And then said 13 year old and hubby - yes they are both wind up merchants but I wouldn't have them any other way!

The giant wheelbarrow one at the cascade made me smile too, even though from a distorted angle said 13 year old mistook it for a dinosaur!

I am also so grateful for this fabulous altered spoon canvas that I received, I was entered into a draw for it and along it came last week.  Isn't it gorgeous! 

It came from Netty - whose blog can be found here! 

It now has pride of place on my crafting shelves!

Now in the middle of last week when times were feeling really hard I decided that there might be others who were having similarly difficult weeks and that they might feel happier for a bit of happy mail art.  I had a stack of old unused stamps and a mound of mail art not yet sent so I set too writing and stamping and finally posting them off to people.

The general positive outpourings of thanks have genuinely made me smile from ear to ear!  I even received this in the post today from a friend who we haven't seen in years! 

Now this wasn't done for the purpose of receiving back but the conversations and comments I've had have really lifted my spirits if I'm honest.  

And in doing this I remembered that Lesley has started a fabulous new Meme on her blog it's called

Do Something MAD 

and MAD stands for Make A Difference

Just once a month do something not for you but for someone else, Lesley's write up is fab on her blog 

So my first attempt at MAD - was to send a whole lot of mail art out to people to raise a smile!  

Work has been another steep learning curve but I'm getting to grips with it which is positive and I'm feeling appreciated which is not something I've felt in quite some time on a work footing if I'm honest.  I've met some lovely people and I seem to be making progress.

Other grateful moments include

Hubby - my rock - he is simply amazing and always seems unphased and able to cope with anything, given how difficult life has been recently I'm singing his praises again - utterly amazing! 

WW girls - ooh my this little bundle of rocking babes are awesome, I tell you you couldn't wish for a better group of best friends than these and I feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life! 

Said 13 year old, for being mature, for being sensible for being amazing.  I adore him and love him to bits and I love that he still asks for a hug and that we can chat to him about anything.  He is growing up to be a pretty awesome young man, he arrived home from school today with a voucher and a certificate for the highest conduct points in the spring term - makes us so proud! 

And that my lovely people is my list this week.  It is most definitely more positive than last week and a lot of that actually comes from my MAD moment that I had this week!  

I hope you've had a good week, I'll leave you with an entry I did into a stay at home circle journal - this month's theme was mermaids, the other fabulous entries can be found on the collaborart blog here

For those who fancy joining in - Mr Linky - I'm trialling a new style of link - hope it works! 


  1. I love reading your Rocking posts - think I missed last week, being in Paris - seems so long ago already! Those sculptures at Chatsworth are fun! Have a happy week.

  2. You truly are an inspiration Virginia. I know I say it a lot but that's because it needs said. beautiful post.

    Said 13 year old will be over taking you soon, he's going to be a real lanky legs - he's a credit to you both.

    I loved my Mail art - it's still sat here on my desk! I'm going to take a look at lesley's link - that sounds interesting!

    Going to remember to link up today! x x x

  3. What a rollercoaster week it has been for you Virginia - and you are still here with your Rocking Friday post; you are totes inspirational, lady!

    I was one of the lucky ones to receive some of your stunning Mail Art - and you know how happy that made me feel, so thank you :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, you deserve it!


  4. thankyou so much for just being you... have a grand week, jenx (I have done my post and I am trying to link... fingers crossed!)

  5. Bit late but i got there :P

  6. Aw hanks for linking me up Hun - what a lovely thing to do by sending out your art and the response that has made you feel so good. Glad work is a little better. Great photos, I thought you'd stamped over them with the lightbulb (duh) - no lightbulb moment for me!!!
    Have a great week - DD is currently designing my button!!!

  7. A shame you had one of those weeks but this shows the genius of looking for the good moments because there was still plenty to celebrate. Loving the sculptures. How cool.

    Sending off happy mail does as much for the sender as the receiver. Just knowing people got a happy surprise from something you did is very happy making. :) And your son is getting so tall!! You will be looking up to him before long!