Sunday, 21 July 2013

SUMMER OF COLOUR WEEK 6 - Sage and Sepia

Good morning one and all, it is a little cooler this morning in Yorkshire but is forecast to turn even warmer this week and it's been warm enough in our office as it was!

Anyway we draw to a close the Summer of Colour challenge on week 6 with Sage and Sepia, a colour combination that I voted for - but crikey I struggled. I'm going to apologise in advance my Sage ended up slightly more vibrant and my sepia got drowned out with the sage - but I promise I did start with two colours!

First up a layout - gelli print at the ready again!  The now defunct sidings at Jackfield near Ironbridge (I tried to use sepia in my photos when it wasn't so clear in my gelli-plating)!
Carvings at Stokesay castle - they amused me quite a lot - couldn't help it - they were on a fire place!
Finally inside the barn we stopped in, this was the main living area (apologies this is slightly blurry, I thought it was my eyes when I took it apparently not)
Then cards from the project, these were simple gelli plates, offcuts of the cardstock and paper that was left over and simple birthday wishes, I also used peeled paint distress ink with my new Bo Bunny stamps to add to the cards.  Now remember I don't ever and have never professed to be a card maker, there are those that can and those like me that use scrapping offcuts up - just saying!

 I liked this one because of the tree!

 I love this hexagon stamp - it's so versatile!

Then mail art, not completed fully but getting there

So there we have it, colour of summer drawn to a close, boo hoo - I've loved it though, a massive thank you to Kristin on Twinkle Twinkle for hosting this, it really makes you work outside the box which I adore.  It gives me the chance to work with colours I wouldn't normally work with, it gets me to create layouts without photos (rather than working from photos to layouts which is my normal way around things).

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my creations over the last six weeks, I've loved seeing yours and hope to visit lots more SOC posts over the summer when I have a little more time!  And finally Natasha, you've ordered a gelli plate - you are going to love it, although once Victoria gets a chance to have a go - you might not get much time on it - just warning you!


  1. Oh I do love these colours Virginia. You have certainly been getting your money's worth out of your Gelli plate. Fabulous pieces.

    Toni xx

  2. WOW! Your cards and pages are absolutely beautiful! You used this week's SOC colors to perfection here!!!! Thank you so much for sharing everything with all of us!

  3. All your pieces are wonderful! I also used old photo to get my Sepia colour - great minds LOL...sad to see it all end

  4. All of your projects came out very good. i've never used a gelli print before but now I'm curious. :0 I especially liked the photo layout with the carvings you've shared.

  5. LOVE all those Gelli prints, particularly where you've used cogs etc. I voted for Sage Green and Sepia too and then struggled - how daft are we?!

    You've really made the most of this colour combo. I shall miss SOC too - although maybe I won't miss the last minute scramble to get it finished that I seem to put myself through each week!!


  6. Lovely pages and layouts Virginia.

    Karen x

  7. lovely work... the colours are gorgeous... happy scrapping, jenx

  8. HAHAHAHA. I suspect you are right. I keep checking my order status and it has not left yet. I appreciate it is still the weekend everywhere else, but I can hardly wait. I have not told Victoria, so hopefully it comes while she is at school so I get a chance to play without her input (at least at first!).

    I love, love, love your gelli prints. Love. I love the photos you used as well. Gorgeous work, so prolific, and your cards are stunning. I don't think you need to make any distinction. I love your cards. You must have quite a collection.

    I am going to miss Summer of Color as well, the last 6 weeks has flown by.

  9. Fabulous creations. Congratulations on being the week 6 prize winner.

  10. Lovely work with the sage and sepia (I wish I had been as inspired as you were!). Congratulations on winning the prized - I was so happy to see the name of someone I knew on there! Yeah!!

  11. Such pretty projects! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love absolutely everything you've done here Virginia! Gorgeous pages. I had the exact opposite problem - where I was using watered down raw umber as my sepia, I was having a problem with it overpowering my sage colour! Funny isn't it? Am so pleased you won the final draw :D